Review: Dissonance (Blue Notes #6) by Shira Anthony


Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Dissonance-build-full-r2(1)Lord Cameron Sherrington’s life feels very empty since he lost his love,  opera singer Aiden Lind.  Of course,it was his own fault.  Cam cheated on Aiden not once but numerous times until Aiden finally left him for good.  As Cameron always expected Aiden to do.  Aiden was much too good for Cameron and he knew it.  Now he hears from Aiden that Aiden and Sam are getting married and the depression that it brings on seems endless.

As Cameron tries to  figure out how to move forward in a life without goals, disaster strikes from the last  place he expects, the family business. Cameron is being framed for money laundering by someone who wants to takeover the business and the FBI want to bring Cam in for questioning.  Cam flees the authorities but with all his accounts depleted or frozen, he is friendless, helpless, and on the streets.

Galen Rusk plays his trumpet in NYC Subways for the shear enjoyment of playing and people watching. When Galen finds a man in dire straits in the tunnels, he recognizes him from the times Cam has stopped by to listen and leave him tips.  Now the tables have turned, and Galen offers Cam all the protection and sanctuary he can afford.  And soon, bonded by need and their desire for each other, a tenuous relationship forms that neither man is prepared for.

When love appears, all the troubles and fears threaten to break the men apart even before their relationship has been given a chance to succeed.   Can Cam and Galen overcome their pasts to grab onto the love in front of them or will it be lost forever in the pain and uncertainties of the present?

I have been such a fan of this series since its inception.  The marvelous blending of passion, music and drama in story after story keeps bringing me back into the lives of these musicians, their music and the men who love them.  For not only is love the key to their happiness but so is the music that flows through their lives, no matter the melody or instrument.   It sustains them, it speaks for them, and it consoles them when all else is falling apart around them.

The shear vitality and musicality to Shira Anthony’s writing makes these characters and their stories ones to hold close to your heart.  It is so easy to revel in all the romance, passion and yes, even pain, that life brings to them all as we watch them overcome the obstacles on the path to a future and happily ever after.  But of all of them, I believe that Cameron and Galen are my favorite couple of the Blue Notes series.  How astonishing!

After having lived through the turmoil and devastation of Aiden Lind’s life in Aria (Blue Notes #3) and the major role that Lord Cameron Sherrington played in Aiden’s pain, I never thought I would see the reclamation of such a cad.  In that story, Cam was an unadulterated terror.  A selfish, spoiled brat of a man who was used to getting his way and a bully when that didn’t happen.  Talk about your unlikable character! But over the next several stories, hints were creeping in that all was not well with Lord Cameron.  Glimpses of vulnerability and regret were seeping in, especially when it came to his actions towards Aiden. Soon people were clamoring for Cam’s story.

Here Shira Anthony tears off the cover of Cameron’s assuredness and arrogance to reveal a past of pain, neglect and perhaps something darker that even Cameron had repressed. It’s a slow process of pulling back the layers that Cameron has so completely piled on top of his memories. Anthony prolongs that  aspect of this story in a manner that makes it feel not only authentic but hauntingly real as well.  From the events that trigger Cameron’s memories to the stress and strain of his situation that brings Cameron to the breaking point, the author’s descriptions pull us into his life so completely until  we are there, teetering on the edge of the precipice with Cameron.  And Cameron is not the only one here whose past has immobilized him and any relationships he might attempt.  Galan is just as wounded as Cameron.  Both men must deal with their problems and pasts before  they can decide to move forward together.

What a wonderful and absorbing story in every way.

Textured portraits, a story full of plots guaranteed to secure our interest and emotions, and an ending that brings the men together with favorite couples from previous novels.  And on top of all those amazing ingredients, Shira Anthony folds in the music that so represents these characters and their journey, separately and together.  What music it is!  Such an eclectic selection.  From the iconic sounds of Billie Holiday to Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven, we sway to the music that flows through this narrative, pulling us along.  There’s some of my all time favorites here.  “Moon River’, sung by Audrey Hepburn , Bill Withers “Ain’t No Sunshine”, and so many others.  A complete soundtrack and links are listed below.  Check them out or better yet, listen as you read.

I loved Dissonance.  It’s a joy in every way.  It will be on ScatteredThoughtsandRogueWords Best of 2014 lists this year.  Pick it up and start reading now. Yes, you can read it as a stand alone but do yourself a favor, and read the others first.  You will appreciate Cameron’s journey so much more if you know what went on before this book.  I highly recommend Dissonance and the entire Blue Notes series.  Get started on it today.

Buy Links:    Dreamspinner Press eBook      All Romance eBook (ARe)        Dissonance (Blue Notes) ”         Dissonance

Cover Artist:  Catt Ford.  Lovely cover, works for the story and for the branding of the series.  Great job.

Book Details:

ebook, 240 pages
Published August 8th 2014 by Dreamspinner Press
ISBN 1632161826 (ISBN13: 9781632161826)
edition languageEnglish
seriesBlue Notes #6
charactersDavid Somers, Alex Bishop, Aiden Lind, Lord Cameron Sherrington, Galen Rusk
settingNew York City, New York (United States)

Books in the Blue Notes series can be read as standalones but it helps to read them in order to understand the various relationships and time line. Listed below are all the stories in the Blue Notes series. The author has noted that she considers it a series of interrelated, classical music themed standalone novels that can be read in any order.

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Blue Notes (Blue Notes, #1)
The Melody Thief (Blue Notes, #2)
Aria (Blue Notes, #3)
Prelude (Blue Notes, #4) by Shira Anthony and Venona Keyes
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Dissonance (Blue Notes #6)

Shira Anthony’s Dissonance Sountrack:
Dissonance Playlist:

Sunday expectations , Sounds of fall in the air and the week Ahead at ScatteredThoughts


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Sunday is  upon us once more.  How quickly it seems to come around each week.  Normally I would be outside planting, weeding, enjoying the gardens and the dogs but the sounds I hear lately remind me that fall is coming and preparations need to be made.   The whites, yellows and purples associated with late summer, early fall flowers are out in full force.  The “Daisy Mae:” Daisies are hanging in there, the Black-Eyed Susans have thwarted the deer, and the purples of liriope, False Dragonhead, and Great Blue Lobelias are just starting to make their presence known.

Overhead flocks of Canada Geese and Snow geese are reforming, heading to the marshes surrounding the Bay in huge masses, reading for migration and winter.  My feeders are being emptied at an astonishing rate after piddling interest all summer long.  Some leaves have started falling, and the sunlight has that slanted, cooler look to it that proclaims that the Summer Solstice has passed and it is filtering the landscape through an autumnal lens.

The pruning shears are out, the mulch bags waiting for someone other than me to cover the beds.  The hummingbirds are still here, the feeders still full, and the offerings in the yard are getting scarcer by the day.

It also means that GRL is fast approaching in October and I hope soon to be able to make an announcement about a new reviewer here at ScatteredThoughtsandRogueWords.  I love fall.  Its every bit as beautiful to me  as Spring and Summer. In fact it may be my favorite of all the Seasons.  Brisk, clean air that puts a snap to your step as your walk and a little color in your cheeks.  I know the dogs are happier…its terrier weather for sure.

Ahhh, the sounds of change is in the air…how sweet, how promising, how wonderful!


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