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Real Life and the Blog.

Happy Father’s Day!

It’s short today.  As it sometimes happens real life interferes with the blog.  Between vet visits and Father’s Day, dog instructions, medications and plans, well, sigh, where did the time go?

I’ve been busy bathing dogs and celebrating with my father.  I hope everyone has had a full and happy day. So life is a bit frazzled and scattered today.  It will come together tomorrow.  In the meantime.  Check out all the marvels that await you this week and know we (sigh, I) will be pulling it together.


This Week at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

Sunday, June 17:

  • Father’s Day! This Week At Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

Monday, June 18:

  • DSP Dreamspun Promo Bru Baker on  Under a Blue Moon (Camp H.O.W.L. #2
  • Review Tour – Annabelle Jacobs – Butterfly Assassin
  • Review Tour – Overtime – V.L. Locey Signal Boost Promotions
  • An Alisa Review: Stowaway Heart by Suede Delray
  • A MelanieM Review:  Butterfly Assassin by Annabelle Jacobs
  • A Barb the Zany Old Lady Review: The Recruit by Addison Albright
  • A Barb the Zany Old Lady Review: Damage Control by Kate McMurray

Tuesday, June 19:

  • DSP Promo Payne/Tortuga
  • Blog tour the Best Worst Honeymoon Ever by Andrew Grey
  • New Release Tour for Murder, Romance, and Two Shootings by Todd Allen Smith
  • A Lucy Review: The Best Worst Honeymoon Ever by Andrew Grey
  • A VVivacious Review: Just A Week by Jena Wade
  • A MelanieM Release Day Review: Under a Blue Moon (Camp H.O.W.L. #2) by Bru Baker
  • A Stella Review: Home Skillet (Culinary Kings #1) by Cate Ashwood & Sandra Damien

Wednesday, June 20:

  • BLITZ for The Merchant’s Love by Antonia Acquilante
  • Demon Familiar by Bellora Quinn and Sadie Rose Bermingham -Book Blitz and Review
  • DSP Promo Sandine Tomas
  • A Barb the Zany Old Lady Review:  Denim by KC Wells
  • A MelanieM Review: Demon Familiar by Bellora Quinn and Sadie Rose Bermingham
  • A VVivacious Review Just A Year by Jena Wade
  • AN Alisa Review: Expecting (Pine Wood Falls #1) by Sarah Havan

Thursday, June 21:

  • DSP Promo KA Mitchell
  • DSP Publications Promo Michael Ruptured
  • Release Blitz Expecting by Sarah Havan
  • A Jeri Review Wash Out (Anchor Point #7) by LA Witt
  • A MelanieM Review: Life Itself by Elizabeth Bones
  • A Lila Audiobook Review: Once Upon a Wolf (Wayward Wolves #1) by Rhys Ford and Derrick McClain Narrator)
  • A MelanieM Review: Three More Nick Nowak Mysteries (Boystown #2) by  Marshall Thornton

Friday, June 22:

  • DSP Dreamspun Promo Andrew Grey
  • Falling Awake 2 by Kage Alllen Indigo Blog Tour
  • Release Day Blitz Something About You by Riley Hart
  • A MelanieM Review: Pack Up Your Troubles by Charlie Cochrane
  • A Stella Review Catch Me by Beth Bolden
  • An Alisa Release Day Review:Mystic Man by E.J. Russell
  • A Melanie Audiobook Review Off the Ice (Hat Trick #1) by Avon Gale and Piper Vaughn/Kirt Graves (Narrator

Saturday, June 23:

  • RELEASE BLITZ – Professor Hot Pants by Ember-Raine Winters\
  • The Necromancer’s Reckoning by SJ Himes Blog Tour

Gay Superheroes and This Week at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

Gay Superheroes

Last week I started off the discussion of LGBT Superheroes because of the new film Black Panther and the colossal response that’s its engendered, due in no small part to representation. Of course it helps that its an outstanding movie too. But people of color are seeing themselves represented in a major motion picture in a way that they’ve never seen before and perhaps never been possible before.  Its origin?  A comic called Black Panther.

I don’t think you can underestimate the power of seeing yourself represented…in a book, graphic or not, or on a screen, small or large.  The above section of a comic book panel belongs to a long running comic book called  Life with Archie.  Here’s the full cover:

Amazing isn’t it.  More and more of the regular comics introduced gay characters or had characters come “out of the closet” in recent years.  Anyone remember seeing this Green Lantern panel?


And while the “mainstream” comics have been busy, so have many Quiltbag authors for writing LGBT superhero books and graphic novels.  Yes, it turns out there is a burgeoning niche and demand here.  We want to see gay superheroes too!

Some of the ones I love?

Katey Hawthorne’s Superpowered Love series (up to eight books now)
Andrea Speed’s Infected Series (Roan) up to eight books minus the connected series
Light by Nathan Burgoine
Panopolis by Cari Z

Here are some of the wonderful Gay Superhero Recommendations from all of you:

From Jen:

Here are some that I found:

And here’s one that I read. It is not quite traditional superheroes, but the kids do battle bad things with magic. MAGIC BOY BASIL

From Purple Reader:

Oh boy, now we’re talkin’! I’ll be seeing BP this week, and now you are stoking my love of superheroes even more. I’m looking forward to see what others rec. There’s some fanfic that is decent, as well, as well as gay sidekicks (and then there’s separating out paranormal powers from superhero stories), but here are ones with gay MCs that I’ve read and enjoyed over the years:

– QUEEROES by Bereznai – light-hearted look at gay teens w/ powers. My first such story – me: “What?! There are gay superheroes?!” *faints*.
– HERO by Moore – misfit group of teen superheroes.
– MASKS series by Thorne – another team of YA superheros, still enjoyable.
– BROKEN HEROS series by Perdita – now how about some college superheroes.
– FIERCE by Rosen – or a nerdy college freshman.
– PANOPOLIS series by Cari Z – creative take that has you rooting for the villain.
– WAYNE OF GOTHAM by Hickman – Not the best, but decent for me – it’s a gay Dark Knight after all.
– KING CAGE series by Mike Stop Continues – new & offbeat; urban graffiti superhero.


I think Roan and Holden from “INFECTED” series by Andrea Speed to be LGBTQ superheroes :). I admit I don’t follow comic. Not my cup of tea. So I don’t know much about LGBTQ superhero in comic unless they’re being turned into movie


Deadpool is pansexual. His kiss in 2009 with gay superhero Rictor was the first same-sex kiss in a mainstream Marvel comic. The movie Deadpool 2 will feature a bisexual and polyamorous superhero!


I love this thread and our recommendations and Giveaway continues until March 3rd!

It’s our  LGBTQIA Superhero Hunt Giveaway!

Find stories and LGBTQIA Superheroes!  We will give you all the entire month that’s left.  Must be superhero stories, can be graphic novels (comics).  Giveaway ends March 3 at midnight.  Gift certificates will be given away!  Must be 18 years of age or older.  Let the hunt begin!

And the winner of our Valentine’s Day Giveaway is announced at the very end of today’s blog.  Don’t miss it!


LGBTQIA Superhero Lists You May Not Be Aware Of!

This Week at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words


Sunday, February 25:

  • Perfect by Felice Stevens Release Day Blitz
  • RELEASE BLITZ for Captive Hearts (Deviant Hearts #1) by A E Ryecart LILY RECEIVED (2 emails)
  • Gay Superheroes and This Week at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

Monday, February 26:

  • Bite Me by Beth Bolden BLOG TOUR
  • Blog Post- Katze Snow – Demons & Wolves Series
  • Release Blitz – Closets Are For Clothes – Addison Albright
  • A Lila Audiobook Review: Off the Beaten Path by Cari Z. and Jack Wesley (Narrator)
  • A Stella Review: Bite Me by Beth Bolden
  • An Alisa Review: Alpha Dragon: Bronaz by Kellan Larkin and Kaz Crowley

Tuesday, February 27:

  • RIPTIDE TOUR Where Death Meets the Devil by LJ Hayward
  • Release Blitz  – Bitten By The Alpha (Regent’s Park Pack #4) by Annabelle Jacobs
  • NDIGO BLITZ A Matter of Justice by J.C. Long
  • A Free Dreamer Release Day Review: Exodus ( Heaven Corp #2) by CC Bridges
  • A MelanieM PreRelease Review: Apocalypse Alley (Blue Unicorn #2) by Don Allmon
  • An Alisa Audiobook Review: Camp H.O.W.L. by Bru Baker and Dorian Bane (Narrator)

Wednesday, February 28:

  • DSP Publications Promo Sean Michael
  • Release Blitz RJ Scott – Winter Cowboy
  • A MelanieM Audiobook Review:  Runner by Parker Williams and Patrick Zeller (Narrator)
  • A Stella Review :New Heights by Quinn Anderson
  • An Alisa Review: Say Cheese by Michael P. Thomas

Thursday, March 1:

  • Release Blitz – Room For Recovery – DJ Jamison
  • DSP Publications Promo Chris E. Saros
  • BLOG TOUR  Found (Hamilton’s Heroes #1) by Annabella Michaels
  • A Free Dreamer Review: Celestia by J.D Evergreen
  • An Stella Release Day Review: Touch by Remmy Duchene

Friday, March 2:

  • Review Tour – Jay Northcote – Pretty In Pink S
  • Hurri Cosmo – Ghost Wolf – Virtual Book Tour
  • Riptide Tour and Giveaway: Apocalypse Alley by Don Allmon
  • A Barb the Zany Old Lady Review : Pretty In Pink by Jay Northcote
  • A MelanieM Review: Where Death Meets the Devil by LJ Hayward
  • An Alisa Release Day Review: Touch by Remmy Duchene

Saturday, March 3:

  • Ever After by Riley Hart & Christina Lee Release Day Blitz
  • Release Blitz CLOSER by F.E. Feeley Jr.


Valentine’s Day Giveaway Winner is H.B.!  Congratulations, H.B.  Contact Stella at and she will arrange to get your gift card to you.

Its Time for STRW Flash Fiction Announcements and This Week at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words


Its Time for STRW Flash Fiction Announcements

First of all, thank you to all who sent in entries to our first ever STRW Flash Fiction Writing Month.  We appreciate your participation and all entries will be showcased here.  Putting your thoughts and emotions into words and a story can be one of the more daunting challenges you can attempt.  We are doubly grateful for those that chose to do so and submitted them here.

Flash Fiction or micro stories are supposed to do what all stories do but in a condensed version. Make us think, move us, connect us to the characters, their loves, lives and worlds. All the stories we received did that beautifully.  One made us laugh, several made us sob, one made us shout in recognition of the tumultuous events moved into the realm of science fiction, and and others?  Just moving, imaginative and wonderful in their ability to pull at the heart and mind. Here are the stories in the order they were received.  Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words cannot thanks these authors enough for their contributions.


STRW Flash Fiction Stories and Authors

Master’s Work by Tod Heil  

What Is Left Out By R. R. Angell

Consequences by Andrea Speed

THE SMIRK’S UP By Jenny Tate

Christopher by Ross Common

Magpie King by Leslie Plank

What Weighs Us Down by K.S. Trenten

Sad and Silly Humans by K.S. Trenten

Which brings us to the contest.  We loved them all, to us there was no clear winner.  If we could, we’d declare them all winners and next year the rules will change.  So we thought this year we would let the readers choose.  We included a pole below.  Vote for your favorite story.

Tod Heil, R.R. Angell, Andrea Speed, Jenny Tate,  and Ross Common all have their choice of a $10 gift certificate from Amazon or Dreamspinner Press.  Leslie Plank and K.S. Trenten will have a $10 Dreamspinner Press gift certificate as our thanks for their wonderful entries.  The authors retain the copyrights to their stories.  Stories may not be reprinted or copied without the express permission of the authors.

Now here’s our poll.  For all the wonderful stories, visit our Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words Flash Fiction 2016 Page here for all the links.  Note! For the readers who vote: We will gift a $10 DSP gift card to a reader (randomly chosen) who has voted. so readers please leave a comment once you have voted so we can pick someone as well as a email address.  Vote ends on the Winter Solstice, 12/21 at midnight. The author will get the $25 Amazon gift card.


Our Dreamspinner Advent Calendar Reviews continue this week and all this month.  Release Day Reviews are flowing off the days of the calendars as well.  Are you looking in anticipation for a certain story?  Check below to see if its included in one of our release day reviews.  If you are a lover of audiobooks as we are, then check out our audiobook reviews which include a number of holiday stories too.  There is so much on our calendar this week that there is something for everyone, from author interviews to RJ Scott’s tour with all her holiday stories!  Don’t miss out on a day with us here at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words!

two holly berry branches

This Week at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words


Sunday, December 4:

  • Its Time for STRW Flash Fiction Announcements and Showcase
  • Our First Flash Fiction Story
  • In the LGBTQIA Spotlight: Finding Lizzie by Karma Kingsley (guest post, and excerpt)
  • RJ Scott’s Christmas Stories Tour and Giveaway

Monday, December 5:

  • Blog Tour & Giveaway – Operation Better Tomorrow by Brandi Evans
  • Ashavan Doyon on Not 1 but 2 Story Releases (guest post)
  • Release Blitz & Review Tour – Heated Beat Series by Garrett Leigh
  • A Release Day Review of  Heated Beat  by Garrett Leigh
  • A Barb the Zany  Old Lady Release Day Review: Lost & Found by Rick R. Reed
  • A MelanieM Review:  Drama Queen by Joe Cosentino
  • A Barb the Zany Old Lady Advent Calendar Day 6: Title Surprise

Tuesday, December 6th:

  • Release Day Blitz and Giveaway for for Wrapped Together (Portland Heat #5) by Annabeth Albert
  • Victoria Sue on Five Minutes More (guest post)
  • In Our Author Spotlight: Julia Talbot on Catching Heir (Dreamspinner Press guest blog)
  • A MelanieM Release Day Review: Wrapped Together (Portland Heat #5) by Annabeth Albert
  • A Stella Review: Heartifact by Aisling “Ash” Mancy
  • An Alisa Advent Calendar Review Day 6: Title Surprise
  • An Alisa Review: The Perfect Bite by J.D. Walker

Wednesday, December 7th:

  • Riptide Tour and Giveaway: EJ Russell’s Clickbait
  • Review Tour – Heated Beat Series (second book) by Garrett Leigh)
  • Review Tour – Annabelle Jacobs’ A Christmas Kiss
  • A MelanieM Review:  A Christmas Kiss by Annabelle Jacobs
  • A Stella Advent Calendar Review Day 7: Title Surprise
  • A Lila Release Day Review: Hell Takes a Holiday By Kiernan Kelly
  • A MelanieM Release Day Review: The Unlikely Prospect (States of Love) by Lex Chase
  • A Lila Release Day Review: Cowboys Don’t Come Out by Tara Lain
  • An Alisa Release Day Review: Seven Minutes by Grace Kilian Delaney

Thursday, December 8th:

  • Riptide Publishing Tour and Giveaway: AJ Cousin’s Glass Tidings
  • Once Upon a Time in the Weird West Dreamspinner Steampunk Anthology Tour
  • Book Blitz and Giveaway – KC Wells’ Saving Jason
  • In Our Author Spotlight: DSP Author SJD Peterson
  • An Alisa Advent Calendar Review Day 8: Title Surprise
  • An Alisa Audiobook  Review: Dirty Little Secret (Cabin For Two Series) by Freddy MacKay
  • A Barb the Zany Old Lady Audiobook Review: Trailer Trash by Marie Sexton and John Solo (Narrator)

Friday, December 9th:

  • Tara Lain on Writing and Cowboys Don’t Come Out (author guest blog)
  • Release Blitz Tour and Giveaway: Snow In Montana – RJ Scott
  • An Alisa Advent Calendar Review Day 9: Title Surprise
  • A Caryn Release Day Review: September by Robert Winter
  • An Alisa Audiobook Review: Forbidden Mate (Holland Brothers #4) by Toni Griffin
  • A Barb the Zany Old Lady Audiobook Review: What Happens at Christmas by Jay Northcote and Mark Steadman (Narrator)
  • An Alisa Releases Day Review: His Fairy Godfather by Cate Ashwood and Nico Jaye

Saturday, December 10th:

  • A Stella Advent Calendar Review Day  10:  Title Surprise
  • Cover Reveal and One Day Book Blast: Tarnished Souls by Dev Bentham



November is Ending and So Is STRW FF Writing Month ~ This Week At Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words


November is Ending and So Is STRW FF Writing Month

There are still four days for people to get their entries in.  Four days…to write anywhere from 300 to 1000 words.  What to write about?  Anything and everything.  Any trope, any genre.  From science fiction to contemporary, from romance to horror.  Draw from your feelings about the present day events or something you dream about.  Its up to you.  Its micro fiction…let your thoughts and imagination run free.

Here’s a recap about what flash fiction is:

What is Flash Fiction? Generally speaking its any fiction under 1000 words, although even that seems to vary with definitions from 1200 to 100 words.  Its micro fiction.  Here’s a couple of articles to help you all out:

Earlier our reviewer, Paul B, read and reviewed Flight: Queer Sci Fi’s Third Annual Flash Fiction Contest (QSF Flash Fiction #2), an excellent anthology of flash fiction for science fiction lovers and those who love the short story format.  Flash Fiction, while not new, is steadily gaining in popularity and here is your chance to try your hand at writing a flash fiction story of your own and perhaps make a comment on recent events.


We will start with our flash fiction entries next week.  So be on the lookout for those announcements and stories!

Remember you have until midnight on November 30th to send in your entries to!

Here is the link to the post with all the rules .


~Holiday Stories This Week~

Now also this week, its December!  So its also the beginning of our reviews of Dreamspinner Press’ Advent Calendar stories!  Just like the calendar, we will be reviewing one a day just as they are released!  So if you are a fan as much as we are, stay with us all month long for stories of the holidays in all traditions.2016-advent-calendar-daily-delivery-package-bah-humbug I’ve highlighted them in blue for easy locating for our readers.  But they aren’t our only holiday stories this week.  We have others like Two Ruined Christmas Eves by Chris McHart, The Santa Hoax by Francis Gideon, and Jay Northcote’s A Family for Christmas just for starters.

Want to know what’s behind these  stories?  The inspiration?  The locations and more?  Check out our author guest blogs where they share insight about their stories, writing and much more!  There’s so much going on this week you won’t want to miss out on a single day!  So stay with us, check out our giveaways as well as our reviews!


NineStar Press is having its first anniversary today.  And they are giving away a chance for a year of free books!  Leave a comment on their post and check out their website for more information!

Finally, don’t forget to send in those flash fiction!  We’re waiting to hear from you.

two holly berry branches

This Week at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words


Sunday, November 27:

  • November is Ending and So Is STRW FF Writing Month
  • This Week at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words
  • NineStar Press’ 1st Anniversary ~ Come Celebrate with Us! (giveaway)

Monday, November 28:

  • The Closet Boy by Sean Micheal – Guest Post
  • Release Day Blitz  for You Are Not Me (’90s Coming of Age, #2) by Leta Blake (giveaway)
  • Two Ruined Christmas Eves by Chris McHart  blog tour and giveaway
  • An Ali Release Day Review: Checking It Twice by Meg Harding
  • A Lila Release Day Review:  The Sorcerer’s Guardian by Antonia Aquilante
  • A PaulB Review: Surviving Elite High: The Next Generation by John H. Ames
  • A Stella Review: A Family For Christmas by Jay Northcote
  • A Stella Review: Two Ruined Christmas Eves by Chris McHart

Tuesday, November 29:

  • In the Spotlight: Frostbitten by Charlotte Stein (Riptide Publishing Tour & Giveaway)
  • Truly a Miracle by Derrick Knight  Excerpt Tour and Giveaway
  • Dreamspinner Press Author Guest Post by Nicki Bennett and Ariel Tachna
  • Retro Review Tour – Serendipity Series – Liam Livings
  • A VVivacious Review: Serendipity Series by Liam Livings
  • An Alisa Review: Not Your Average Man by Edward Kendrick
  • A MelanieM Review: Arctic Fire by Keira Andrews

Wednesday, November 30 (End of the FF Contest!):

  • Riptide Tour: Angel Voices by Rowan Speedwell (giveaway)
  • Review Tour and Giveaway: Julie Bozza’s The ‘True Love’ Solution
  • He’s Behind You  from Series Recap Tour – Treading The Boards Series – Rebecca Cohen
  • A Lila Review:  Enemy of My Enemy (The Executive Office #2) by Tal Bauer
  • A Stella Review: The ‘True Love’ Solution by Julie Bozza
  • A Stella Release Day Review: Where We Belong by Tia Fielding
  • A Paul B Review: Enemy of My Enemy (The Executive Office #2) by Tal Bauer

Thursday, December 1:

  • Nicky and Noah are Back in Drama Cruise (Nicky and Noah Mystery #3) by Joe Cosentino (Release Day Guest Post, and Excerpt)
  • Scotty Cade Guest Blog for Dreamspinner Press
  • Antonia Aquilante on The Sorcerer’s Guardian (Dreamspinner Press Guest Post)
  • An Alisa Review: Architect of Love (Fated Soulmates, #2) by John Charles
  • A MelanieM Release Day Review: Catching Heir by Julia Talbot
  • A Free Dreamer Advent Calendar Day 1: Title Surprise!
  • A Caryn Release Day Review: The Santa Hoax by Francis Gideon

Friday, December 2:

  • Harmony Ink Press Guest Post Francis Gideon on Writing and The Santa Hoax
  • Author Guest Blog: Lissa Kasey on Painting with Fire
  • Audiobook tour for Snowed In by Teodora Kostova
  • A Caryb Review: You Are Not Me (’90s Coming of Age, #2) by Leta Blake
  • A Stella Advent Calendar Day 2: Title surprise!
  • An Ali Review: Painting with Fire by Lissa Kasey
  • An Alisa Release Day Review: Five Minutes Longer by Victoria Sue

Saturday, December 3:

  • Wild Bells by Charlie Cochrane Tour Blog
  • A Barb Advent Calendar Day 3: Title Surprise!
  • A MelanieM Review: Elemental Ride by Mell Eight



STRW Flash Fiction Contest and This Week At Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words



STRW Flash Fiction Contest


As the deadline for the end of our flash fiction contest approaches, there’s still plenty of time to get your entries in.  Flash fiction or micro fiction is just, that a tiny story.  It can be in any genre, any trope, and for this contest and always for this blog, it must be LGBTQIA.

Even a short time ago, I would never have thought we would be entering the sort of political times, rough waters nationally that seem to be ahead of us. Maybe I’m wrong but I think we find ourselves moving along a scale of emotions, ranging from disbelief to shock to horror to anger and anywhere in-between.

Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words tries to stay away from politics and concentrates on books (although with subject matter those can intertwine).  But this may be a time when an overlap occurs.

Need to give voice to your emotions?  Write about it and send it in.  We are going to be running our entries here for everyone to read. Story rights remain with the authors.  We are still awarding gift certificates to the first 5 entries.  Our deadline is still November 30th at midnight EST.    All flash fiction should be sent to  You are only limited by your imagination and the fact that you should be 18 years of age or older. Open to everyone! Now get writing.


We have a wonderful week ahead of us, filled with great tours and giveaways.  We are reviewing several audiobooks and many new books getting released just this week, some I’m sure you’ve had on your  TBR list.

Its also the start of the holiday season so more and more holiday stories will be making appearances here.  This week we having Barb the Zany Old Lady reviewing A Christmas Hex by Jordan L. Hawk and Stella reviewing Merry Christmas, Mr Miggles by Eli Easton to launch our holiday reviews.  Starting December 1, Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words will be reviewing the Dreamspinner Press Advent stories as we did last year but more on that later.

For now,for those Americans, living in the U.S. and expats abroad, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Be safe,  be happy, and many wonderful books to you!


This Week at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words


Sunday, November 20:

  • STRW Flash Fiction Contest
  • This Week At Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words
  • Release Blitz  Tour – A Family For Christmas by Jay Northcote

Monday, November 21:

  • Juliann Rich’s Gravity – Virtual Book Tour (giveaway)
  • In the Spotlight: Andrew Grey on Writing and his release The Playmaker (Dreamspinner Author Guest Blog)
  • Love Mythology & Romance? Check out Labyrinth by Alex Beecroft (giveaway)
  • Release Day Blitz  for Tow Trucks & New Year’s Kisses by Lila Leigh Hunter (giveaway)
  • A Lila Release Day Review: Built for Pleasure by Thursday Euclid
  • A Melanie Release Day Review:  The Straight Boyfriend from Renae Kaye
  • A Stella Review: Tow Trucks & New Year’s Kisses by Lila Leigh Hunter

Tuesday, November 22:

  • Riptide Publishing Tour and Giveaway: Just Drive by L.A. Witt
  • In the Audiobook Spotlight:  How to Deal by T.M Smith and Narrated by Joel Leslie (tour and giveaway)
  • A MelanieM Audiobook Release Day Review:How to Deal by T.M Smith and Narrated by Joel Leslie
  • A Barb the Zany Old Lady Review: A Christmas Hex (Hexworld #2.5) by Jordan L. Hawk
  • A Paul B Review: Beautiful Goodbyes (The Connelly Chronicles #2) by N.J. Nielsen
  • An Ali Audiobook Review: A Kind of Romance (A Kind of Stories #2) by Lane Hayes and Seth Clayton (Narrator)

Wednesday, November 23:

  • Tricia Owens  on “The Bucket List” and Writing (guest post)
  • An Alisa Audiobook Review: THE NAKED PRINCE AND OTHER FAIRY TALES by Joe Cosentino and narrated by Joel Leslie
  • A Caryn Release Day Review: All the Way to Shore by CJane Ellliot
  • A Lila Release Day Review: The Soldati Prince by Charlie Cochet
  • A MelanieM Review: Ghost Ship (Mahu #10) by Neil S. Plakcy

Thursday, November 24 (Happy Thanksgiving to those in the US and abroad):

  • Release Blitz and Giveaway for Sue Brown’s Alpha Barman
  • Release Blitz and Giveaway for The Copper Horse: Love & The Copper Horse Box Set by KA Merikan
  • Eli Easton Author Guest spot on  Merry Christmas, Mr. Miggles
  • An Ali Review Sunset on Turtle Lake by Carol Lynn
  • An Ali Audiobook Review: Save of the Game (Scoring Chances #2) by Avon Gale and Scott R. Smith (Narrator)
  • A Stella Review: Merry Christmas, Mr. Miggles by Eli Easton

Friday, November 25:

  • In the Spotlight: Checking It Twice (The Carlisles #3) by Meg Harding (guest blog and giveaway)
  • Dreamspinner Press Author Guest Post: Built for Pleasure by Thursday Euclid
  • Secrets in My Scowl by AE Via – Guest Blog for Dreamspinner Press
  • A Barb the Zany Old Lady Release Day Review: Open Hearts by Logan Meredith
  • A Lila Review: Secrets in My Scowl by AE Via
  • An Ali Release Day Review: Summer Lessons (Winter Ball #2) by Amy Lane

Saturday, November 26:

  • NineStar Press Blog Tour – Stone and Shell by Lloyd A. Meeker
  • A Stella Review:  Stone and Shell by Lloyd A. Meeker
  • In The Spotlight: Santa Baby by Heidi Cullinan (author interview & giveaway)
  • A MelanieM Review: Santa Baby (Minnesota Christmas # 4) by Heidi Cullinan


Here’s Reading You – Readers and Authors (Part II). This Week At Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words



Here’s Reading You – Readers and Authors (Part II)

Last week, we started our look at eBooks. How has the eBook changed reading, writing, and perhaps even publishing for you? Perhaps some people may share a view from the beginning, when eBooks started to flourish and others when the eBooks were already an established format as they are today. Where do we think this format might go next?  I have no idea.  Do you?

We’ve asked how do our readers find their stories and authors? What do you think about eBooks? How do authors feel about writing and then publishing their beloved books as ebooks? And we will be asking publishers the same questions too.  How has the eBook changed publishing? And where do they see it going from here?

One reader, batchelorboy55 brought up an interesting point I’ve missed so far.  Advantages of the eBook and eReaders.  Normally, we talk of the amount of books we can now take with us.  Some people enjoy the anonymity of it all…no covers to display, its all safely tucked away electronically.  Other talk about the types of books we can now buy because the authors have a reader audience that can find them…us!  But how about those other advantages?    Batchelorboy55 said “I now use my ereader with a large font, and when particularly fatigued can swap across to a digital audio, or text to speech audio setting.”  Yes, that’s an important point. One I should have brought up before.Whatever the reason you may be having eyesight issues, being able to have a larger font and make the books easier to read?  Its beyond marvelous.  Same goes for the backlit readers.  It eases the eyestrain. How about being able to look up a word without having to leave to get your Websters?  All that should be factored in as well. These are all terrific reasons to use a eBook and eReader. What other advantages do you think I’ve missed?


So here is some of the last of our readers  comments.  Is yours among them?  Be sure to read all  the way to the end where we start to move into our authors posts for next week (and I’ve announced the winners) ….

From Theo:

 I mainly purchase books from new authors at publisher site, so authors who go independent without publishers are seldom on my radar, except when they are recommended by multiple people/authors (Jordan L Hawk was recommended by Rhys Ford and KJ Charles, River Jaymes and Leta Blake was recommended by multiple friends). However, once I like books by certain authors, I follow them on social media or subscribe to newsletters to make sure I don’t miss their new works.

From Ami:

Independent Authors: Before, I got to know independent authors from Goodreads reviews. But these days, I don’t go to GR anymore for updates. Instead, I tend to go scrounge the ‘recommendation’ section from Amazon based on books I love. I found them to be useful. I also subscribed to few author’s newsletters, diligently keep track of upcoming sections from favorite publishers and ARe, as well as checking out Netgalleys.


One comment that often gets missed is ‘readability’.
As a librarian (45+ years) we always struggled with how technology could help readers with eyesight issues, blind, aged etc.
The ebook seems to have made that much more accessible than the clunky magnifiers collecting dust in the back corner of the library, as no-one knew how to work them, nor did many come seeking it.
Just as cumbersome were the sets of cassette tapes (some 20 tapes or more), with braille stick-ons indicating playing order.
I now use my ereader with a large font, and when particularly fatigued can swap across to a digital audio, or text to speech audio setting.
I have to admit though that Dragon Speaking still daunts me when it comes to shopping online for titles. Thankfully I’m not quite there yet, and I can guarantee that I’ll have a sizeable TBR collection to wade through first.


Mostly, I find them through review blog sites, known authors’ blogs whose books that I’ve enjoyed, Goodreads and Amazon reviews, Also, it may be through an ebook that I won in a contest or if the story or author was nominated and/or won awards. Sometimes, it’s just because I liked the cover, blurb, genre.

Forgot to mention about that sometimes a freebie book or MM group’s free stories have resulted in finding a new author which I’ve became a fan. Although, I’ve become much more picky about the freebies now.


I get many referrals/recommendations from friends, group threads and updates at Goodreads. Also follow several m/m blogs, receive emails from Dreamspinner Press, ARe and a few other publishers. And I utilize Bookbub and Amazon, not just for the daily deals, but also for updates regarding new books being released by authors I follow.


And finally, ushering us into our blog next Sunday with the author’s point of view, someone who represents both the reader and author’s perspective:

Anna Larson:

As a reader: I don’t pick a book based on author or on publisher. If I like the Blurb and the reviews are decent, I’ll buy it. I get “recommendations” from BookBub, Amazon, Goodreads etc. I don’t check for publisher status at all so I don’t go looking for only from publisher x books. The blurb and a good cover is what will attract me to buy a book from anyone.

As an Author: My first short story was published in e-book format only from a small independent group as the publisher. My first longer book was both print and e-book, the second was e-book only for over a year. And my third is print and e-book from the start. All done independently.


Contest Winners!

I want to thank everyone for their wonderful comments.  Here are our winners for the $10 gift certificate (Dreamspinner, or Amazon, or Riptide…your choice) in no particular order.  Notice that there are 5 not 3 winners.  I have added two more because of all the wonderful comments.  I will be in contact with you about your choice of gift card.

  • Fehu
  • Tex Reader
  • batchelorboy55
  • mztikicat
  • Monica

New contest starts next week with our Authors Perspective on eBooks so be here with us for that too!

Now for this week’s schedule.


This Week at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words


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Monday, October 17:

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Tuesday, October 18:

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Wednesday, October 19:

  • In the Spotlight: Riptide’s Bluewater Blues by G.B. Gordon (giveaway)
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Thursday, October 20:

  • In the Series Spotlight:Mockingbird Place Series Tour by Kris Cook
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  • A Jeri Release Day Review: Turn the World Upside Down by Nyrae Dawn
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Friday, October 21:

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Saturday, October 22:

  • Review Tour – Alyson Pearce – The Viscount And The Artist
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Here’s Reading You! Readers on eBooks! This Week At Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words


Here’s Reading You! Part I

Readers on eBooks!

Today we are starting to look at ebooks from a number of perspectives ~ that of the reader, the author, and the publisher!  Remember when the eBook was a startling new format?  And the eReader?  Oh my!  Some people railed against them both! Calling them the demise of the book world, saying print would be forgotten, the bookstores demolished…fish falling from the skies, dimensions colliding…well, uh hem…you get my drift.  Did that happen?


Were there some adjustments to be made?  Certainly.  But other factors were at large too.  Big box stores were giving way to internet sales, niche bookstores were on the rise and ebooks?  Establishing themselves as a format. No longer an experiment…sales were rising! eBook publishers were being founded to meet demands of the readers in all niches.  eReaders from different sources were coming on the market to meet the demand. !  I still have my first generation Kindle.  Guess what?  Works just fine.  ‘Course its long been replaced by a new one with fancy lighting that’s easier on my eyes.  Or maybe you are reading on a notebook now…so many options.  All this is my way of saying the ebook is here to stay.  Its just another format now, along side the printed form, and the audiobook.  Its no longer the “new” guy in town.  And predictably the sales demonstrate that as well.  Its audiobooks that demonstrate the greatest growth in numbers.

So I was curious.  For our readers, authors and publishers.  What’s the take on ebooks these days?  Where are we  finding them?  How do we feel about them from many angles and where do you think we are going from here?

Last week, I started to ask our readers for some answers to the questions, where do you find your ebooks?  Where do you go to find that next story or next new author?  It used (and maybe still is) to be the NY Times Best Seller List for the hardback and softcover, but for the eBook the answer is a variety of places I was happy to see:

From Suze 294:

I get my read recommendations from a number of review blogs I subscribe to, including Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words! I have gradually whittled them down to about 6-8 whose reviews seem to match my reading wants.
I also subscribe to a few favoured authors newletters and/or follow on wordpress to get both their new releases and those they have enjoyed.
I also get the newsletters/updates from ARe, Pride Publishing, Dreamspinner, Riptide (think there is more too) to pick up new releases and deals!!!
On GR I check the feed from friends to see what they are reading but I dont get so many new reads there. The New Releases/Deals and Steals threads are handy too though it does rely on us posting what we see elsewhere.

From Tex Reader:

Thanks for the offer and the inquiry. I mainly have 3 sources, and I mainly search for gay-themed books across a number of favorite genres. Most recently I’ve usually used GR – I’m a member of several glbtq groups and follow their posts, as well as have several fav authors, and I find books on various “best of …” lists. Initially, I mainly looked at library and Amazon “best” lists and various award nomination lists, like Lambda, Rainbow, etc. Finally, I’m a member of a gay men’s book group in Chicago, and our discussions can lead me to some authors of interest.

From Monica:

I tend to find my authors from a variety of sources. I get recommendations on Amazon based upon books I’ve already bought. I have discovered a few that way. I also participate in Goodreads M/M Group’s Don’t Buy My Love program and discover a lot of new authors/books. Also just general recommendations on Goodreads. I’ve recently subscribed to Scribd and have discovered a couple of new authors there. I still have my old standby of favorite authors but every now and then I like to break away and discover something new.

From Ana:

I find them mostly on goodreads, by friend’s recommendations, or in post on goodread’s groups when other reader mention them. I also find some in reviews from reviewing blogs i like. If the book sounds interesting I’ll go to goodreads to check it out and if i liked it i buy it. Also by suggestions from authors i follow on twitter, facebook or their blogs. I’ve found some great authors that way. I read either from publisher or independent authors, i don’t really have a preference there, if the book sounds good, i’ll read it.

From Natalie:

I get lots from friending authors and bloggers on FB. I check Amazon lists but probably most from GR friends, and their friends, in reviews and comments. I follow all my authors on GR and most on Amazon. I usually know about new books faster from GR and FB than from notifications from Amazon. I buy direct from publishers or/and ARe as often as I can.

From Fehu:

I use Scribd, it a subscription service for ebooks mostly, if there is a book I want to try but am uncertain if I’d like it I’ll use my credit there to get the book. Some of their books are unlimited and thats also a good way to get a new author/book to get noticed, since one only has 3 credits per month. When looking for things to chose for the credits on Scribd, I use the monthly lists of new releases at Goodreads or themed lists if I am looking for some particular genre/theme.
Especially for new independent authors its important that the book are shelfes correctly, since a lot of people use the Goodreads lists for reading challenges. A nice cover and a good summary are also a must. Drawn covers get more attention at least its that way for me, a leftover from my manga reading days. Reviews are nice especially if its been around a few month.
I buy my books where its convenient for me, like ARe and Amazon but also Kobo. Sometimes the publishers website but its inconvenient to have a lot of accounts. KU is also a good way to get noticed, again it should be shelfed, the author might think about joining the GR M/m KU group, add the book to the upcoming list there and shelf it on the bookshelf of the group.

That’s just a small sampling of the replies so far.  But the trend is clear.  When searching out for that next book or author, there is no one source.  As a reader, we are looking everywhere.  That includes myself.  I love that!  To me, it means we are open to new possibilities, new authors, new stories!  That the new author has a better chance of finding a audience for their voice, their story, because readers are searching through a multitude of venues for their next book.  And yes, if that author wants it, perhaps they have a better chance of finding a publisher.  The internet and its various communities has become our book and author hunting ground and we are putting it to good use.

We also follow those authors we like through a number of sources as well be it Goodreads or their own blogs or their publishers.  Let us not forget we follow them on Twitter, Pinterest, FB, Snapchat and various other media too.  I wonder if writers these days wish they could just write and not worry about the rest.  We will hear from them later on.

There is one week left to get your comments in before our reader winners are chosen.  Next week we will finish up with our readers perspective and be on to how our authors view ebooks and writing.

Contest Reminder:

Readers, tell me how you find your independent authors. Buy randomly? Pick them out from Goodreads? Already follow them? Or maybe you don’t? Maybe you only buy books from a publisher or a author linked to a publisher. I want to know that too. 3 winners who leave comments will get a $10 gift certificate (Dreamspinner, or Amazon, or Riptide…your choice). This contest will end quickly as I need the answers to use in in my blog, so think about them. Contest ends Oct 15th, midnight. Make sure you leave your email address where you can be reached. More winners maybe chosen if the comments are extra wonderful. Thanks.


This Week At Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words


Sunday, October 9:

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Tuesday, October 11:

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Saturday, October 15:

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Of Reading and Writing Books ~ A World of Choices! This Week at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words


Of Reading and Writing Books ~ A World of Choices!

Last month, our topic was focused on the audiobook as all market trends are pointing to that as the new  hot book market.  What?  Not ebooks?  I can remember when (yes, not that long ago) when the ebook was being held up as both the savior of reading and the demise of the printed form.  Neither has happened.  The printed form continues to survive simply because there will always be people who love the feel of a book in their hands and who savor the experience of turning a real page.  I know as I’m one of them.  I treasure my old print favorites that line my bookshelves.  Simply glancing over can bring up a phrase or a memory as I look at a binding.  A  ebook can never do that. But the eBook gave me other choices while bolstering the careers of authors old and new.  It enlarged our options of the types of books available, the genres often described as niche are maybe less so, and now when I think books…its anything is possible.  Libraries have ebooks, bookstores carry M/M paperbacks, and I can get audiobooks through a number of sources including Dreamspinner Press, Riptide Publishing, Less Than Three Press, Amazon…so many choices. What’s next?  And how did we get here?

When I go somewhere local, its my Kindle that goes with me and not a dog-eared paperback as in a the past or a heavy hardbound copy of the latest mystery.  I love that convenience and the light weight.  (However, if I’m heading to some place where I know the wifi will disappear like this morning’s Krispy Kreme?  Out comes the paperback.)  The eBook made other things happen however, authors were able to get their stories out to readers who wanted to read them.  Niche  publishing like M/M romances or just plain M/M or LGBT fiction established itself and grew from a few publishers into a variety publishing houses offering now a number of formats from print to ebook and yes, audiobook versions and in a number of languages.  But there are some authors who prefer to do it themselves, they go the self publishing route.  I often wonder about them…how hard it is for them to find an audience for their stories, a following for their particular outlook on writing.  How do you, the reader, find an independent author?  How do you buy your books?  Authors!  What’s your experience like as a writer?  Did you first publish in print?  Or eBook?  At a publisher?  Or self publish?  I want to hear from you!  I’ll also be reaching out to several authors and publishers in search of answers and insight.  I’ll let you know what I find.

So, that’s going to be our focus for my Sunday rambles.  A look at books..ebook from a reader’s, author’s and hopefully, a publisher’s point of view.  How its changed, how its remained the same and where we think its going.  I hope you will stay with us all month long.  I’ll be throwing in a Spooky Reading Contest or two as  well because of Halloween.

Contest Time!

My first contest?  Readers, tell me how you find your independent authors.  Buy randomly? Pick them out from Goodreads?  Already follow them?  Or maybe you don’t?  Maybe you only buy books from a publisher or a author linked to a publisher.  I want to know that too.   3 winners who leave comments will get a $10 gift certificate (Dreamspinner, or Amazon, or Riptide…your choice).  This contest will end quickly as I need the answers to use in in my blog, so think about them.  Contest ends Oct 15th, midnight. Make sure you leave your email address where you can be reached.  More winners maybe chosen if the comments are extra wonderful. Thanks.


Meanwhile here are our winners of the audiobooks from Joel Leslie.  Congratulations!

Our 10 winners are in no particular order:

Joel will be in touch with each of you about choosing and receiving your audiobooks.  Happy listening.  For all our other listeners and readers?  New contests for ebooks starts this week.  Don’t forget to leave  your comment and email address, plus more is sure to come.  Hmmmm, meet us back here to find out.   Meanwhile this week’s schedule at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words.


This Week at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words


Sunday, October 2:

  • Of Reading and Writing Books~ A World of Choices!
  • This Week at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

Monday, October 3:

  • A Paul B New Release Review: Unsafe Exposure (Hidden Wolves #4) by Kaje Harper
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Tuesday, October 4:

  • Spotlight Tour:  Investigating Julius Drake with Daisy Harris ( Riptide Publishing giveaway)
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  • An Ali Audiobook Review:  Alaska Hunt by Shelter Somerset and John Solo (Narrator)
  • An Alisa Review: Smoke and Spots By Deirdre O’Dare

Wednesday, October 5:

  •  Cover Reveal: Line Drive by Sloan Johnson
  • Can’t Hide From Me blog tour with Cordelia Kingsbridge (giveaway)
  • Release Day Book Blast and Giveaway for Engineering Love by Jackie Nacht
  • In the Spotlight:  Soaring Hearts by A.L. Boyd (giveaway, excerpts)
  • A Caryn Review: Silences of Fallen Stars by Vivian Dean
  • An Alisa Review: A Little Blood by Aimer Boyz

Thursday, October 6:

  • Re-Release Day Blitz & Giveaway for Settling the Score by Eden Winters
  • In the Spotlight: A Pirate’s Honor by Tricia Owens ( excerpt and giveaway)
  • Audiobook Spotlight: Opposites (Opposites #1) by T. M. Smith and Greg Boudreaux (Narrator)
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Friday, October 7:

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  • Coffee Sip and Book  Break with Turn The Page…. release blitz Charity Anthology
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Saturday, October 8:

  • Book Blitz for The Wolves of Daos 5 by Rebecca James (excerpt and giveaway)
  • A Lila Review: Bitter Legacy by Dal Maclean






Enjoy A Coffee Sip and Book Break with Choices by Stevie Woods (excerpt and giveaway)

Choices Banner

Title:  Choices

Author: Stevie Woods

Publisher: Torquere Press

Release Date: September 31, 2016

Heat Level: 5 – Erotica

Pairing: Male/Male

Length: 15,600 Words

Genre: Romance, Contemporary Romance, Erotic-Romance, Gay Romance

Add to Goodreads



Best friends since kindergarten, Ben and James are separated after college graduation by their different choices. Ben stays in their small hometown while James heads off to New York with dreams of money and success. Ben works to make his life follow the path he wants, and dreams of the day when James realizes he made a mistake and comes back home.

Each man promises to stay in touch, but this falls by the wayside as James’ life in the big city takes off, leaving Ben yearning for a dream that gradually fades as the years pass.

In New York, James finds that not all dreams are worth the cost of a wrong choice.

(Previously published by Amber Quill Press.)


When Ben had written to tell James of his success and pleasure in his new work, James had responded positively, but still wondered why Ben “didn’t really give it a go and study architecture” before going on to tell Ben about the lovely new end table he’d bought for his apartment.

“He still after you to take that architecture course?”

Ben jerked in surprise. He hadn’t heard Suzie come in, but shouldn’t have been surprised at her reading over his shoulder. Suzie was still very much a handful as always. It was no wonder he loved her so much.

“Don’t you know how rude that is?” He ought to try to teach her some manners.

“You should take it to your room if it’s private,” she said, grabbing some orange juice from the fridge. “Anyhow, did he?”

Ben sighed. “Yeah. He’s doing so well, he thinks I’m missing out.”

“Each to his own. You know how much I think of James, but he sure is blinkered about you.”

Ben glanced at his sister, wondering if he was just being too sensitive or if she really had guessed how he felt about James. He’d been thinking of telling his parents the truth about his leanings, but hadn’t managed it yet. It was with a sense of relief he heard Suzie add, “Thinks everyone wants to be just like him.”

“Go on; get busy with your homework.”

She stuck her tongue out at him, but left the kitchen, and after he heard her thump her way upstairs, Ben re-read the letter.

It went on that way for some time, and Ben allowed James to dominate their correspondence with news of his work and home life, the new friends he’d made and his varied social life. Gradually, however, James’ letters became less frequent, sliding to one every fortnight and then monthly, until finally they were sporadic and Ben received the last one from him about twenty months after James had left.

For about six months after that Ben continued to write about once a month with news of his family and information about Ben’s own version of success, but he finally accepted defeat when James never responded to any of them. Not even the last one where Ben had given James a kind of ultimatum: respond to tell me you want me to keep in touch or I’ll assume you wish me to stop writing to you.

Disappointment wasn’t a strong enough a word to describe how Ben felt about James’ abandonment of his past connections. He refused to consider that James had discarded him; that was just too hard to bear. He couldn’t help but think James’ new life must be everything he ever wanted, everything he dreamed of, and his hometown friends were a memory he preferred to leave behind. Sadly, Ben acknowledged the odds were that a person as wonderful as James had found that someone special and old friends—even best friends like him—were superfluous.

As much as he disliked it, Ben considered trying to email James, though if James had wanted to keep in touch he could easily have gone that route himself, but James hadn’t bothered. It seemed James wanted to let the contact fade.

For a moment, Ben considered going to New York and visiting James to see for himself just how his friend was faring in his new life, but he soon dismissed the idea. It was doubtful Ben’s unexpected arrival would be welcome. Ben would probably talk too much anyway, tell James more than he wanted to hear and more than Ben could afford to reveal. Though part of Ben thought that surely James knew how he really felt about him. Ben wasn’t too good at keeping his feelings under wraps. He’d believed, too, that James shared his attachment, but that James just wasn’t ready at the time. Perhaps one day…

The day James had left for New York, Ben had told him that he had his own dream to follow. Maybe it was time to stop living his life as an extension of James Lilley and concentrate on making more of himself. Then, when the day came that James finally did come home, he would find a new, improved Benjamin Short waiting for him.


Torquere Press

Choices Square

Meet the Author

STEVIE WOODS is a Brit living in the Northwest of England who has left her day job behind – though it’s a quandary that there still doesn’t seem to be much more free time in her day!

A long time avid reader of romance with a dash of adventure, Stevie only stumbled over ‘slash’ pairings a few years ago and was an immediate convert. Having dabbled with writing on and off for years, it wasn’t long before Stevie was tapping away on the keyboard inventing stories around two hot guys, gaining her first publication in the summer of 2007.

Stevie likes reading stories with a good strong plot and believable characters and does her best to create them in her own work.

Stevie has a soft spot for Historical settings but also thoroughly enjoys SF and Fantasy, Paranormal and Contemporary, finding the similarities as intriguing as the differences. Stevie already has a variety of novels, novellas and short stories released by MLR Press, Phaze Books and Torquere Press.

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Check out the Last Splash of Summer with Beach Rental Anthology (excerpt and giveaway)

Beach Rental Banner

Title:  Beach Rental, M/M Anthology

Author: M.T. Aspen, Asta Idonea, Dale Cameron Lowry, Lynn Townsend, Jamie Lowe, & Rob Rosen

Publisher: Torquere Press

Release Date: September 24, 2016

Heat Level: 3 – Some Sex

Pairing: Male/Male

Length: 32,000 Words

Genre: Romance, Contemporary Romance, Erotic-Romance

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In Drinks Over Sunset by M.T. Aspen, Vagabond Witt’s flight from his past is unexpectedly stalled by a gorgeous expat. But if Dean holds on too tightly, he’ll only inflict more pain on the man he loves. In Lick by Asta Idonea, Jay is unimpressed when his parents drag him on a seaside holiday to Bournemouth. However, the English summer heats up when he meets sexy ice cream seller Aland. In Pacific Rimming by Dale Cameron Lowry, Turning forty makes Mike feel old, so his husband, Ken, helps him recapture his youth in a ménage a trois with a gorgeous younger man. Can what started as a one-night stand transform into a threesome that lasts?

In Sea Salt & Chocolate by Lynn Townsend, Marriage is hard work, everyone knows that. Will a summer vacation lead to reigniting sparks between Eric and Temple, or will it tear their family apart? In Weekend Encounter by Jamie Lowe, Jackson may not be looking for romance during a weekend getaway with his friends, but that doesn’t mean romance isn’t looking for him. When Jackson encounters Logan, his plan to third wheel with his buddies is derailed in the best way possible. In Yin and Yang by Rob Rosen, An unexpected early morning encounter between a surfer and California newbie leads to much more than either ever expected along a deserted stretch of pristine beach. Love, it seems, is in the misty sea air!


Sea Salt & Chocolate

by Lynn Townsend

“The carpet’s stainproof,” Eric said, quiet under his breath as Temple stood over the spot while Miriam sobbed on the sofa. “We can just rag it up, not a big deal.”

“This is why we can’t have nice things,” Temple retorted, very quietly. The sentiment was entirely sincere, for that moment in time, but not something he really wanted Miriam to glom on to and drag out as ammunition later in life.

“Ya always did have an uptight streak a mile wide,” Eric said. He had already fetched a washcloth and was blotting up the stain. Astonishingly enough, the white carpet was reporting back clean.

Miriam took advantage of her parents cleaning the carpet to flee the scene. By the time Eric had finished blotting up chocolate milk and carefully drying the spot, she was back from a complete exploration of the house—excluding, of course, her brother’s room, he had locked it against her, and even then, Temple could hear her banging on the door and demanding to be let in, along with A.J.’s crackling baritone denials—and declared “I’m bored.”

“We’ve been here for—” Temple checked his watch “—twenty minutes. You have at least another forty minutes before you’re allowed to be bored.”

“There’s nothin’ to do, Dad,” she complained.

“What would you be doing if you were at home?”

“Watchin’ YouTube.”

“Get me your phone and I’ll hook you up to the wireless,” Eric said. A.J. had registered a number of complaints about Miriam getting a phone so young, since he’d had to wait ’til he was twelve before they’d added his line, whereas Miriam got her phone only a few months back. Temple had gotten tired of Miriam constantly stealing his phone and playing Minecraft on it. It had been much easier, not to mention peaceful, to just let everyone in the house have a device.

Temple sighed, gazing down at his husband, who remained on the floor while he dealt with a six-year-old’s crisis. Eric had gone back to school, pursuing a degree in architecture, but he’d also taken on most of the household duties, including the emotional nurturing of their children, and at the same time, Temple had discovered himself shoved to the side. Their children went to Eric for comfort first, and Temple only when Eric wasn’t available. Oddly, Temple found he missed it. Missed little arms thrown around his neck, missed the trembly smiles after getting a Band-Aid.

And whose fault is that? He asked himself. You were eager enough to give it up, when Eric offered. Your family’s not broken yet, you can still fix it before it gets too far off track. And Eric’s right. I can’t remember the last time we had a lot of time together, without any responsibilities.


Torquere Press

Beach Rental SquareMeet the Publisher

Publisher of GLBT fiction books to offer the finest in erotic LGBT romance available.

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