Day 24 of STRW Down Under Showcase-Welcome, Lily Velden and our AUS/NZ Facts of the Day



Welcome, Lily Velden


Wayward Ink Publications!


We’re closing in on our last week of our Down Under Author Showcase, and its been so rewarding to see readers discover new authors and books along the way. And we still have another week to go.  We are finishing out this week with author Lily Velden who is also the owner of Wayward Ink Publications, a Down Under press.

So in addition to all of Lily Velden’s wonderful books, check out Wayward Ink as well!  How can you not love a press that has an anthology called Bollocks! Wayward  Ink is offering up a wonderful contest for all to enter.  Look for the link for Wayward Press as well as the link to Lily Velden’s giveaway! Yes, two giveaways instead of one, plus the Down Under Scavenger Hunt word of the day!

AUS flag over countryNow on to our Australia and New Zealand Facts of the Day!

Australia Fact of the Day

Unusual and interesting facts about Australia include Australia’s only armed rebellion, the “Eureka Stockade” took place in the Ballarat Goldfields in 1854. The goldfield workers (known as ‘diggers’) were opposed to the government miners’ licences. The rebellion became a significant event in the reforming of unfair laws, the developing of democracy in Australia, and the formation of the Australian identity and a fundamental principle of Aussie ‘mateship’. The Anzac soldiers of World War 1 went on to adopt the term ‘diggers’ and Australian soldiers have been known as ‘diggers’ since.interesting-facts-eureka-rebellion

See more here!

What author gave us the recipe for Anzac biscuits? Do you remember?



kiwi and NZ countryNew Zealand’s Interesting Facts of the Day 

“Lord of the Rings” was filmed entirely in New Zealand.  It’s director?  Sir Peter Robert Jackson is a New Zealand film director, producer and screenwriter living in Wellingon, NZ.The Lord of the Rings


New Zealand is part of the Pacific Rim of Fire. Mount Ruapehu, situated in the middle of North Island, is the most active volcano on mainland.New Zealand Mountain



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