Cover Reveal for Lissa Kasey’s Hidden Gem!



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Lissa Kasey’s Hidden Gem is about to be released and here is a sneak peak at the Hidden Gems cover!

For more about Lisa Kasey and Hidden Gems,and the cover reveal keep reading….

Book Name: Hidden Gem
Author Name: Lissa Kasey
Author Bio: Lissa Kasey lives in St. Paul, MN, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing, and collects Asian Ball Joint Dolls who look like her characters. She has three cats who enjoy waking her up an hour before her alarm every morning and sitting on her lap to help her write. She can often be found at Anime Conventions masquerading as random characters when she’s not writing about boy romance.

hiddengem_final03Cover Artist: Siobhan
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Buy Links:   Dreamspinner Press ebook        DSP Paperback


Misaki “Aki” Itou is a psi—a person with mutated DNA granting him psychic abilities. He’s also a contracted companion—a whore. It may not be the perfect profession, but having a roof over his head, food to eat, and not being subjected to torture is a dream come true. He is the top companion at the Hidden Gem, and it makes him enough money to buy the prettiest, most sparkly shoes he can find.

Shane McNaughton is an Irishman who survived the Third World War and works as a cop. Head of Missing Persons, he’s good at finding people, but after the plague of the Third mutated his DNA, he has a hard time letting anyone see the monster inside. He’s been paying for Aki’s services for two years, both the psi and the sexual kind, but he wants more from the companion.

Shane needs Aki’s ability to see into another person’s past to track down a serial killer murdering the children of rich and powerful men, but the more they work together, the clearer it becomes that they are linked through a darker past than either of them realizes.



Jack pulled out a file. He took a bag with a thin piece of cloth and glared at it. “This one may still be alive. Ransom isn’t set to be paid until tomorrow evening.” He glanced down to the money. “If money motivates you, we can get more, but know this is a sixteen-year-old girl missing. We just want to know if she has a chance.”
Aki closed his eyes and sucked in a deep breath, for a moment remembering the one other time he’d done this. The pain had been immediate, a beating gone wrong, a strike to the head not hard enough to kill, but enough to do a lot of damage. He’d lingered, well the man had, but Aki had felt it, suffered for hours while the man slowly bled to death and finally drowned in his own vomit.

One touch would show him it all. The more Aki fought, the more detailed the memories would become. He’d much rather go back downstairs and find a nice old man to jack off for the cash instead of this. Though he’d have to entertain a couple dozen clients to make even half of what was on the table. Then there was the girl. What if she was still alive and he could save her? He hadn’t been much older himself when Bart and Paris found him half-starved and begging for a chance to live or a fast death. Bart had had a brother who’d been psi and taken from them when they were young, never seen again. Sometimes he still looked at Aki with that sorrow in his eyes. But Aki wasn’t his kid brother. He was no one’s kid brother, just an abandoned psi who played the role of whore really well. But where would he be if no one had given him a chance?
He held his hand out for the bag.

“If she’s dead, it will be bad,” Jack pointed out.

“Yeah, well, hand it over before I change my mind.” Aki grabbed the bag from him and carefully opened it. “I’m not contaminating anything by touching this, am I?” Objects didn’t always give him anything, not like people did. He could get everything from touching the shirt or nothing. Aki found that most objects didn’t hold enough life to pass on memories. Good for him, not always good for McNaughton.

“No.” McNaughton left his seat and eased down on the bed beside Aki.

“If you come from watching this, I’m totally charging you twice my normal rate,” Aki told him.

McNaughton laughed. “Deal.”

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Changes, Sunday Announcements, and the Schedule Ahead at Scattered Thoughts



Good morning!  Sun’s out and the day is looking good.  I have several announcements to make today.  Fall is approaching and with it come changes, including changes here at ScatteredThoughtsandRogueWords!  Here is a few announcements of the first changes to come.

Announcement clip artNew Reviewers!  Things are changing here at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words.  There are more author interviews being posted, more cover reveals, and more book tours and  contests being offered.  And more book reviews to be read.  With so many books to be covered it soon became apparent that more reviewers were needed here at Scattered Thoughts and now I am pleased to announce that Barb will be coming on board as a new reviewer here.  Her bio and picture will be up on Monday.  Look for her reviews coming up soon!

Also, YA presses are putting forth some wonderful stories.  So to help us cover this large genre, Scattered Thoughts will be adding a YA reviewer too.  That introduction  is coming as well.  What a great time for us and the books we love!


updateNow for some winner announcements.  All have been notified.  Congratulations!

  • The winner of Laura Harner’s Separate Ways series is Roger.
  • The winner of Richard Longfellow’s Private Practice is Sula H.
  • Winners for Second Helpings: Lee Todd, who commented, and Lesley Routledge and Debra Edwards were the Rafflecopter winners.


Now for the upcoming week’s schedule at ScatteredThoughtsandRogueWords…

Monday, August 18:

  • Cover Reveal:  Will Parkinson’s Wet Paint (contest)
  • Jay Northcote’s Nothing Special Virtual Book Tour (contest)
  • Say Yes to Silvia Violet’s Say Yes Book Tour and Contest!
  • In the Author Spotlight:  Susan Laine and The Wheel Mysteries (contest)

Tuesday, August 19:

  • On Tour with Heidi Belleau and Lisa Henry and Bliss (contest)
  • Review:  Midnight Rodeo: Homecoming by B.A. Tortuga and Julia Talbot

Wednesday, August 20:

  • Book Blast:  CJElliot’s Stepping Through Tour and Contest
  • Jackie Nacht’s Wrong Locker Book Tour and Contest
  • Get In on the Action with BA Tortuga and Julia Talbot’s Midnight Rodeo: Homecoming (contest)
  • Review:  Hard Act To Follow by Kimber Vale

Thursday, August 21:

  • Virtual Book Tour: Pivot and Slip by Lilah Suzanne
  • EE Montgomery ‘Ordinary People’ Keep Me In Mind Tour and contest
  • Review:Finding Jackie by Lou Sylvre

Friday, August 22:

  • On Tour with Lou Sylvre and her Vasquez and James Series!
  • Review:  Semper Fae by Angel Martinez

Saturday, August 23:

  • Ashley Ladd’s Business or Pleasure Book Tour/contest
  • Review:  Jackie and John by TJ Klune

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A Wonderful Fourth, A Beautiful Weekend and the Week Ahead!


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Our 4th of July BBQ went off without a hitch and the remnants of Hurricane Arthur brought us gorgeous weather with bright skies, low temperatures, and enough breeze to keep the bugs away.  Perfection!  Now today is rest, cleanup and leftovers!  It’s going to be great!  Hope everyone is having a marvelous weekend, whether you celebrated or not.

Here is how the week ahead is looking:


Monday,  July 7:  

  • Secrets of Neverwood Anthology Book Tour/Contest
  • Merry Farmer’s Somebody to Love Book Tour/Contest
  • Jackie Nacht’s “Full Moon Torn”‏ Book Blast/contest

Tuesday, July 8:

  • Ethan Stone’s Vegas Hustle Book Tour/Contest
  • Somebody to Love by Merry Farmer (review

Wednesday, July 9:

  • On Tour with RJ Scott (contest)
  • Review: Neverwood Anthology

Thursday, July 10:

  • Review: Wolf Run by B.A. Tortuga

Friday, July 11:

  • Review: In Despair by Megan Derr
  • Cover Reveal by Charlie Descoteaux

Saturday, July 12:

  • Review:  Faire Protector by Madeleine Ribbon