A Paul B Review: Fae For All (Cloverleah Pack #6) by Lisa Oliver


Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Fae for All coverJax, Fafnir, and Aelfric are destined to form a triad. Two of the three try to deny their bond. But this is not the only problem. They must deal with outside forces who are trying to destroy not only their mating but also the entire Cloverleah pack.

Jax is a half fae, half wolf shifter. Shortly after his first shift almost 300 years ago, he was banished by his grandfather. Only one member of his Cloverleah pack knows of the entirety of his heritage. He has not heard news of his family for almost a century.

Aelfric and Fafnir are fae princes. They met while roaming the European countryside over 300 years ago. Because of their identical birthmarks, they know that the third person in their triad is a wolf shifter. They have been searching since they met for their missing mate. They have asked for the help of the omega of the Cloverleah pack to aid them in their search.

After members of another pack claim that they are the third for the fae, Jax insists that they are all fakes. Jax reveals that his is the true mate for Aelfric and Fafnir. The fae pair are upset that Jax has known for weeks that they are his mates. When challenged by the other pack for the right to the fae since the bond has not been completed, Jax defeats the other wolves. However, the fae pair becomes frightened when they see Jax’s true wolf form, a dire wolf. Jax is heartbroken as his mates seem to be just like his family and most other fae who look down on shifters.

As the three try to repair the damage done during their initial meeting, they must also fend off not only some leaders of the wolf council but also must deal with the elders of the fae world. After Aelfric registers their mating, the elders plan a huge celebration in finding the last surviving member of the leaders of the western regions of the fae world. Jax returns to his family estate where he receives a warning from his late grandfather. Will this new triad survive the upcoming celebration?

This is the sixth installment of Ms. Oliver’s Cloverleah Pack series. Reading the previous books will help understand some of the underlying plot lines and motivations of the characters.

It is rare that I give sequels a five star rating but feel that this book deserves one. I really loved the interactions between our three protagonists. Having been hurt by his fae family, you can understand Jax’s feelings when his mates are initially frightened of his wolf. I felt the enduring love that Fafnir and Aelfric have had after 300 years of being together, yet missing their third. The Cloverleah pack and the triad in particular must endure challenges not only from the wolf shifters but also from the fae rulers. Having to deal with the elders and the other rulers, Jax’s distaste for his fae connections is highly understandable.

I eagerly wait on the next in this entertaining series and highly recommend this book and series.

The cover art was designed by the author using Shutterstock and Dreamstime photos. It shows Jax and his wolf in front of what appears to be blue landscape.

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Book Details
Published: May 2015 by Lisa Oliver
Edition: English
Series: Cloverleah Pack
The Reluctant Wolf (Cloverleah Pack #1)
The Runaway Cat (Cloverleah Pack #2)
(Cloverleah Pack #3)
(Cloverleah Pack #4)
(Cloverleah Pack #5)
Fae for All (Cloverleah Pack #6)