A MelanieM Review: Dragon Detective (Supernatural Consultant #4) by Mell Eight


Rating: 4 stars out of 5

dragon-detectiveNickel might be a water elemental dragon, but even he has limits—and the sudden rain storms, hail, and snow in mid-summer are way over the line. Luckily, he works for Dane’s Supernatural Consulting firm and can use those resources to figure out who keeps mucking with the weather and get them to stop.

It doesn’t take long for Nickel to realize he isn’t the only one searching for the weather worker: the enemy he has been hunting for ten years has finally reappeared, and it’s a race to see which of them will reach the weather worker first. Nickel isn’t certain he’ll win, or even survive, the attempt, but he’ll do whatever it takes to save the dragons.

Dragon Detective gives this series a new couple of twists that I really enjoyed.  Nickel, one of the dragon kits who has long been a favorite of mine, gets one of the two major pov here in the story.  All the dragon kits are getting older and that’s being reflected in the series. Some are finding their hormones just out of whack and starting to notice each other, normal no matter the species, others are still sucking their thumbs, but yes, maturation has set in with the  appropriate consequences.  Leaving their parents to deal as well.

And none are showing that more than Nickel, the one dragon that maneuvered Dane and Mercury, their foster dads, into letting him work in the Supernatural Detective agency, assuming more and more responsibility as he showed he could handle it.  His goal?  Find the evil scientists and agency behind the heinous kidnappings and experimentation on the dragons and their kits.  The same experimentation that lead to his brothers and sisters and his own time in the lab.   Nickel is becoming such a layered, fantastic character and here he shines all the more brightly.

I love all the characters here.  From Dane and Mercury, to each and every kit, but this book belongs to Nickel and the “being” he’s chasing because of the unstable weather.

His counterpart in the story?  Ahhh.  That’s both part of the mystery here and the wonderful joy of the reveal.  Can’t give that away.  But its worth waiting for.

The oddest of the two kits, the  ones we  tend to love as they are both the smallest and the ones we know will be the most sought after by the scientists, Alloy and Lumie, get their fair share of the story.  As much as I love to see them, it also makes me wonder because I think its leaving clues for the new stories and clashes to come.  Both sides are getting desperate to succeed in their goals.  And the ending here is one that will leave you wanting to see the new story released tomorrow.

This is a terrific series.  It combines family, love, romance, fantasy, suspense, horror, supernatural…really, a little bit of everything and Mell Eight makes it work. But start at the beginning.  None of these are standalone novels, each builds upon the other.  Now I have to wait for the next to arrive.  I wonder if the author takes bribes…

Cover art is better. I like the darker look.  It works for the tone and series subject matter.

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Published October 19th 2016 by Less Than Three Press
Edition LanguageEnglish
Series Supernatural Consultant  – add to your Goodreads shelf here:

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