A Paul B Review: Sharing a Demon’s Bond (A Loving Nip #5) by Charlie Richards


Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Sharing a Demon's Bond coverPeople have been found dead with a smile on their face. Rumors of a demon being in the area have the local vampire coven nervous. When Peter Connelly, human blood donor and protectorate of the coven goes missing, the search to find him begins.

Peter Connelly has lived in a vampire coven since he was six years old. He has spent the past 20 years in the company of different paranormal species. Surely, he knows all there is to know about other beings. When he meets a sexy man in a diner, he feels an instant attraction to him. He begins to wonder if this man might be a paranormal and he might be his mate. After all, he has seen all the signs when members of the vampire coven have found the beloved.

Balthazar is a demon. He has spent the past millennium serving his master bringing him souls. After such a length of service, a demon may find his amina, his soul. He must complete his bonding within a three day period before he must wait another thousand years for the chance to find his mate. Balthazar spots Peter in a local diner. He follows Peter in the restroom. Knowing that Peter is at least aware of vampires from his smell, Balthazar informs Peter that he is his amina. He convinces Peter to offer himself and whisks him away to his cabin in the woods.
Toni Bastille has been Peter’s lover for the past 7 years. Although they are quite close, Toni knows that Peter is not his beloved. So they keep their relationship open in order to allow each of them to find their mate. When Toni realizes that Peter has not returned from his errand, he begins to worry. With the possibility of a demon on the loose, he wants to find Peter as soon as possible.

After the vampire coven has found the hideout and the three men come to an understanding as to what will happen in the future, outside forces kidnap Peter. Balthazar, who knows he must complete the bonding ceremony soon or else lose his chance forever with Peter, seeks the aid of the vampire coven. Will they find Peter in time for Balthazar to find his soul?

This is the fifth book in the Loving Nip series by Charlie Richards. This series focuses on the various vampires that have been introduced into her Stone Ridge universe. I like the introduction of demons into the series. It could give Ms Richard’s an avenue of another series within her universe. I found myself pleased that Peter has finally found his mate yet ache for Toni as he has lost his companion for the last few years through no fault of his own. I hope that Toni will soon find his own beloved to soothe his broken heart.

Carmen Waters’ cover once again strikes the right tone for the book. It shows a shirtless Peter in the foreground with what looks like Balthazar’s demon in the doorway of the local vampire coven or his cottage in the woods.

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Book details
Ebook: 87 pages
ISBN: 978-1-4874-0437-6
Published: July 1, 2015 by Extasy Books
Edition: English

Series: A Loving Nip
• A Nip of Good Cheer (Loving Nip #1)
A Rose for Paul’s Protector (Loving Nip #2)
• An Unforgettable Bite (Loving Nip #3)
More than Patient (Loving Nip #4)
• Sharing a Demon’s Bond (Loving Nip #5)

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