Last Week of Down Under Author Showcase and Our Week Ahead at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

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Into the Final Week We Go...

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It’s the last week for our Down Under Author Showcase.  How great to have this many authors gathered  together this month.  It’s been a time of discovery and a time to renew old acquaintances, traditionally a way to celebrate the start of a new year.

There have been many authors that were new to me and the other reviewers here at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words.  John Wiltshire’s (and Radulf) have been a hit all the way around.  L.J. LaBarthe?  Yes indeedy!  Cecil Wilde’s  a new find for several of us.  N.R. Walker, Renae Kaye, Meredith Shayne…all have had multiple “must have, must read” stories for many readers.  Beany Sparks, Toni Griffin, Christian Baines…..the paranormal and supernatural tales of all these authors were wonderful.  Isabelle Rowan, A.B. Gayle, Lisa Henry…ok, all wonderful.  So here is a look at the month author by author.  All their contests are still open until January 31st!  So is our Down Under Scavenger Hunt, Bottom Drawer Publications and  Wayward Ink Publications contests too!  Don’t forget to enter them all!

1/1/2015 Christian Baines         1/2/2015 Nicki J. Markus       1/3/2014 Anne Barwell
1/5/2015 N.J. Nielson                1/6/2015 L.J. LaBarthe            1/7/2015 Michelle Rae
1/8/2015 Renae Kaye                 1/9/2015 John Wiltshire        1/10/2015 N. R. Walker
1/12/2015 John Terry Moore   1/13/2015 Beany Sparks          1/14/2015 A.B. Gayle
1/15/2015 Lisa Henry               1/16/2015 Meredith Shayne     1/17/2015 Pelaam

1/19/2015 Toni Griffin              1/20/2015 L. J. Harris              1/21/2015 Isabelle Rowan
1/22/2015 Maggie Mitchell      1/23/2015 Penny Brandon        1/24/2015 Lily Velden
1/26/2015 Nic Starr                 1/27/2015 Barry Lowe               1/28/2015 Cecil Wilde
1/29/2015 Ellen Cross              1/30/2015 Bette Browne           1/31/2015 RJ Jones


Our Facts of the Day for Australia and New Zealand:

Australia Facts of the Day


wombat poop

Wombat poop is cube shaped.  This prevents them from rolling away when marking territory.  Uh, wow.

In what book did the author substitute “pellets” for cubes?  People would never have believed cubes so bending the truth made sense.

baby wombat




Australians love nicknames:

  • Australians from Queensland are called “banana benders.”
  • People from Western Australia are called “sand gropers.”
  • People from New South Wales are called “cockroaches.”

What were some of the nicknames used for main characters in stories from our Down Under Authors?



New Zealand Facts of the Day:

In the Lord of the Rings films, the beer drunk on camera was a custom NZ brew called ‘Sobering Thought’.hobbithouse01

The filming of these movies pumped around $200 million into the country’s economy. The hobbithouse06New Zealand government even created a Minister for Lord of the Rings, to ensure the most money could be made from the films.

In 1990, the NZ prime minister appointed a National Wizard.


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Our Schedule This Week at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words…

Monday, January 26:

  • Day 26-Welcome, Nic Starr, AUS/NZ Facts of the Day
  • Down Under Author Nic Starr
  • In the Book Spotlight: Enticing Hart by Mae Hancock
  • A Stella Review:  Moment of Impact by Karen Stivali
  • No Denying Sin by BL Morticia Book Tour and Contest

Tuesday, January 27:

  • Day 27-Welcome, Barry Lowe, AUS/NZ Facts of the Day
  • Down Under Author Barry Lowe
  • A Sammy Review: Black John by Amy Lane
  • A MelanieM Review: Waiting for the Flood by Alexis Hall
  • Come to the Window by Mia Kerick tour and contest

Wednesday, January 28:

  • Day 28-Welcome, Cecil Wilde, AUS/NZ Facts of the Day
  • Down Under Author Cecil Wilde
  • A Stella Review: Defying Conventions by Cecil Wilde
  • A Sammy Review: Dirty Dining by E. M. Lynley
  • In the Spotlight: Cheryl Headford’s Memories of Forgotten Love

Thursday, January 29:

  • Day 29-Welcome, Ellen Cross, AUS/NZ Facts of the Day
  • Down Under Author Ellen Cross
  • A Mika Review: Run with the Moon by Bailey Bradford
  • A Sammy Review: Chase In Shadows by Amy Lane
  • Guest Blog on Australian Memories by Author Jim Provenzano

Friday, January 30:

  • Day 30-Welcome, Bette Browne, AUS/NZ Facts of the Day
  • Down Under Author Bette Browne
  • A Barb Review Catch Me When I Fall by John Wiltshire
  • A MelanieM Review: Conscious Decisions of the Heart by John Wiltshire
  • In the Spotlight:  Charlie Cochrane’s Lessons for Survivors (contest)
  • A.J. Thomas: The Way Things Are Book Tour/contest

Saturday, January 31:

  • Final Day of Down Under Showcase-Welcome, R.J. Jones, AUS/NZ Facts of the Day
  • Down Under Author R. J. Jones
  • Down Under Author Wrap-up and recap








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  1. I’ve enjoyed reading all the Aus and NZ posts but today I am at loss for words with the wombats and it’s cubed poop! Great facts.


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