A PaulB Review: Surviving Elite High: The Next Generation (Surviving Elite High #4) by John H. Ames


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

surviving-elite-high-the-next-generationRobbie is a seventeen year old who has been in the Home of Good Deeds orphanage for the past ten years.  In those ten years, he has seen many kids adopted out but he has still remained.  He can’t really understand why.  Ever since the accident that took his parents life, he has suffered from amnesia of the event and all things before it.  But all the other children who have suffered similar fates seem to be the first ones to leave the orphanage.  Add in the fact he is gay and Robbie never believed this day would come.  The day he left the orphanage and was adopted.

His new parents are Nick Hawking and John Ames.  These men, who were the center of the original books in this series, have had their difficulties also.  But most of those are problems are in the past.  They have two children, Lily and Nicky who will become Robbie’s sister and brother.  Nick has served two terms as the openly bisexual governor of New Jersey and runs the Hawking-Ames charities.  They want to give Robbie a place in their home.

What follows is your typical teenage drama of living life and going to high school.  Robbie is smitten by his new brother Nicky but realizes that Nicky is as straight as an arrow.  Besides, Nicky is now his brother and how creepy would that be?  Robbie is introduced to the extended family, most of who will be in Elite High School with him.  The one that captures Robbie’s attention is Tim, the high school quarterback.  Tim asks Robbie to go out shopping for his father’s birthday gift.  They go to the mall, have dinner and go shopping but only pick up things for Tim and Robbie.  When Robbie asks about the present Tim was going to by, Tim informs him that his dad enjoyed his gift three weeks ago.  While Robbie’s hopes for a relationship begin to develop in his head, his new friends inform him that Tim has a girlfriend whom none of them like.  Robbie is confused and disappointed but he has a new family and a new school to look forward to.  But he still cannot figure out what is going on with Tim. 

The book takes the reader through Robbie’s first year at Elite High with his brother and new friends and especially Tim.  There are the usual teenage romances and rivalries that you find in high school.  But there are other issues as well.  Blackmail, sexting, teenage drinking and depression are dealt with in this book.  Then there is the little matter of the man with the white beard that keeps invading Robbie’s mind during times of stress.   Is this man real or just a figment of Robbie’s imagination and why does he want to kill Robbie?  I’m sure the answers to these questions will be resolved in further books in the series.  I look forward to reading them.

The cover art by Louca Matheo is stark with a black cover and head shots of Robbie and Tim underneath the title.  It is a decent cover for the book but I wish there was something more to it that just the head shots. 

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Book Details

Kindle Edition, 236 pages
Published October 7th 2016
Edition LanguageEnglish
SeriesSurviving Elite High #4

Series:  Surviving Elite High

  • Surviving Elite High (Surviving Elite High #1)
  • Surviving Elite High: Senior Year (Surviving Elite High #2)
  • Surviving Elite High: Loving James (Surviving Elite High #3)
  • Surviving Elite High: The Next Generation (Surviving Elite High #4)

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