Review: Waiting for Ty (Lovers and Friends #2) by Samantha Ann King

Rating: 3 stars out of 5

Waiting for Ty coverTyler Coil and his his best friend, gorgeous Landon Burke, have been best friends since college.  Landon, a cancer researcher, and Tyler, a politcal reporter, have remained close even though they no longer reside in the same city.  Landon has secretly loved his best friend for years, just watched as Tyler dated one woman after another, never seriously.  Now Tyler has come to stay with Landon at his apartment for a time while working on a report.  Landon is getting ready to buy a condo and take a sabbatical for 6 months in another city.  The time is ripe for change in their relationship.  Will Landon take a chance on love or let his dream of happiness with Tyler go?

I have mixed feelings about Waiting for Ty.  It is the second book in the Lovers and Friends series by Samantha Ann King.  The first book, Sharing Hailey (Lovers and Friends #1) is a menage (m/f/m) book that contains a fair amount of back story missing from this book.  But as menages are not my thing, I won’t be reading that one.  And without that information, much of this book feels incomplete as the author did not take the time to build it into her narrative. And that is just one of the issues with Waiting for Ty.

The story opens with Ty visiting Landon in his rental apartment just as two important events in Landon’s life are about to take place.  He is finally finished with his years of college, including graduate degrees and is working as a cancer researcher.  He has bought a condo and has agreed to take a 6 month sabbatical from his current position to work with another research group in a different state.  And in walks Ty.  Tyler is in town to meet with a informer for a explosive political expose’ he is working on.  His entrance and the start of the novel is so abrupt that we feel as though we have entered midway through the novel.  The reader is given little to no back story as to the men or their history together.  It is just so odd that it is almost impossible to feel engaged in Landon’s predicament or their relationship.

Once the plot moves forward and the men try to establish a relationship amid family disapproval and personal assertiveness, then the book takes shape and the reader can finally settle into feeling more connected to the men and their struggle to be together.  Ty is “straight” so this reads as a “gay for you” story which I am not sure that I bought into.  Their initial sex scene came across the page as being somewhat polished in experience considering Ty’s inexperience.  I really thought the author did her best work with describing the family dynamics and religious beliefs  that threaten to tear the couple apart even as they are getting started.  That aspect of this story really highlights Samantha Ann King’s talents as a writer.  Tyler’s family comes across as real and absolutely believable in their bedrock fundamental religious beliefs even after  having evidence as to their love, especially his mother, for their son.  The stress that Landon is under during his first visit to Tyler’s family and the strained family dynamics are perfectly portrayed.  It’s sad,  and it has the feel of a family ready to break apart, splintering beyond any of the family’s power to heal the fractures about to be created.

Tyler’s change of face with regard to his sexuality and relationship with Landon is a little too pat, and the ending of this novel comes about a little too soon to feel authentic as well.  I liked this story but felt it had so much more potential than was evidenced in the final product.  I think Samantha Ann King has a gift that she has just begun to explore and I look forward to more stories from this author.  I liked this story but am on the fence as to whether I would recommend it.

Stories in the Lovers and Friends series:

Sharing Hailey (Lovers and Friends #1)

Waiting for Ty (Lovers and Friends #2)

Book Details:

ebook, 36,000 words
Expected publication: July 29th 2013 by Carina Press
ISBN13 781426896033
edition language English
series Lovers and Friends


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