An Alisa Audiobook Review: Tasting Notes by Cate Ashwood and Narrator Michael Pauley


Rating:  3 stars out of 5


Tasting Notes AudiobookThere’s nothing that can’t be solved over a glass of excellent wine.


Joseph “West” Weston has paid for his wealth and success with long hours at the office and no personal life to speak of. Meetings, conference calls, and paperwork dominate his waking hours and have kept him from honoring the promise he made to his late grandfather years before.


After leaving the Marines, Robert “Rush” Coeman returns to his hometown and settles in as a Christmas tree farmer. His life is quiet and simple, and he likes it that way. When West arrives in town and buys Rush’s parents’ vineyard on a whim, that simple life is turned upside down. The animosity between them is palpable, but Rush shelves his preconceived notions in order to protect his parents’ legacy. He agrees to help West learn how to run the vineyard, and Rush soon realizes that love doesn’t necessarily come in the package he expected.


West decides to take time off to fulfill his promise to his grandfather, the first impulsive thing he has done in years.  While on his road trip he quickly makes another impulsive decision to buy a winery even though he knows nothing about running one.  Rush feels obligated to show West the ropes in order to protect the winery’s reputation, but soon learns that West isn’t quite what he originally thought.


This story is told from both character’s points of view.  West feels so lost and hasn’t had anyone to rely on but himself for years.  When he is forced to get help from the gruff Rush he has a bit of a reality check, but knows this isn’t his usual environment.  Rush has to learn to get over some of his pre-conceived notions before they can make their future work together.


Michael Pauley did a nice job narrating this story.  The use of different voices for the characters helped me keep track of the story.  However, his reading was a bit mechanical and I got most of the characters emotions from the word more than his speaking.


Cover art by Anna Sikorska is beautiful and works well for this story.


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Audiobook Details:

Audiobook, 6hrs 12min
Published June 30, 2016 (ebook first published October 26, 2015)
Edition Language: English