A Lila Review: The Assassin’s Pet by Nana G


Rating: 4 stars out of 5

The Assassin's PetCamille Adnet is a new vampire trying to survive on his own. We first met him, alone and hungry, as he tries to will himself to kill. As a nobleman, he lived a life of comfort and not even when hunting for sport, he was unable to kill his prey. Things had not changed now that he’s a vampire.

As he traveled, he stops by an isolated cabin and gets the opportunity to get a kill. When he’s on the side of a sleeping woman, Damien let his presence be known, stopping Camille. From that moment on, the vampire is drawn to the Sulis assassin.

His luck didn’t get any better, as Camille follows bandits trying to scavenger his meals. He has lost a lot of weight, his eyes turned red, and his skin has a blue hue due to the lack of nourishment. Camille is becoming desperate and contemplating ideas on how to survive. Is then that he recognizes Damien’s scent and decides to offer his services, his loyalty, and his submission in exchange for regular meals and protection.

Becoming Damien’s pet isn’t what they expected. The bond between them cemented into a lovely relationship that brings Damien’s protectiveness and Camille’s loyalty to the forefront. Together, they start a journey that would bring them closer, sealing their faith and future into one.

The Assassin’s Pet is Nana G’s first novel. A delightful mixture of fantasy, paranormal, and erotic elements. The story is very well-written, and the characters will bring a smile to your face, even when they are killing to survive. The author has a way with words, wrapping the reader into the events and the developing relationship.

The beginning and the end felt a little rush, but the central aspects of the tale were interesting and enticing. We get to explore the MCs’ world with them, as we learned more about Damien’s job and way of living. And how Camille’s innocence and life struggles shaped their future. Damien more than an assassin is an angel of death and Camille his reason to live.

Their journey and the fantasy elements are up-to-par. We get to see vampires, mages, assassins, necromancers, priests, and other traditional tropes, but all with a particular twist, unique to the author. I’d love to see more stories set in this world, perhaps more from Camille and Damien, or new couples that existed in the same realm.

The story is label as a gay erotic fantasy with light BDSM, but in reality, these elements are minimal. Yes, the sex is explicit, the MCs are in a Master/Slave relationship, and there’s some spanking involved (not for punishment), but their journey is about so much more. It is a romance story with a philosophical view of life and death. Topped with a strong HFN and the possibility of new adventures to come. Definitely, a fantasy story worth reading.

The cover is very dark, but it shows a good depiction of Camille wearing Damien’s gift. Perhaps, hiding in the shadows.

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Book Details:

ebook, 189 pages
Published: January 3, 2016, Self-Published
ISBN: 9781310868450

Edition Language: English

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