A MelanieM Review: Bayou des Enfants (Rougaroux Social Club #4) by Lynn Lorenz

Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Bayou Enfants coverA year has passed since Scott Dupree took Ted Canedo as his mate and assumed leadership of the St. Jerome pack.  They’ve moved in together into Scott’s house near the bayou, Ted’s private detective business is slowly getting off the ground as is Ted’s career as an artist.  Scott’s police department is solidly behind Scott so what could go wrong?

That would be Scott’s mother, Darlene Dupree. She’s not happy because she wants grandkids and she wants them now.  As she usually does, Maman, (as Scott and Ted call her) takes matters into her own hands.  A little spell or two in the middle of the night next to the bayou and Maman’s magic sets events in motion that has profound ramifications for all in the bayou.

What happens when two boys are suddenly in need of a home and parents?  Especially when Ted isn’t even sure kids are something he wants?  It’s chaos when change is forced upon everyone with just one accident.  Ted and Scott have a chance to become not just partners but parents and a family, if only they and everyone else can agree!

I have loved this series from Lynn Lorenz from the first story, Bayou Dreams (Rougaroux Social Club, #1).  It was a clever tweak by Lorenz that had Scott’s wolf being attracted to Ted before Scott was.  And throughout the story we watched as Ted tried to overcome his fear of involvement with a man who had been “straight” as well as Scott trying to adjust his ideas of sexuality to the needs of his wolf which soon becomes the needs of the man.  Plus there was the whole “and I’m a werewolf” thing to adjust to as well as a magical spell throwing Mama to contend with.  I fell in love with every bit of characterization and plot that Lorenz threw at me and then some.  And I have followed the series gleefully ever since, through three stories to arrive here at what is possibly the last story in the series, Bayou des Enfants.

Maman has been a strong character in every story and usually the impetus for events and relationship explosions that happen along the way.  See, Maman wants what she wants and uses magic to do it but her spells never go as planned, veering off onto another unexpected wild path to the end she wants and asked for.  I adore Maman and her raggedly black cat, she is straight out of the bayou, with a complicated religious outlook and dialog that rises right out of the swampy waters near her home.  One thing Maman has always wanted was first for Scott to get married (check, although not the way she planned) and now she wants grandchildren.  And yes, that doesn’t occur the way she wants either.  It never does.

The children that arrive at Scott and Ted’s home feel so real.  They are hurt, grieving, and troubled, well, at least one is troubled and more than a “handful” as they say.  Lorenz makes these children so believable and vulnerable that the reader becomes invested in their safety and future almost immediately.  Also just as authentic is the community’s reactions to a gay couple wanting children and the CPS involvement in everything that occurs.  While there was not be as much action as in the past stories here, the emotional adjustments that have to go on and the shifting of attitudes that must take place come so cautiously and slow that the suspense is enough to pull us in and keep our attention firmly focused on the people and events happening.

Did I love the ending? Absolutely.  I have been meaning to ask Lynn Lorenz if this is it for St. Jerome, Ted, Scott, Maman and all the rest.  I hope not.  I want many more tales to come just as surely Maman has more spells to cast to shake up any community.  Here’s hoping for more Rougaroux Bayou stories in the future.

If you are new to this series,  they really should be read in the order they were written.  Otherwise some of the people, events and relationship developments must not make sense.  I highly recommend this series to all lovers of romance, wolf shifters, and the bayou setting of Louisiana!


Cover Artist April Martinez has done a good job in branding the series with her covers, they belong together as a group.  I just wished the setting had a little larger place somewhere in the design.  It just doesn’t convey much about the story inside.

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Book Details:

Published November 25th 2014 by Loose Id (first published November 24th 2014)
original titleBayou des Enfants
edition languageEnglish
seriesRougaroux Social Club #4

Rougaroux Social Club Series in the order they were written and should be read:


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