A Stella Review: Neon White Episode 5 by Wulf Francu Godgluck


Rating:  5 out of 5 stars   ★★★★★

Neon White 5To gain something substantial, you need to sacrifice something of equal worth.”

As Bla’Gar rushes to save his beloved pet, the possibility of a grim future might be waiting for him. Will he be forced to repeat the mistakes of the past…again, or will he be allowed to make another choice… Exchange one eternity for another Hell?

Jessy can’t foresee a world without Raven. In a time when enforcers like him are the very fibers that hold together the future of this new world, she will do everything in her power to help save him. But there will be a cost… There is always a cost.

As Seth struggles within his own personal Hades, the mate he always wanted, but felt he never truly deserves, comes to save him. But the darkness is vacuous and beautiful at the same time, and it might just be the end of all of them… If the Beast doesn’t get what he came for.

Raven is lost to all now, fading out of existence, yet Death may be his only salvation.

Some actions speak louder than words, and some will be immortalized forever. Some wars are never won, they are simply…forgotten.

What if you had one chance? One opportunity to change the past? What would you be willing to sacrifice for it?

I can think of one word for this season finale: unexpected. Of course I should have known better and don’t be surprised, cause the author is one of the few able to make me love stories so dark and full of twist. Stories I would have never enjoyed if he didn’t write characters who are impossible to not like.

As I already said in the reviews of  the A Tooth Claw and Horns Chronicle series, the series is not for everyone, it’s violent and often too hard to take. Plus it needs to be read in order, so if you haven’t done yet, pick the first one, it’s still free.

Back to Neon White Episode 5, I have to admit I divoured this book in a couple of hours and I had to start it again the day after, cause I was so overwhelmed by everything happened, I was a little confused and wanted to give it a second try. And it was better then the first time.

I really don’t feel to talk about the plot cause I don’t want to spoil a series so rich in characters, events and unbelievable endings. And in my opinion the book ended in the perfect way ever because it gave the series a very deserved closure, exactly where everything started, back at the origins with my loved Raven and Chetlér. I was on the edge through all the book and the ending was balm for my soul. At the same time it saddened me, knowing I won’t meet them again but the author left open so many routes to follow in a coming (soon I hope) new season. I can’t wait for more.

I want to highly recommend the whole series, if you’re looking for something different, quick and startling you want to read Neon White Episodes by Wulf Francu Godgluck. To me it was a huge success. Really well done, Wulf!

The cover art by Wulf Francu Godgluck follows the style of the whole series and it’s well done and different from the usual.

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Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 75 pages
Published April 22nd 2016
Edition LanguageEnglish
SeriesA Tooth Claw and Horns Chronicle #5

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