A MelanieM Review: Happy Medium (Club Raven #1) by Julia Talbot

Rating: 3 stars out of 5

happymedium-1Andrew is out to debunk Max as a medium, not make love to him…

A Club Raven Novel

Max Bellame is working his way through 1870s Baltimore as a medium, even if he knows nothing about spirits. He uses the power of his mind to move objects, convincing his clients he’s the real thing.

Andrew Meechum works for Club Raven, a gentleman’s club that doubles as a paranormal research facility. He sets out to debunk Max, only to be fascinated by the man. Can Andrew convince Max to take a chance on love, and to find his true calling as a medium, or will their personal demons force them apart?

Happy Medium is one of three Club Raven stories that center around a 1800’s gentlemen’s club that’s actually a living structure that house men/beings who have paranormal talents.  Its also a library, science lab, law enforcement branch, ‘what have you’ when it  comes to the needs of the paranormal.  Its also very, very, kinky.  Think local dungeon in the 1890’s.  You only get enough knowledge about Club Raven to want to know more.  Its fluid enough that each author (there are 3) can bend it according to the needs of her story.

I read the stories out of order, reading this one second.  I think it hurt all three in comparison to be honest.  One story had depth to the characters, their relationship and the reason for the D/s dynamics was laid out beautifully.  In another it was more PWP.  Happy Medium is well, just that,  the novel that falls exactly between the two.

We meet Max Bellame at a seance’.  He’s got true ability to move objects with his mind and uses that telekinesis to make his clients think they are talking to the dead.  Enter Andrew Meechum from Club Raven, investigating Max, to see if he’s the real deal.  There’s an attraction between them them even as the seance starts to go wrong.  Yes, you could say that  sparks flew.

I liked the characters, I thought the author did a good job in laying out who they were, backgrounds etc.  What bothered me about them and their relationship?  How quickly they jumped immediately into not only sex (in the 1890’s!) but a BDSM relationship, specifically a D/s when one had no prior knowledge of kink or the workings of such.  It was “strap me now”.  And that bothered me so much wondering about the time frame (imprisonment or worse), the fact that someone new and frankly distrustful of the man and club would jump into acts that require high levels of trust.  Well, it hurt the rest of the story.

Which was quite good.

There is another plot layer which I wish had been enlarged  (and the bdsm edited into a smaller role) which included Club Raven in a large role, its inhabitants, and other beings.  That was far more dynamic in my opinion.  I loved the interaction between Max and Andrew here.

Insta love/insta D/s is one thing that pulled this story down.  The surrounding layers and  plot threads made it  interesting as did seeing characters I had already encountered in the other stories appear.  I still enjoyed the tale.  You might not be bothered by the instalove aspect.  Club Raven has so much to offer, I’m wondering if these authors are going to go past these three books.  I would love to see what the paranormal part of the Club  holds out for the lost souls of the 1800’s.

Cover art works for the characters and novel.


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Book Details:

ebook, 186 pages
Published January 17th 2017 by Evil Plot Bunny LLC
Edition LanguageEnglish
SeriesClub Raven #1


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