An Alisa Audiobook Review: Little Wolf (Beings in Love #4) by R. Cooper and Robert Nieman (Narrator)

Rating:  3 stars out of 5


Little Wolf audiobookOn the run from his old-blood werewolf family, Tim Dirus finds himself in Wolf’s Paw, one of the last surviving refuges from the days when werewolves were hunted by humans and one of the last places Tim wants to be. Kept away from other wolves by his uncle, Tim knows almost nothing about his own kind except that alpha werewolves only want to control and dominate a scrawny wolf like him.


Tim isn’t in Wolf’s Paw an hour before he draws the attention of Sheriff Nathaniel Neri, the alphaest alpha in a town full of alphas. Powerful, intimidating, and the most beautiful wolf Tim has ever seen, Nathaniel makes Tim feel safe for reasons Tim doesn’t understand. For five years he’s lived on the run, in fear of his family and other wolves. Everything about Wolf’s Paw is contrary to what he thought he knew, and he is terrified. Fearing his mate will run, Sheriff Nathaniel must calm his little wolf and show him he’s more than a match for this big, bad alpha.


Tim has been running from his family for years, with the help of a friend he goes to Wolf’s Paw.  When he meets Nathaniel he does everything he can to push him away, but the sheriff is determined to keep Tim safe if not from others, but from himself.  They both slowly open up to the other, but both continue to misunderstand the other’s actions.


This was an interesting story.  As with other stories in the series the whole not being able to tell your mate who they are to you can get a bit aggravating.  Tim never learned about any of his instincts while being lock away at his uncle’s mansion and doesn’t know how to process and understand the feelings he is having. How they can take Tim pushing Nathaniel away when he doesn’t know as a rejection is hard to fathom.


Robert Nieman did a great job narrating this story.  He doesn’t change voices much when narrating, but this author’s style of writing didn’t need the break up between characters.


Cover art by Paul Richmond is perfect and follows the pattern for the series.


Sales Links:  Dreamspinner Press | Audible | Amazon | iTunes


Audiobook Details:

Audiobook, 18 hrs 55min
Published: May 2, 2016 (ebook first published May 8, 2015)
Edition Language: English

Series: A Being(s) In Love Story

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