A Paul B Review: Flint’s Fury (EMS Heat # 19) by Stephani Hecht

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Flint's Fury coverThe only thing holding Flint together is Victoria Smith.  An activist for the city, she represents what could be in the once proud city.  When she is killed, the string that is holding the volatile city together snaps.  The EMTs and local hospitals must deal with the aftermath of the ensuing riot that breaks out because of this woman’s death.

When Matt hears small stones pinging against the side of his ambulance, he wonders what has gotten into twelve year old Keyto.  When Keyto tells him that there has been a shooting, Matt brushes it aside as an everyday occurrence.  When he learns that it is Miss Victoria Smith who has died a violent death, he knows the city is going to erupt.  No sooner than he finishes thinking that, a volley of gunfire erupts around him.  Matt gets Keyto and himself to the safety of the ambulance but his new partner is dead in the drivers seat.  Realizing that he has been hit too, he calls for backup.

As Matt arrives at the hospital, his boyfriend Lucas, a RN at St. Michael’s is already attending to the riot victims.  Wanting to help his boyfriend, he is told to stay out of it as he is too emotionally involved to help Matt.  Lucas reluctantly helps other patients.

Things begin to settle down after the governor calls out the National Guard.  When the reason for Miss Smith’s death is found out, the pointlessness of both the death and the rioting come out.  However, for the people of Flint’s EMS crew and St. Michael’s, they learn that life must be lived to the fullest.

This is the nineteenth book in the EMS Heat series.  While I have read a couple of the books previously in the series since I live so close to Flint and know a lot of the locations mentioned by the author, this is not a series I have kept up on.  So I guess that is why I was not as emotionally invested in all the characters as I probably should have been.  While there is some romance in the book, it is basically a story of the character’s reactions to the riot and the immediate effect it has on them.  While I found it to be a decent read, it would have been better if I had read all the previous books.

The cover art by Angela Waters depicts two shirtless EMT or firefighters on the top half while firefighters are working to put on some burning buildings in the lower half of the cover.  While the bottom half does depict what is happening in the book, the shirtless EMTs seems to be out of place given the book’s subject.

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Book Details:

ebook, 64 pages
Published October 2015 by Extasy Books
edition languageEnglish
other editions (1)
Flint’s Fury (EMS Heat Book 19)

Series:  EMS Heat


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