Call for LGBTQIA YA Reviewers!



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Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words is Looking For LGBTQIA YA or New Adult Reviewers!

Are you of YA or New Adult age?  Do you love to read books and write?  Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words would love to have you come write for us as a reviewer.  We get offered more books than we have reviewers to read them, and that’s especially true in the YA and New Adult category.  Aurora our YA Reviewer, as you all may be aware,  is writing books of her own as well as reading and reviewing for us.  Plus there’s that little thing called life and school work to think of.  So Aurora’s plenty busy these days.  And we would like to be able to expand our YA Saturdays.

Why have a YA or New Adult age reviewer?  Because that’s the age group these  books are written for.  Certainly, many of us “older folk” appreciate and love YA and New Adult stories but we are reading them from an entirely different perspective, one less fresh and more experienced.   When I read a review that says that a YA book reads too young, I want to hit my head on the  desk.  Oh the irony.

I want a reviewer who will say “yes, this reads like my age group”, or  “yes, our conversations sound like that”.  Or the opposite.  Whatever is true.

What happens if you want to review for us?  Well, first of all you need a parent or guardian’s consent (under the age of 18).  If that goes through, then we talk format (so easy, you can look at one of Aurora’s reviews), and then I will send you a list of YA or New Adult books to choose from.  And we will take it from there.

I’m not expecting pages but a few paragraphs.  Nor do I expect you to turn them out every week,   We can agree on how many a month (even 1) according to your schedule at home and school.  I want this to be a fun experience, a way to share stories or  books you love and why you love them.

Sound like something you would like to do? Know someone who might? Contact me at and let’s talk!  You can  find out more about us at the home page reviewer section.

Happy Reading!

~  Melanie

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