There’s a New LGBTQIA Press In Town! Welcome to NineStar Press (Launch & Competition)


NineStar Press logo


There’s a new LGBTQIA Press in town.  NineStar Press is no open for business…early!  Check them out and enter their fabulous contest for 52 free  books!

Welcome to NineStar Press!

“We’re so thrilled now to let you know that the full NineStar Press website is live! You can check it out here: . We hope it appeals to you, and that you find our brand something you’d be happy to promote in future. We really love how it’s turned out, and we can’t wait until our big launch in November so we can start bringing our books to readers!

And speaking of readers, we’ve just opened a competition for one lucky reader to win free NineStar Press books for a year: . One free book a week, every week, for a whole year — 52 free books!

You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr to keep up to date on the new releases and authors at NineStar Press!  Or just sign up for our newsletter email!

Many thanks, NineStar Press”

One thought on “There’s a New LGBTQIA Press In Town! Welcome to NineStar Press (Launch & Competition)

  1. Congratulations, NineStar Press, and welcome to the wild, wonderful, and perplexing book world!


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