A Paul B Review: Credo (Demon Elite 8) by April Kelley


Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

credo-demon-elite-8-by-april-kelleyIn most action romance series that I have read, there comes a time when the action gets put on the back burner and the romance comes to the forefront.  For the Demon Elite series, Credo is that book.

The book starts toward the end of the events in Max but told from Twiggy’s point of view.  Starting with Twiggy calling Sydney for help, the first part of the book describes his journey from being captured by Victoria Mize’s men to his rescue by the Demon Elite squad.  He is passed over to Credo, who promises Twiggy not only to protect him, but help in kicking his drug habit. Too bad the man only wants him for information that he does not have.

Credo, Creed to his gringo friends, is determined to keep Twiggy, who is now using his given name of Morgen, safe.  He has been trying to keep his family safe since his mother was in an accident over twenty years ago.  Joining a gang and then a mercenary squad to provide money for his family, he has finally found a home in Demon Elite.  He is starting to get feelings for Morgen but has trouble expressing his feelings.  He needs to get across to Morgen that while he has to attend to family matters, he is not abandoning him.  He also must stress that he will be there for Morgen even if he cannot provide the information that they think he has.  Going so far as to keep themselves invisible from not only Mize’s operation but his own squad should prove that he thinks. 

I liked that his was slow moving romance with the action taking a break for the most part.  All the real action takes place in what is the retelling of the ending of Max in Morgen’s viewpoint.  Unlike most of the other books, this one has several gaps in time between some chapters.   So this is not a face paced romance that some of the others have been.  Morgen is an addict and is learning how to stay sober.  He has issues trusting people as his only real friend has been Sydney.  He starts out thinking that Creed is only interested in protecting him for the trial that will be coming up.  Creed must show Morgen that he thinks of him more than just a protectee while dealing with his family issues.  He has been protecting those people closest to him all his life.  He must learn to take a step back before he loses all that he loves.

The cover by Latrisha Waters is another winner.  A shirtless Credo stands in front of a red background with the Demon Elite crest in the corner again.  The only minor quibble is that the man is not quite as tattooed as his description. 

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Book Details

EBook, 111 pages

Edition Language:  English

Published:  November 11, 2016 by eXtasy Books

ISBN:  978-1-4874-0912-8

Series:  Demon Elite

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