A Paul B Review: Love Comes Unheard (Senses #5) by Andrew Grey

Rating: 4 stars out of 5 

Love comes Unheard coverGarrett Bowman is deaf but that is the least of his problems.  Having lost his mother recently to cancer and a brother who cannot bother to learn to communicate with him, Garrett is on his way to see his sister in Chicago when he runs out of gas in front of a farm in Northern Michigan.  When the owner of the farm comes to speak to him, Garrett is astounded that the man knows sign language.  When Connor, the owner of the farm, tells Garrett that is helper has not shown up for the day, he offers Garrett the chance to make some money to fill his tank.  Grateful, Garrett accepts.  Connor then takes Garrett home for the night for a decent meal and good nights sleep.

Wilson Haskins has been working for Connor and his partner Dan for a couple of years.  While he works for the family, the pair and their three children consider him one of the family.  When Connor brings home a stranger for the night, Wilson is taken by his good looks.  He feels that the ten-year age difference between the two men would prevent anything from happening between them.  Besides, Wilson’s last relationship ended in disaster with him leaving his native land on England as a result.

While both men are hesitant to start a relationship, they do enjoy each other’s company.  As the relationship grows, relationships with both of their families come back to present problems for them.  Garrett’s sister would like for him to stay with her and her partner thinking that Chicago might be a better place for a gay deaf man to live.  Meanwhile, Wilson’s brother phones him out of the blue asking him for help with a situation he has gotten himself into in England.  When said brother shows up in the States looking for Wilson, will it cause trouble for Wilson and the family he know considers his own?

The relationship between Garrett and Wilson was done well.  The hesitancy that both of the men showed is rooted in terrible breakups in their previous relationships.  Garrett’s ex could not care enough to learn to communicate with him.  Wilson’s ex tried to set him up for something that the ex actually was responsible for.  But Wilson suffered the consequences for the ex’s actions anyway.  It is through their interactions with each other and their boss’s children that endear themselves to each other.

This is the fifth book in Andrew Grey’s Senses series.  In each book, at least one of the major characters usually has a form of disability.  Mr. Grey has shown in each book that this so called disability is but one aspect of the person.  In these books, love really does conquer all.  I have come to enjoy these books and always look forward to the next one.

The cover art by L.C. Chase shows Wilson and Garret above in a pastoral setting.  Wilson is in a grey suit while Garrett is in a blue flannel shirt.  These are good representations of what I thought the two would look like.  It’s a nicely done cover.

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Book Details

Ebook, 200 pages
Published:  September 14, 2015 by Dreamspinner Press
Edition:  English
ISBN:  978-1-63476-589-3

Series:  Senses

  • Love Comes Silently (Senses #1)
  • Love Comes in Darkness  (Senses #2)
  • Love Comes Home (Senses #3)
  • Love Comes Around (Senses #4)
  • Love Comes Unheard (Senses #5)

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