Review: Blacque/Bleu (Arcada #1) by Belinda McBride

Rating: 5 stars Lukas Blacque is a werewolf in a unique position.  A son of the alpha wolf, he prefers life lived on the fringes of the pack, removed from pack politics.  He has a college degree but prefers his car shop, bringing old vehicles back to life as well as performing normal maintenance.  Another… Continue reading Review: Blacque/Bleu (Arcada #1) by Belinda McBride

Review: His Best Man by Treva Harte

Rating: 3.25 stars Christian Ramsey finds himself divorced and the sole caregiver of his two girls after 11 years of marriage when his wife walks out the door.  The first thing he realizes is that he has no idea of who his children really are or what to do next.   During his marriage, Chris… Continue reading Review: His Best Man by Treva Harte