April Kelley on “Writing What I Know” and her latest ‘Unrelenting Feelings’ release (guest post,excerpt & giveaway)




Title: Unrelenting Feelings

Series: Pickleville Series

Author: April Kelley

Publisher: ExtasyBooks
Cover Artist: Carmen Waters
Length: 30,062 words
Release Date: September 15, 2015

Writing What I Know by April Kelley

Like Caden in Unrelenting Feelings, I grew up with two siblings. Two sisters and I was in the middle. I was raised by a single parent so we were at home alone a lot and my oldest sister was always in change. In a lot of ways my relationship with my siblings growing up was a lot like Caden’s is with his.My oldest sister is bossy and can be fiercely protective when she thinks someone she loves is getting hurt. Just like Brad she often times didn’t think about the consequences of her actions when she got angry, he just started punching. I remember her fighting with a girl on a bus because the girl was teasing my younger sister. When she became an adult she had a lot of stereotypes to debunk. Seems like people put her in a box more than they did others. And just like Brad she’s the most kind-hearted person I know.

My younger sister is just like Caden in that she’s not afraid to make a decision, even spontaneously. She was always braver than the rest of us. Sometimes that bravery got her in trouble. More times than not it worked out for her. And just like Caden she doesn’t apologize for her choices, unless they effect other people. The rarely have effected other people though.

I guess that makes me like Luis. Yeah, I am. I can be a basket case sometimes and I know what it feels like to suffer from depression. I also like adventures and need that solitary time. I suppose writing is that hike around the lake Luis took in his book, Getting Back to Good (Pickleville #5).

They say to write what you know. Well, that can be different for everyone. I’m sure if you ask my two sisters they’ll tell you they don’t see themselves the same way that I see them. Their truth is just a little bit different, I’m sure. I like the way I see us though.

Robyn Heath has made a pretty
good life for himself away from Pickleville. He loves his job as a paramedic,
has a best friend who he adores who also happens to be his partner at work, and
he even gets laid every once in a while. Life couldn’t be better. Until the man
who broke his heart comes back into town.

Caden Flynn has been gone for a long time. Five years
fighting for his country has taken its toll and changed him in some fundamental
ways. One thing he wants more than anything is to right the wrongs he’s caused
Robyn. Robyn proves to have a very stubborn heart.

Caden stopped breathing the instant he saw Robyn again. His Robby was so fucking pretty, just like he
always had been. He had filled out slightly and his hair was styled differently, longer on top and shorter all the way around. Caden wanted to run his fingers through all those loose curls on top.
“I fucked up so hard, man,” he whispered to Brad, who still stood beside him. He watched as Jaron took Robyn’s elbow. They exchanged some words and then Jaron let Robyn go. Robyn went inside and it took everything in Caden not to follow, to make Robyn listen to him as he explained himself, even though there wasn’t a damn
thing he could say without sounding like an asshole.
“Yeah, you did,”Brad said.
“He hates me, now.”
“He used to love you,” Brad pointed out.
“Well, he acts like he doesn’t even care now.”
“He cares. He’s trying not to though.” Brad looked at him, holding his gaze. “He slept in your room every time I would let him. I heard him cry on your pillow, Caden. When you stopped calling him, he would beg me to make you call him. Even after
he moved with Neil and Owen, he still begged to talk to you. He would even call me specifically to ask after you until a couple years ago.”
“Why didn’t you tell me this before now?”
“My point is that you never asked about him. Not once.”
“You’re saying I didn’t care as much as he did.”
“I don’t know if you did or not. The undeniable fact is that man loved you with everything he had.”
“You’re saying I can’t fix it?”
“I don’t know if you should even try. My gut tells me you should let him go,” Brad said.
“I give up. I’m not talking to you anymore. You sound like Yoda and it’s driving me crazy. I need
advice on Robyn not on how to use the force.” Caden started to fold his
arms, but then winced at the pain it caused. He remembered the crushing force
of the truck as it rolled over him, pinning his arm down. The worst part was
turning his head to find Yarborough’s lifeless eyes next to him, the lower half
of his body was gone. The vehicle had shifted, moved off its side and when it
did Caden’s arm was freed. Not before crushing the bones and leaving a scar
that ran from his bicep to just before his wrist.
Caden felt a hand on his back and turned to see Luis. “Thank god. I need advice and Brad is being

Luis shrugged. “You probably just need to pay
attention to what he said.” Luis pounded him on the back. “Have fun.
This is supposed to be a party. Now, where is Owen?

in Southwest Michigan, April resides with her husband and two kids.  She has been an avid reader for several
years.  Writing her first story at the
age of ten, the characters in her head still won’t stop telling their
stories.  If April isn’t reading or
writing she can be found outside playing with the animals or taking a long walk
in the woods.
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