Happy New Year! Down Under Author Showcase Begins Today!




DownUnder_January Is Banner

Happy New Year, everyone!   Today kicks off Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words Down Under Author Showcase, an entire month of authors, their books and stories from Australia and New Zealand.  Each day brings a new featured author, an interview or guest blog, information on the writers and their books, as well as a personal giveaway from each person.

In addition, we have more fabulous contests to go along all month long.  There is a Down Under Scavenger Hunt where you visit each author’s page each day to search out a Hunt word or phrase in bold green, gather them up all month long and then submit them to me on January 31st!  We will be awarding seven prizes to Down Under Scavenger Hunt participants.  These include a $75 Amazon gift card, four gift packages of items from Australia and New Zealand (two from each country courtesy of the Embassy of Australia and the Embassy of New Zealand here in DC), the Under the Southern Cross Anthology from Dreamspinner Press-6 individual novellas in all, the book How To Speak Kangaroo, and more.

Then Bottom Drawer Publications will provide a $20 gift voucher to spend in our shop and a copy of each of the e-books from our participating authors:

Mythica – L. J. LaBarthe
Cutting Out – Meredith Shayne
Second Chances Anthology – contains 2 stories contributed by Lisa Harris (Heart of Glass) and Bette Browne (Dirty Martini)

Vacationeers to NZ and AUS!  This contest is for you! We would love to have the people who have vacationed/visited our Down Under countries to share their memories and photos, their favorite places to visit or eat or whatever they wish to share.  A special prize will be saved for one winner picked from all the participants who guest blog with us all month long.  Just send in your memories or places to share, short or long or anything in between anytime between now and January 31st.  Send them to melaniem54@msn.com and watch for your post to appear throughout the month.

Over 37 prizes to be awarded this month!  Don’t miss out on a day of Down Under Author Showcase.

Today’s Down Under Author is Christian Baines.  I loved his book The Beast Without!

Also we will be posting interesting facts, places to visit and more “stuff to know” about each country every day!  If  visiting Australia and New Zealand weren’t already on your bucket list, then these amazing authors, and their books and stories will have you pining for airlines tickets!

Australia Fun Fact of the Day:AUS flag over country

How Big is Australia?
Australia is the word’s smallest continent and the world’s sixth largest country. Australia covers an area of 7,686,900 square kilometres. That’s slightly smaller than the United States mainland which is 7,827,848 square kilometres (does not include Hawaii and Alaska).

kiwi and NZ countryNew Zealand Fun Fact of the Day:

A kiwi is not a fruit – it is New Zealand’s native flightless bird  and a slang term for a New Zealander. Kiwis call the fruit “kiwifruit” – they are also known as Chinese Gooseberries.

kiwi bird


My thanks goes out to the Embassies of Australia and New Zealand for their contributions of the gift packages. My thanks also to Bottom Drawer Publications and Dreamspinner Press for their contest and donations. And my appreciation of all the participating authors who gave of their time and books to this event! Happy New Year All!

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