New Authors, New Books, Sequels, and This Week at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

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 New Authors, New Books and More For The TBR Pile!

How I love it when the reviewers here bring new authors and books to my attention and yours.  Stella brought us the Neon White series by Wulf Francu Godgluck, as well as other authors.  Now BJ is reading and loving the stories of Lia Black (several of which will be reviewed this week) as well as James Lear’s  The Hardest Thing.  PaulB loves the paranormal genre and has a whole slew of new authors he’s reading, book stackincluding Andrew J. Parker’s Werecat series.  Barb loves audio books, contemporary romance, perhaps with a little kink as well as all things foodie while Mika reaches out for new authors with each new book request.  Sammy’s books range far and wide as you will have noticed by her book reviews.  Did you read Sammy’s review of The Song of the Lonesome Cowboy by Lynn Kelling last week? And Aurora, our YA reviewer? Aurora just finished a YA series by James Erich which will be running every Saturday this month and the next!  Do we have the books for you, in every possible genre?  Why, yes we do!

Now for Something New: Also you’ll occasionally notice a One Book – 2  Review posting, a sort of Double Dipping on our part.  We are a diverse group so it’s not unusual for one reviewer to love something about a story that another reviewer doesn’t see or visa versa.   This week, Yes by Brad Boney gets double the attention, double the reviews.  The week after next, BA Tortuga’s Ever The Same is in the 2 review spotlight.  Will Mika and I agree to disagree?  Stay tuned! lol  Still trying out names as to what to call this new feature.  If you have any ideas, please let us know.

In the Familiar, Wonderful and Excited to See Them Back Category!  What else am I excited about?  The Pulp Friction gang’s New Orleans series (did you catch my review of The Devil’s Bedpost?) and the fact that Catherine A Noon and Rachel Wilder have finally written a sequel, Emerald Keep, to their story Emerald Fire, which I loved. That’s been 3 years coming.

Old Favorite Series and New Stories! And finally what else has me over the moon?  A.J. Thomas’ has 2 stories out in his Least Likely Partnership series, which I adore.  That would be Holding Out for a Fairy Tale and The Intersection of Purgatory and Paradise.  If you  are reading, AJ, more I want more!!!!  Chris Owen and Tory Temple has a new book out (a combined Bareback and Firefighters), well…now I’m into April and getting ahead of myself.  And yes, loads more coming including the last in Abigail Roux’ Cut & Run series…stay with us and chime in with the books you are most looking forward to reading!

Now here is our schedule this week at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words:

The Interseciton of Purgatory and Paradise coverTaken coverThe Fifth Son coverPerfect Day cover

Sunday, March 29:

  • New Authors, New Books, Sequels, and This Week at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

Monday, March 30:

  • A Stella Review: He’s Just Knot That Into You by Nico Jaye
  • Paul B Review: Werecat: The Rearing by Andrew J. Peters
  • A MelanieM Review: Stokes & Ford (Storming Love: Blizzard #6) by Jackie Nacht
  • A BJ Review: Wedding Favors by Josh Lanyon

Tuesday, March 31:

  • In the Book Spotlight: Whispers of Home by April Kelley (contest)
  • A Stella Review: The Fifth Son by Blaine D. Arden
  • A Paul B Review: For a Dragon’s Redemption (Highland Dragons #5) by Charlie Richards
  • A Melanie M Review: Death by Dragon by Madeleine Ribbon

Wednesday, April 1:

  • A Catherine Noon and Rachel Wilder ‘Emerald Keep’ book blast and contest
  • A MelanieM Review: Emerald Keep by A Catherine and Rachel Wilder Moved closer to release date
  • Double Dipping Reviews:  Mika and Stella Review: Yes by Brad Boney.
  • A BJ Review: Perfect Day by Josh Lanyon

Thursday, April 2:

  • The Island Keepers by Kristopher Quentin tour and contest
  • A Paul B Review: A Rose for Paul’s Protector by Charlie Richards
  • A MelanieM Review: Holding Out for a Fairy Tale (Least Likely Partnership #2) by A.J. Thomas
  • A BJ Review: The Hardest Thing: A Dan Stagg Mystery by James Lear

Friday, April 3:

  • In the Book Spotlight: Room 1024 by Racheline Maltese and Erin McRae (contest)
  • Crash & Burn, Cut and Run # 9 by Abigail Roux – Series Finale Book Tour and contest
  • A Sammy Review: Taken (Taken #1) by J. C. Owens
  • A MelanieM Review: The Intersection of Purgatory and Paradise by AJ Thomas

Saturday, April 4- YA Saturday is Back!:

  • An Aurora YA Review: Fire (Dreams of Fire and Gods #2) by James Erich


Death by Dragon coverHe's Just Knot That Into You coveremeraldkeep1400Werecat the Rearing cover







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