A Barb the Zany Old Lady Release Day Review: A Lord to Love by Sara Dobie Bauer


Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

The Price and Morgan families have been feuding for years—over a piece of land that records show belongs to the Morgan family—but contains the Price family burial ground.  So Harrison Price hasn’t been able to visit his mother’s grave, and it’s wearing on the young man who was very close to her.  Now, to top it all off, his father has died, and they must settle this debate so his father can be buried next to his wife.

Lord John Morgan offers a solution.  He will give the land freely to the Price family if the youthful, handsome Harrison will agree to marry him. Outlandish? Yes, but not unheard of in their time. Men may marry, though it’s not common.  Giving the property away?  Well, John doesn’t really want it. He only held onto it because he enjoyed the fight and because it gave him an excuse to come to the Price holdings to possibly catch a glimpse of Harrison. 

John has loved the younger man for three years, ever since his heart was engaged by a violin recital Harrison gave.  He not only admires his handsome face and long, lithe body, he admires Harrison’s intellect and quick wit. There’s really nothing about the young man he doesn’t like, and now that Harrison has inherited the title and lands from his father, the two lords are a match made in heaven.  But will Harrison see it that way?  Will he see John as a love interest or just an old man, a neighbor who’s been keeping him from visiting his mother’s grave?

What I most loved about this story, aside from the premise of a marriage arranged by one man who has the hots for another, is how quickly the author engaged me with both characters and how fully she was able to sketch their personalities.  I felt the attraction.  I was there when the shy, virginal Harrison experienced his first kiss.  And I rejoiced with John when he realized his quest was not in vain. 

Though short, this story packs a punch.  I’m sure it will become a favorite among those of us who enjoy an outstanding MM romance.

The cover depicts two lords, dressed in the clothing of the time, above the lower pane that features a large old mansion.

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Book Details:

Expected publication: March 19th 2019 by Carnation Books
ISBN13 9781948272148
Edition LanguageEnglish