An Alisa Review: The Perfect Bite by J.D. Walker


Rating:  4 stars out of 5


the-perfect-biteGabe Villagran has been an outcast since birth. The large purple birthmark on the right side of his face has ostracized him from family and community, leaving him with little self-esteem. So, imagine his delight when, at the age of eighteen, vampires come out to the world. Finally, he’s not the only freak of nature around.


Five years after leaving home, Gabe meets Pierre Sangre outside his gay vampire club quite by chance. Meaning, he rescues Gabe from becoming vampire food. A vampire himself, Pierre sees something in the young man before him, and wants to keep him close. Pierre hires Gabe as a sort of boy Friday at the club and Gabe, grateful to his savior, accepts and falls irrevocably in love.


For ten years, both men dance around their attraction to each other until a night of misunderstandings clears things up. All it takes is the perfect bite.


This was such a sweet story.  Gabe has always been an outcast first in his hometown and now as the only human employee at a gay vampire club.  Pierre has been watching Gabe since he saved him ten years earlier, but never had the courage to actually pursue him.


Gabe doesn’t feel he is worthy of anything, let alone the love of Pierre, he is determined to keep it to himself.  Pierre has finally let go of his love that had died centuries before, but needed to figure out the best way to approach Gabe.  Gabe was so innocent, even though he worked at a gay club for years he has no experience himself and quickly misinterpreted many of the signs he is given, almost causing his own heartbreak.  When Pierre shows him he is worthy they connect perfectly.


The cover art is great and eye catching.


Sales Links: JMS Books | Amazon | ARe


Book Details:

ebook, 36 pages

Published: March 31, 2016 by JMS Books

ISBN: 9781634860925

Edition Language: English

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