A Jeri Review: The Wicked West Collection (Vol 1) by Shannon West

Rating: 3 Stars out of 5

The Wicked West CollectionHot guy on the cover? Sure! Anything to draw your eye, but it was rather generic. Four short stories by one author. And when I say short- I mean short. They all touched on a different “theme” if you will, and while they were ok, the fluff factor is high.

Getting Plugged

This was by far the most out there of the stories. Charlie, while experimenting, gets himself in a predicament and has to call out sick to work. His boss, Trevor, rushes to his aid. Apparently, they had never really spoken before but Trevor  runs to his house to help him out. What could, and should, be a seriously embarrassing situation turns into Trevor alluding to the fact that he is a dom and Charlie is a sub just waiting to happen. Like I said, it was pretty far out there and besides the self love, there was no sex in this short.

Getting Played

I think this was the most promising of the four stories. Twinky office guy at a police station has to take self defense classes ordered by his boss. The super hot detective Zach has been eyeing just happens to be the teacher. And when Zach mouths off, Cole decides to teach him a lesson.

What follows are a series of pretty hot role playing scenarios between the two. The most entertaining and hottest of the 4 stories by far.

Getting Picked

The trope we all tend to fall for- friends to lovers. In this story we have another Cole, a vet returning from war damaged but not broken. His best friend, the seemingly straight Ben, rushes to see him in the hospital.

After being released from the hospital, Cole and Ben kind of dance around their attraction to each other. Cole is out and proud and has loved Ben for as long as he could remember. But every time something happens between them, Ben freaks out. So Cole gives him an ultimatum.

This was the storiest (yes, I made that word up) of the stories. While it is a tried and true trope, I liked that the out gay guy was the one who served in the military, leaving the “straight” best friend home. I actually really liked the story of how they became friends in kindergarten. I would love for this one to be expanded on as a full novel.

Getting Pierced

This one plays more on the Dom/sub. Ross loses a bet and has to get pierced. But not his ears. And he said not to his belly button and nipples. So that leaves…..

And then he runs into his boss at the bar. His hot boss. We get a bit of back story on Ross and Sloane, which was nice and helped the rest of the story flow. Sloane takes control of the situation, and Ross, by basically claiming him there and then.

There is quite an exploration of the beginnings of a Dom/sub relationship here that held a lot of promise. This story also could go quite a bit further.

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Available June 30th, 2016 exclusively on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited!

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Published June 30th 2016 by Dark Hollows Press LLC
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