A MelanieM Review: Diamond Flush: Ace of Diamonds Four by Laura Harner (Pulp Friction 2015: Altered States Book 16)

Rating: 4.75 stars out of 5

Diamond Flush coverFor Alpha Jet Gorman, discovering the origins of his pack’s newest members has provided more questions than answers. Like why would someone deliberately expose the existence of supernatural beings to the human world through in vitro fertilization? And more importantly…cui bono? Who benefits most from the Revelation? With the threat of betrayal a constant presence running through the Vieux Carré, at least Jet can count on Nico to have his back.

Ancient vampire Nico Sanzio da Urbino has been given an order to kill a werewolf—not unusual given his job as an enforcer. The problem lies in the fact the targeted Alpha is often in Nico’s bed—or vice versa—and may just be that elusive soul mate he has never quite believed in. Not to mention Jet’s blood fairly sings through Nico’s veins. Caught somewhere between the Paranormal Odd Squad, the all powerful Vampire Council, and a promise to his oldest friend, Nico must make a choice before someone realizes he hasn’t carried out his orders—and takes the matter out of his hands.

With the New Orleans preternatural population continuing to increase at an unnatural rate, the local Alpha and the Odd Squad’s chief enforcer should have their attention focused on maintaining the human-to-super status quo, but with things between them at an incendiary high, their mutual distraction could prove deadly—for everyone.

Heading into the all important fifth book, Laura Harner lines up her angst and mysteries here, her characters waiting to see who will survive the upcoming evil tide of events.  Nico and Jet’s relationship has gotten deeper and richer, despite the fact that both are keeping important secrets from each other.  But Nico’s maybe the most important of them all as he has been ordered to kill the Alpha, who just happens to be his lover and perhaps his soulmate Jet.  Jet also is keeping things hidden from Nico, the worst betrayals seeming only moments away and all blended together with scenes of smoking hot sex.

One of the things I so appreciate about Laura Harner is her ability to balance the elements of  sex, suspense and horror with those of tenderness, love, and angst.  The early scene of Jet and Artie had me in tears.  It was quiet, moving, and a needed reminder of what was at stake for them all.  A gem of a moment among many.

So here we are.  So close to the end.  I have thoughts about where this might go but rarely does that line up with the author’s! This is a superb series as are all the interconnected stories associated with it.  They make a perfect Halloween read, or book choice for anytime of the year.  I highly recommend this for lovers of the supernatural, the paranormal, for M/M romance…it really has it all.

Cover art by Laura Harner.  I think its missing that wonderful sexy aspect of the last cover.  Not my favorite.

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Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 67 pages
Published September 29th 2015 by Hot Corner Press
edition language English



About Pulp Friction 2015

Lee Brazil ~ Havan Fellows ~ Parker Williams ~ Laura Harner

The Pulp Friction 2015 Altered States Collection.
Four authors.
Four Series.
Twenty books.
One supernatural finale.

Spend a year with the creatures that go bump in the night…fighting for their rights to exist and protecting the innocents of The Big Easy. A diverse group of friends trying to find their place in a world they never had to “fit” into before.

Although each series can stand alone, we believe reading the books in the order they are released will increase your enjoyment.

Round One:
Drawing Dead (Jack of Spades: 1) by Lee Brazil
Blind Stud (King of Hearts: 1) by Havan Fellows
The Devil’s Bedpost (Four of Clubs: 1) by Parker Williams
Diamonds and Dust (Ace of Diamonds: 1) by Laura Harner

Round Two:
Dead Blind (Jack of Spades: 2) by Lee Brazil
Stud Player (King of Hearts: 2) by Havan Fellow
Up the Ante (Four of Clubs: 2 ) by Parker Williams
Diamond Draw (Ace of Diamonds: 2) by Laura Harner

Round Three:

Dead Button (Jack of Spades #3) by Lee Brazil
Blind Man’s Bluff (King of Hearts #3) by Havan Fellows
The Devil’s Playground (Four of Clubs #3) by Parker Williams
Diamonds Edge (Ace of Diamonds #3) by Laura Harner

Round Four:

Dead Man’s Hand (Jack of Spades 4) by Lee Brazil
Blind Heart (King of Hearts 4) by Havan Fellows
High Stakes (Four of Clubs 4) by Parker Williams
Diamond Flush (Ace of Diamonds 4) by Laura Harner