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Meet Lily Velden!

Give me fiction… Reality is overrated.

Lily Velden is the author of  Same Page, The Race Is On, Heart Knot Mine and other listed below.

Today Lily Velden author and owner of Wayward Ink Publishing  (a down under press) is guest blogging about a subject I’m fascinated with…book covers.  Be sure to check that out and leave us a few comments of your own on the subject!

Wayward Ink is helping to sponsor this event and has a special contest for all to enter…more about that later today.


Author Bio 1

LILY VELDEN lives on the east coast of Australia, her family having emigrated from Holland when she was a child.
She’s both a left and right brain person, holding qualifications in both Finance and Fine Arts. She tells her friends that her way with numbers will make her a profitable artist and writer… one day.

Lily has always had a love of language and a beautifully crafted sentence, and admits to having a fetish for collecting quotes, poems, and song lyrics. What she won’t admit to is how many notebooks she’s filled with those quotes… Her fascination carries on into her artworks where she often incorporates text. When a shoulder injury slowed down her art practice she decided to explore her love of the written word more fully and began writing. “I’ll paint my pictures with words.”

Not that she’s abandoned artmaking in its entirety—Lily collaborates on the designs for all her book covers.
There are many things Lily loves, here are just a few of the PG rated ones: a good laugh (all the better if caused by a naughty joke), the smell of freshly baked goods and mown grass, a smile from a stranger, rainbows after the rain, and witnessing a promise kept.


Author Contacts

You can contact/follow Lily Velden at:


Author Books Stories Down Under1 copy

Lily Velden’s Books:


Same Page - Front Cover 600x870SAME PAGE (Book 1: How The Light Gets In)- Dreamspinner Press

He was like the only splash of color in a black-and-white photograph.

The man was beautiful.

At an exhibition opening in Sydney, jaded Hollywood heartthrob Jaxon Moncrieff lays eyes on publicity-shy artist Liam Lassiter for the first time and is immediately captivated. But he doesn’t get far into their first conversation before he realizes what he’s feeling is attraction, which brings him up short. Jaxon has always been a womanizer.

Despite his reservations, Jaxon makes a play for Liam, but Liam has his own issues. Unlucky in love and orphaned at sixteen, he is reluctant to open his heart to anyone, and dismisses Jaxon out of hand.

Driven by a need he doesn’t understand, Jaxon organizes a return to Sydney to film his next project. If he can’t be with Liam, maybe they can be friends. Of course, that creates a whole new problem. Now Jaxon is falling in love for the first time. How can he move their relationship from friends to lovers without destroying the trust he’s worked so hard for?

TheRaceIsOn600x900THE RACE IS ON (Book 2: How The Light Gets In)-Dreamspinner Press

Hollywood heartthrob Jaxon Moncrieff and Liam Lassiter are finally on the same page: committed and in it for the long haul. Now they just have to prepare for the inevitable fallout when they reveal their relationship. Between Jaxon’s career and Liam’s need to prepare for a life in the limelight, they decide to wait until filming of Jaxon’s latest project has wrapped.

Unbeknownst to them, the relentless paparazzi photographer Rafael Cacciatore, aka the Hunter, notices a change in Jaxon and is determined to be the first to break the story of who has captured Jaxon Moncrieff’s heart. In the meantime, Liam and Jaxon have enough on their plate working out the not-so-little issue of how and when Jaxon will come out to his family. The paparazzi aren’t even on their radar. The race to out Jaxon is on, and Liam and Jaxon don’t even know it

HeartKnotMine_previewHEART KNOT MINE-Dreamspinner Press

Despite a successful college teaching career, Noah Daniels has become depressed. He feels he’s leading a monochromatic life: love has eluded him. When he’s offered a chance to teach in London as part of an exchange program, he accepts, hoping a change of scenery will do him good. But once he’s there, his outlook on love and sexuality changes in ways he never expected.

Robert Callinan is Noah’s English counterpart in the program. The men exchange not only their jobs, but also their homes, and it is what Noah stumbles across while staying at Robert’s house that sends him on a journey of self-discovery—both mentally and physically. A journey that puts color back into his life… just not in the way he expected. When the exchange program ends, Noah has to go home, but he doesn’t know if he wants to return to the life he left behind

Read an excerpt here.

Gay As Mardi Gras coverGAY AS MARDI GRAS (Novella)-Dreamspinner Press

After the demise of his relationship with his childhood sweetheart, Janey, Jesse needs to get away. His nan has just the thing: a month-long cruise around Hawaii and the Pacific Islands. It seems perfect—until Jesse realizes what kind of cruise it is.

A gay cruise.

Since Jesse’s roommate, Daniel, is recovering from a broken heart, the two decide to buddy up. They hit it off, and with Daniel now Jesse’s partner in crime, they explore the boat and participate in all the fun activities on offer—with some, ah, interesting results for straight boy Jesse.
Genre(s): Contemporary, Humor

Bollocks _previewALikelyStory-preview

animal magnetism coverHunter or Hunted






STRIPPED BARE: Animal Magnetism Anthology (Dreamspinner Press)
WRITTEN IN THE STARS: Bollocks! Anthology (Wayward Ink Publishing)
LIFE ACCORDING TO BUDDY: Love, Loss, Laughter & Lust Anthology(Wayward Ink Publishing)
HUNTER OR HUNTED?: Love, Loss, Laughter & Lust Anthology(Wayward Ink Publishing)
DR. JUSTIN GAYLORD: A Likely Story Anthology (co-authored with Taylin Clavelli, Wayward Ink Publishing)


Contests and Giveaways:

1. Today’s Giveaway (thank you, Lily Velden) is an eBook copy the reader’s choice of her books. Enter using this Rafflecopter link here. Must be 18 years of age or older to enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

2. Down Under Scavenger Hunt – find the Hunt “word or phrase” in bold green . Hint: Lily Velden has 2! Collect all the words from each author and submit the list in writing no later than midnight on February 1st. Make sure you include an email address where you can be reached. Prizes will be given to 5 people selected, from 1st place to 5th! Happy Hunting.


Author Guest Blog

Lily Velden is guest blogging today about….


Let me start by saying how close to my heart cover design is. I have loved the arts, pottering away at it since I was a child. In my late twenties I went back as a mature age student to gain a degree in Fine Arts and have been a practicing artist ever since. A smattering of samples of my work can be found on my website.STRANDED_preview

When I began writing for publication I decided that if it was at all possible, I’d design my own covers, so other than my first published short story in an anthology, that’s what I’ve done.

Wayward Ink is an Aussie publishing house and we like to think we’re easy to get along with, but when it comes to our covers we don’t go by the popular Aussie refrain ‘She’ll be right, mate.’. We realise how important good Cover Art is in assisting authors to market and promote their stories.

The cover is, after all, the first thing a potential reader will see of a book. People are visual—when the word dog is said, they aren’t picturing the letters D-O-G, but rather picturing their favorite pooch. A well-designed cover will entice a potential reader to pick up the book and read the blurb which in turn, if done well, will help encourage them to purchase the book.

Cover artists in the digital age are faced with a new challenge—the final cover must work both as a thumbnail on a website and as the cover of a paperback.AClosedDoor-preview

At Wayward Ink we believe that in order to design a fantastic cover the author’s input is essential—nobody knows their characters and the journey they go on better than the author. It’s important to us that the author be over-the-moon thrilled with their cover. As we say here in Australia, we’d like our covers to put a smile on their dial. In other words we want out authors to be happy, because a happy author is one who can’t wait to share.

Now about Wayward Ink Publishing’s contest:  

WAYWARD INK PRIZES: 3 x $25 gift cards (please let me know if you would like or require more sponsorship) We have paperbacks and gift packs we could do as well. Gift packs would contain: Novelty USB drive, USB extension cord, fridge magnet, 2 x pens, lip balm. (Happy to do these for the event and not just in WIP’s timeslot)

So how to enter?  Write a comment below on book covers, what you like, favorites ones, etc.  Make sure to add your email address in the body.  And use this Rafflecopter link below (different from the Lily Velden giveaway) to enter also:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

23 thoughts on “Down Under Author Lily Velden

  1. I agree that covers can really draw the readers in, and can influence the purchase of the books. I like covers that look original and don’t have the same male models I’ve seen on other covers. 🙂 I also like unique covers as well, like the Gay Mardi Gras one above. Some of my favorites are those by Reese Dante (Parting Shot, Frog, Wake Me Up Inside) and Anne Cain (Change of Heart, Acrobat).

    Liked by 1 person

    • You have great taste in cover artists – they are all talented individuals!

      Thanks for also liking one of mine – the cover for Gay as Mardi Gras was my first attempt!!!



  2. An interesting book cover or title definitely makes me look twice. The covers that draw me in are the unusual ones. Omorphi and Not in the Stars are 2 that draw my eye. After the cover the blurb has to interest me as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree, Denise – the cover has to be interesting and arresting enough to draw you to the blurb which then has to intrigue enough to want to know more!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.



  3. Covers can definitely make me look twice at a book (or sometimes not look at all). I like covers that convey a mood and have elements of the story included. No headless torsos, please. The covers you show on the post are all great. Some of my recent favorites are: Prosperity, Tyack & Frayne series, Semper Fi, Rock, Bloodline, The Art of Breathing, A Forbidden Rumspringa, Stuff.

    Thanks for the great post and contest!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I guess, Jen, we’ll have to agree to differ as I don’t mind headless torsos. For my own personal covers I prefer to not show full frontal faces as my idea of, say, tall, dark and handsome may be different to yours. I may be thinking Matt Bomer and you George Clooney, two extremely handsome men but handsome in different ways. LOL as a reader I like to put my own visual interpretation to the author’s description of the character as I’m told their story.

      When it comes to covers for Wayward Ink titles my aim is to deliver a cover that suits the authors preferences and their stories, one they can’t wait to share with all and sundry so if the author likes full bodies, frontal views of faces etc then that is what I do my utmost to deliver as creatively as I can.

      Thanks for you comments!



  4. I like drawn covers, elegant fonts and tones, and poses where you can see actual chemistry between models. I hate headless torsos (of either sex) and awkward Photoshopping!


    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Trix, your comment was refreshing. As an artist I’d love to see more drawn covers. I think there is a certain sensuality to charcoal or pen and ink drawings in particular.

      Keep a look out for some from Wayward over the next twelve months!



  5. I also look for usually beautiful covers. Omorphi is such a beautiful one! But I also think the cover should portray what the book is about.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Julie,

      I must admit I love visual metaphors and covers with layered meanings so that the initial look intrigues, but once you’ve read the story you can go back to the cover and read so much more into it.



  6. I think book covers are very important it’s really the first thing you see when go looking for a book to buy. I think we all imagine when reading a book what a character looks like so cover doesn’t necessarily have to show the face of the characters that’s why I do like your covers from Dreamspinners but then again I find your “Likely Story” cover really wonderful. I also like the cover with the characters in silhouette. What I don’t like and I know many people do is cartoon and computer like covers they just look strange to me.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Shirley.

      You’ve made my day!

      Do you like monochrome covers? I do. there is something mysterious about them that always draws me in! And I love covers that are in grey scale with just one splash of colour in them!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment!


      Liked by 1 person

  7. How wonderful that Lily is equally right and left brained: creative and analytical. Covers do have an impact on me. Although I’ve seen some very good naked male torso covers, I find most of those covers very generic. The more interesting covers are different and creative, especially when they tie-in to the story or create a mood.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Jbst,

      I get a sense you have a terrific sense of humour! Have you been speaking to my mother? She was the one who trained the left side! Poor woman had this airy fairy child who was always off in dreamland wanting to draw pretty pictures and talk to imaginary creatures! Which sounds just fine to me but to someone as mathematical as my mother was confusing to say the least!

      I, too, like covers to tie in to the story and create a mood.

      Thanks for commenting – much appreciated!



  8. I do believe covers are important considering it’s our eyes that usually are the first thing that catches colors and pictures. It doesn’t necessarily make or break a book but covers usually are the things that draw a potential readers in followed by the title and the blurb.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, agreed, HB.

      No cover makes or breaks a book, but if done well they certainly help attract a potential reader.

      Another thing that is important is having a strong opening chapter as that is usually the excerpt shown on retail sites. That is usually the decider for me when I’m buying books.

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment! Happy Australia Day!



  9. Covers can make me stop and look when a title doesnt.
    I like your Gay As Mardi Gras cover, amd the Light books are striking too

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Suze,

      Thank you for your compliment on my covers – that was lovely to wake up to!

      You have an excellent point about titles. They can be ambiguous, and of course, need to be kept short and sweet. I find coming up with them, along with writing taglines and cover blurbs, more challenging than writing the novel!

      Once again, many thank!


  10. I try not to judge exclusively on covers, because I’ve known some good books with horrible covers. But a great cover? That hooks me immediately and makes me want to know more. I’m definitely partial to drawn covers, but as long as it strikes my fancy, I’ll check it out!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aah, don’t judge a book by its cover! Very wise! Those old sayings become well known for a reason!

      I’ve just commissioned a drawn cover by a talented young artist, Danny Phillips for Wayward Ink’s anthology due out in June called Of Heaven and Hell. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with – it will be our first drawn cover.

      Thanks for your comments, Ashley.



  11. As a very visual person, my first instinct is to check out the visual inspiration for the cover and what secrets and hints it gives to the story within. Most of the time I prefer a more simple image, a photograph or graphic/artwork, and just to mention that I am fascinated by your covers for Same Page/The Race is On. I wonder how many people notice the reflection in the eyes on those covers her image, especially of the paparazzi photographers image?

    I have so many favourite covers, Steve Walkers painting on Mary Calmes book Acrobat, the Windershins series by Jordan L Hawk and possibly one of the most understated Latakai by JF Smith, a story I really enjoyed but the cover has no sexual overtones but hints of the adventure within. So I am just as curious by a simple cover, that may not be so inspiring as a more beautiful cover, as I love reading and would hate to miss out on a special book.

    Thank you for all the giveaway chances 😀 slholland22 {at} hotmail {dot} com

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Sula,

      You have made my day (and as today is the dreaded “Monday” that is even more appreciated) with noticing the images in Jax and Liam’s eyes on the covers of Same Page and The Race is On.

      In Same Page it is Jaxon’s blue eyes and reflected within the iris is magnolia blossoms as that is the artwork of Liam’s that Jax bought for his mother.

      In The Race is On we see Jaxon through Liam’s golden brown eyes and Jax being famous, of course, we see paparazzi cameras flashing!!!

      For me, some covers I’ve seen could be classified as an artwork – they are so beautiful.

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

      Have a great week!


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