A Paul B Review: Sealed With Acceptance (Signed, Sealed, Delivered #5) by Caitlin Ricci and A.J. Marcus


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Adrian screwed up big time three years ago.  While at a party that his boyfriend did not want to go to, Adrian got drunk and had sex with a stranger.  Three years later, he still cannot recall details of the incident.  He does recall how he broke Jacob’s heart.  Now, his parents are asking him to move on from Jacob as they intend to mate his younger brother Charlie with Jacob.  He must meet with Jacob in order to patch things up as thing could get awkward at family gatherings otherwise.

The past three years have been hard on Jacob.  He never thought Adrian would cheat on him but he did.  Being drunk at the time doesn’t matter.  Jacob believes he will not be able to trust Adrian again.  He is surprised to receive a call from him after agreeing to mate with Charlie.  Of course Adrian picks THEIR spot to meet on the beach, where they would shift into their whale (Jacob) and crab (Adrian) forms.  Even after the betrayal, Jacob has not really moved on.  He had played with West, the young cougar shifter who helps Jacob take care of his mother who has early onset Alzheimer’s.  He knows how important Adrian and Charlie’s parents feel that the two families should come together, but he does not love Charlie.  Even though they seem to be a good fit on paper, Charlie will always be Adrian’s kid brother to him.

When Jacob comes over for dinner with Adrian, Charlie and his parents, things hit the fan.  Charlie, believing that Adrian and Jacob are meant to be together, believes this might be a step toward reconciliation.  When he finds out that he Is to be mated to Jacob, he explodes.  Charlie wants to mate for love, not for some alliance that would further the family’s standing in the community.  He runs out of the house with his parents chasing after him.  Meanwhile, Adrian and Jacob talk some more and Adrian comes to the conclusion that Jacob will never really forgive him to try again.  Charlie deserves a good man and there are none better the Jacob.  But it still hurts like hell.  He sees that nobody here is winning (except maybe his parents) and cannot find a way to make it better.  Luckily Charlie has a plan to make things better. 

I enjoyed this fifth book in the Signed, Sealed, Delivered series a bit more than the others I have read.  While the parents are once again heavy handed in trying to control their sons’ futures, the children take matters into their own hands sooner than in other books.  You would think parents in this day and age would care more about their children’s happiness instead of antiquated ideals of the past.  The thing I found interesting is that Jacob’s mother is struggling with Alzheimer’s.  In most shifter books, they are immune from human diseases.  While not as progressive as the human variety, Jacob’s mother suffers just the same.  Charlie is one determined young man and I cannot wait to see what plans he has for West in a future book.

Latrisha Waters provides a good cover for the book.  Adrian is seen with an opened button down shirt while Jacob’s whale is swimming in the background.  This is a fairly standard cover for this series.

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Book Details

EBook, 80 pages

Edition Language:  English

Published:  October 7, 2016 by eXtasy Books

ISBN:  978-1-4874-0898-5

Series:  Signed, Sealed, Delivered

  • Sealed With Honor (Signed, Sealed, Delivered #1)
  • Signed with a Heart (Signed, Sealed, Delivered #2)
  • Delivered to Hope (Signed, Sealed, Delivered #3)
  • Delivered from Anguish (Signed, Sealed, Delivered #4)
  • Sealed with Acceptance(Signed, Sealed, Delivered #5)

A Paul B Review: Webb (Demon Elite 9) by April Kelley


Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

webb-demon-elite-9-by-april-kelleyDario Navarro has been taking care of his mother for the past few years.  While others might see this as a burden, Dario actually enjoys it.  Now that his mother has gotten to the point that caring for her at home is no longer possible, Dario seems to be at a loss for what to do with his life.  To complicate matters, he has feeling for one of his brother’s Demon Elite teammates.  But that really cannot go anywhere as Webb still thinks of him as Credo’s kid brother.

Webb Benbow believes he has blown it with Dario.  Yes, the sixteen plus year difference between the two of them concerns him.  So does the fact that he is Credo’s brother.  But he really screwed things up when he did not answer his phone when Dario’s Mami had a mental breakdown accusing Dario of killing his brother Credo.  He must overcome his issues with the age difference and try to win back Dario’s trust if he is going to have any chance of winning his heart.

Webb and Dario are drawn together again a few days later when Victor, a former member of the assassin squad before it became Demon Elite, breaks into Dario’s house.  Luckily Dario was aware of the situation and was able to escape before Victor finds him.  Following the training that Credo has given him, Dario goes to a predetermined safe spot and calls for rescue.  Webb goes with Credo to pick up the frightened young man and offers comfort.  Webb vows to keep Dario safe from then on.  Dario offers himself as bait to get the location of Victoria Mize.  He has had training whereas the other potential bait options have not.  Webb reluctantly goes along with the suggestion.  He will do everything in his power to protect Dario, but the operation may not have a successful outcome because of it.

This is the ninth and it looks final book in the Demon Elite series.  I could see Webb and Dario being the focus of this book from the events in the previous book.  Webb’s problem with the age difference between himself and Dario nearly undoes the relationship before it even begins.  Even as Dario openly cruises Webb as he helps Dario watch his mother, Webb is reluctant.  With assurances from Dario and Credo that it doesn’t matter, it keeps coming up in Webb’s mind.  When Dario is put in danger, Webb realizes that having Dario is what really matters.  The major story arc of the series is wrapped up though I would have preferred that more of the team members were in on the action in the finish. 

Once again Latrish Waters provides another great cover for this series.  Webb is in a suit against a blue background with the Demon Elite crest in the corner again.

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Book Details

EBook, 107 pages

Edition Language:  English

Published:  January 13, 2017 by eXtasy Books

ISBN:  978-1-4874-0991-3

Series:  Demon Elite

Crash (Demon Elite #1)

Wolf (Demon Elite #2)

Cosmo (Demon Elite #3)

Tanner & Shade (Demon Elite #4)

A Paul B Review: Credo (Demon Elite 8) by April Kelley


Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

credo-demon-elite-8-by-april-kelleyIn most action romance series that I have read, there comes a time when the action gets put on the back burner and the romance comes to the forefront.  For the Demon Elite series, Credo is that book.

The book starts toward the end of the events in Max but told from Twiggy’s point of view.  Starting with Twiggy calling Sydney for help, the first part of the book describes his journey from being captured by Victoria Mize’s men to his rescue by the Demon Elite squad.  He is passed over to Credo, who promises Twiggy not only to protect him, but help in kicking his drug habit. Too bad the man only wants him for information that he does not have.

Credo, Creed to his gringo friends, is determined to keep Twiggy, who is now using his given name of Morgen, safe.  He has been trying to keep his family safe since his mother was in an accident over twenty years ago.  Joining a gang and then a mercenary squad to provide money for his family, he has finally found a home in Demon Elite.  He is starting to get feelings for Morgen but has trouble expressing his feelings.  He needs to get across to Morgen that while he has to attend to family matters, he is not abandoning him.  He also must stress that he will be there for Morgen even if he cannot provide the information that they think he has.  Going so far as to keep themselves invisible from not only Mize’s operation but his own squad should prove that he thinks. 

I liked that his was slow moving romance with the action taking a break for the most part.  All the real action takes place in what is the retelling of the ending of Max in Morgen’s viewpoint.  Unlike most of the other books, this one has several gaps in time between some chapters.   So this is not a face paced romance that some of the others have been.  Morgen is an addict and is learning how to stay sober.  He has issues trusting people as his only real friend has been Sydney.  He starts out thinking that Creed is only interested in protecting him for the trial that will be coming up.  Creed must show Morgen that he thinks of him more than just a protectee while dealing with his family issues.  He has been protecting those people closest to him all his life.  He must learn to take a step back before he loses all that he loves.

The cover by Latrisha Waters is another winner.  A shirtless Credo stands in front of a red background with the Demon Elite crest in the corner again.  The only minor quibble is that the man is not quite as tattooed as his description. 

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Book Details

EBook, 111 pages

Edition Language:  English

Published:  November 11, 2016 by eXtasy Books

ISBN:  978-1-4874-0912-8

Series:  Demon Elite

A Paul B Review: Kieran (The Atherton Pack #4) by Toni Griffin


Rating:  4.5 of 5 stars

kieran-the-atherton-pack-4-by-toni-griffinDamon is sent by the Brisbane police department with his partner to investigate the hacking of birth records by somebody in the Atherton area.  Atherton pack member Corey has been doing so for years in order to register births from same sex mates who have given birth.  However, he slipped up when he registered his Alpha couple’s son’s birth.  When Damon steps into Corey’s house, he scents that his mate has recently been in the house.  Unable to do anything about it, he continues his investigation trying to lead his partner away from Corey as the guilty party.

Kieran has recently returned to the Atherton pack.  Ben, not only the pack alpha but the Pennaeth Alpha (Supreme Alpha) of all Australia, has appointed Kieran as one of his Betas.  He finds it unusual for the inner circle to go out to dinner but agrees to go along.  As he enters the restaurant, he makes eye contact with Damon, his future mate.  Knowing that he is investigating his best friend does not bode well for the start of their mating.  When a couple of encounters with Damon end with Damon always retreating to his hotel room, Kieran feels betrayed and hurt even though he knows that Damon has to do his job.

Things go from bad to worse when the ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organization) is brought into the case.  After questioning, another federal organization drugs Corey and takes him away in a van.  Damon, along with the inner circle of the Atherton pack starts investigating who has taken Corey.  Thanks to his sources, Damon finds out that his worst fear has been realized—the government knows about shifters and is in the process of rounding as many of them up.  Just as he relays this information to the Atherton pack inner circle, he realizes that the pack house is about to be raided.  With the assistance of Kieran, Damon along with the alpha mate Tommy and Tommy’s son Joseph escape.  However, all the rest of the inner circle, including his mate Kieran, has been captured.  Damon now must find a way to free the captive shifters and make sure that the rest of his kind is safe from further abductions.

This fourth book in the Atherton Pack series has both romance and action in it.  Damon is torn between his job as a police officer and his duty to keep shifters safe no matter what.  He is frustrated that his mate cannot accept that he has to keep up the charade to his partner that basically he is a double agent within the police department trying to keep Corey from going to jail.  He would like to tell his partner of twelve years to ease off but that is impossible since he knows Corey is guilty.  Kieran meanwhile thinks Damon has betrayed his kind by working the federal agents.  Keep an eye out for characters from Toni Griffin’s Holland Brothers shifter series as a number of them make an appearance in this book.

The cover by Freddy MacKay works well.  A shirtless man’s back with a huge wolf’s head tattoo covering it stretches underneath a full moon with a black wolf’s muzzle looking at the man. 

Sales links available: AmazonAReBookstrand

Book Details

Ebook, 163 pages

Edition Language:  English

Published: October 19, 2016 by Mischief Corner Books


Series:  Atherton Pack

Liam (Atherton Pack #1)

Ben (Atherton Pack #2)

A Paul B Review: For a Dragon’s Control (Highland Dragons #10) by Charlie Richards


Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

for-a-dragons-controlRyder MacGree has missed his brother Ian since he left the village.  Ian was supposed to marry the daughter of a rival clan’s chief.  This started a string of people disappearing from his village who were never seen again.  Having learned that Ian went to the Kartelle Valley has driven their father Chief Goth into madness.  No matter how many men the Chief sends, they never return.  Ryder wants to end this pointless one-sided war but is not sure how to do this.

Returning home one day, Ryder finds Ian’s best friend Ewan in his home.  Ewan tells Ryder that Ian is nearby and will take him to see Ian.  With Ian and Ewan is Elder Combs.  Combs proposes a solution to Ryder’s problem as suggested by Ian.  As Ryder has reached his majority, if he should take a consort then Goth must step aside and Ryder would become Chief.  And seeing as Ryder is Ian’s brother and probably an asda (a human who can bond with a dragon), Combs brings three prospective consorts with him.  Ryder must choose between Eustize the male herald, Ryantra the female warrior or Tygo the male healer.

Tygo is the best healer in the Karstelle Valley.  Despite his young age, he desperately wants to claim an asda as his own.  When he hears of the trip to Clan MacGree’s village, he goes along.  He is taken by the beauty of the clan’s countryside and interested in the plants that he has never seen before.  But that is second to the beauty he sees in Ryder.  While Tygo knows that Clan MacGree has not had same sex consorts as Karstelle Valley does and he will probably lose to the female dragon warrior, he hopes he can win the heart of the future chief.

This is the tenth and final book in Charlie Richard’s Highland Dragon series.  I have enjoyed this trip to medieval Scotland.  What started out as a son’s refusal to marry a woman he not only does not love but could not “lie down” with as he prefers the company of males ends with a satisfactory resolution to the obvious one sided war started by his father.  The dragons of the Karstelle Valley would just want to be left in peace and in the end they will get their wish. 

As for this book, Ryder must decide between the easy choice of selecting Ryantra (and probably ensuring a successor) or the difficult choice of Tygo whom he seems to have a connection to but is of the same sex and may not be accepted by his clan.  He must also ensure that they all live until the bonding as his father is out to stop this arrangement before it can be completed.  As the two cultures are different, how Ryder must prove a bonding goes directly against the possessive nature of dragons and he must find a solution to that as well. 

Once again the cover by Angela Waters is simply stunning.  Tygo’s yellow dragon is seen flying behind a kilt wearing Ryder.  Ms Waters has never failed to deliver the perfect cover for any of the ten books in this series.  I must complement her on the work she has done.

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Book Details

Ebook, 84 pages

Edition Language:  English

Published:  October 7, 2016 by eXtasy Books

ISBN:  978-1-4874-0896-1

For A Dragon's Touch For A Dragon's Protection For A Dragon's Treasure For a Dragon's Forgiveness For a Dragon's Redemption For a Dragon's Healing For a Dragon's Persuasion

A Paul B Review: Interlude: First Noel (The Executive Office #1.5) by Tal Bauer


Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

interlude-first-noelEthan Reichenbach has been demoted from lead of the Presidential protection detail in the Secret Service to the Des Moines, Iowa office.  Instead of leading a team sworn to protect the President at all cost, he now is tracking counterfeiters.  To make matters worse, his supervisor in no way wants the President’s boyfriend working in his office.  He tells Ethan to stay away from the press and to turn his cases over to another agent when evidence materializes.  His only salvation is his nightly video chats with Jack Spiers and his weekend trips to Washington to spend time with him.  However, as Jack is the President, those weekends are not always consistent. 

Jack is trying to enjoy his first Christmas in the White House but things seem to keep getting in the way.  Between international conferences to the rising problem of the Islamic Caliphate in the Middle East, it seems like he has no time to spend with Ethan.  Jack is also unhappy about Ethan’s situation in Des Moines, where he is pushed aside for agents who weren’t even in high school when Ethan joined the Service fifteen years ago.  Add in the tabloid press who basically have Jack and Ethan breaking up or making up depending on whether or not Ethan flies to Washington any given weekend just adds to the stress.  Jack counts the days until the two can be reunited.

I enjoyed this tale of Jack and Ethan as they prepare for their first Christmas together as a couple.  It was interesting to see the side of the Secret Service that most Americans forget that they are in charge of—catching counterfeiters.  Ethan’s demotion is made worse by a boss who thinks that Ethan will contaminate any case in which he is prominently involved in.  The only saving grace in Des Moines is a new agent who at first grudgingly partners with him but comes to an understanding that seems to help with the case they are working on together.  Along the way, Jack and Ethan must develop some sort of protocol for the various White House functions that come at Christmas time and deal with world problems at the same time.  This book nicely expands on the time that was covered briefly at the end of Enemies of the State. 

The cover art by Natasha Snow is perfect for the book.  The cover has the White House in a wintery scene surrounded by snow. 

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Book Details

EBook, 125 pages

Edition Language:  English

Published:  December 19, 2016 by NineStar Press

ISBN:  978-1-945952-30-2

Series:  The Executive Office

Enemies of the State (The Executive Office #1)

First Noel (The Executive Office #1.5)

Enemy of My Enemy (The Executive Office #2)

A Paul B Review: Second Alpha (River Wolf Pack #2) by Rebecca James


Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Second AlphaDavid is the second in command of the River Wolf Pack.  After his fathers were killed by humans, David is wary of the human world.  This begins to change of the pack alpha River mates with the half human Josiah.  At River’s request, David goes as the pack’s representative to the Human-Werewolf Congress.  There he meets Jax, one of the humans at the Congress.

Jax believes humans and weres are really more alike than dissimilar.  The myths that have been circulated in the human world about weres are just that, he knows.  He also finds the River Pack representative irresistible.  He has been splitting his time between the city and the wolf compound in order to be with David.   When David pursues moving their relationship to the next level and changing Jax into a werewolf, Jax is hesitant.

The River Wolf Pack receives human representatives from the Congress into the compound.  While some are there to learn, others seem to be trying to confirm their own beliefs about werewolves.  Trent, one of the humans, takes shine to Xavier, one of the alpha wolves.  When Xavier claims Trent as his mate, changing him into a werewolf, Jax is appalled.  He blames Xavier for turning Trent into a monster.  David is saddened his lover has expressed this view and decides that they need to break up.  A couple of weeks later, David must go back to the city for the next round of talks at the Congress and face Jax.  However, plans have been set in motion that may cost not only any possible future with Jax but also David’s life.

The second book in Rebecca James’s River Wolf Pack series picks up shortly after the first book.  The uneasiness between weres and humans is again central to the action of the story.  An added danger comes in the form of the Turned, the feral weres who are mostly to blame for the violence against humans.

The relationship between David and Jax seems to grow but is constrained by the values of different cultures.  David still isn’t sure about humans completely but finds Jax as one of the honorable ones until what happened with Trent.  Jax is not sure he wants to go through the process of becoming a werewolf and fully committing to David because of how his family will react.  By the end of the book, they seem to have reached a happy place for the time being.  The duplicity of some members of the Congress and the birth of Josiah’s twins will have implications for further books in the series, I am sure.  I look forward to seeing it play out.

The cover design by Written Ink designs is pleasant enough for the book.  It depicts Jax shirtless with David’s white wolf in the background, both overlooking a city.

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Book Details

ebook, 140 pages
Published April 10th 2016 by Smashwords Edition
Edition LanguageEnglish
SeriesRiver Wolf Pack #2

Series:  River Wolf Pack

A Paul B Review: Hot on a Chipmunk’s Tail ( (Paranormal Dentistry for the Fanged and Friendly #4) by Jackie Nacht


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Hot on a Chipmunk's TailJason Fieldstone is a chipmunk shifter.  All of his brothers and sisters (all 20 of them) are known to be a bit skittish, as chipmunks are known to be.  However, Jason has essentially wrapped himself in the cocoon of family and shies away from public interaction too much.  When his new neighbor, Will, seems to take an interest in him, Jason tends to run back inside to the comfort of his family.  Deciding that he has to learn to deal with the world at large and not sequester himself in the family home, Jason decides to move to White Pine, Michigan where a few of his brothers have moved.  He hopes that the move to the shifter friendly town will allow him the opportunity to grow.

Will is a mountain lion shifter who has bought the place next to the Fieldstones’.  He grows concerned when the cute little chipmunk shifter Jason has not been around for weeks.  To make matters worse, he has not seen any of the Fieldstone family since before the holidays.  One day he runs into Jason’s sister Theresa.  Theresa, who is sympathetic to Will’s feelings, tells him that Jason has moved to live with his brothers.  She tells him that if he wants to pursue Jason, he should give him time to get accustomed to his new life.  Determined to pursue some chipmunk tail, Will decides to take Theresa’s advice.

Four months later, Jason is working with his brother in the paranormal dentist office.  He is sent out to pick up lunch for the office in an attempt to build Jason’s confidence in dealing with people.  When he walks into the deli to pick up a sandwich for his boss, Jason notices his crush Will working the meat slicer behind the counter.  Jason must decide if he is going to turn tail and run like he has in the past or gather the courage to talk to the one man who makes him feel like no other.

I really enjoyed this story.  Jason is about as timid as you can get due to his shifter qualities.  His biggest concern about moving up north with his brothers is if any of the larger shifters would eat him in his chipmunk form.  This is part of the reason that Jason is so skittish around Will.  Will must control his predatory instincts while he is trying to romance Jason.  Determined to let Jason set the pace for the romance, Will is seen as moving too slow by Jason.

Two other things I should mention.  They are named Winslow and Sparks.  Describing them as hellions might be putting it mildly.  The two seem to cause havoc, both intentional and not, wherever they go.  They provide the perfect comedic secondary storyline for the book.  Their lives might be in for a change as Will’s friend Teegan has taken an interest in one of them.

The cover art by Winterheart Design is perfect for this book.  In the top half we see Will and Jason with a forest backdrop.  In the lower half we have Will’s mountain lion and Jason’s chipmunk resting peacefully while the chipmunk is stuffing something in his mouth.

Sales Links:  MLR Books | All Romance (ARe) | Amazon | Buy It Here

Book details

EBook, 86 pages
Published:  November 2015 by MLR Press
ISBN:  MLR-1-02014-0475
Language:  English

Series:  Paranormal Dentistry For the Fanged and Friendly

  • Peanut Butter and Jelly for Two (Paranormal Dentistry #1)
  • Stalking the Hygienist (Paranormal Dentistry #2)
  • Chipmunk Drizzled in Honey (Paranormal Dentistry #3)
  • A Paranormal Chipmunk Christmas (Paranormal Dentistry #3.5)
  • Hot on a Chipmunk’s Tail (Paranormal Dentistry #4)
  • A White Pine Chipmunk Invasion (Paranormal Dentistry #5)

A Paul B Review: The Harvest: A Tah’Narian Christmas (The Harvest #3) by M.A. Church


Rating: 5 out of 5 stars    ★★★★★

The Harvest 3It has been five years since last we checked in on the planet of Tah’Nar.  Keyno and Dale are raising their six-year-old twins, Radeon and Szin.  While Radeon has inherited the Tah’Narian genes, Sziin, who is mostly human,  can usually hold his own against his twin.   The most important thing is that they still share their special link that they developed while Dale was carrying them.

As the calendar turns toward the end of the year, Dale is feeling the pull of what would be the Christmas season back on Earth.  While Dale has introduced some human traditions into his new world such as young (baby) showers, he misses the family gatherings at Christmas time.  While the religious aspects for the holiday might not go over on his new home planet, he feels that the idea of family celebrations and the spirit of good will towards all would go well in Tah’Narian society.

Unknown to Dale, his mate Keyno has sent a ship back to earth to give Dale just what he wants.  He has arranged with Dale’s parents to ship the traditional Christmas decorations that are found on Earth.  While the idea of cutting a tree down is antithetical to Tah’Narian culture, he compromises and plans to dig up a tree to use for the season before replanting it after the celebration.  Keyno has also arranged for all their friends to join in the celebration.  Dale receives the ultimate surprise when the ship lands and more than just the decorations have arrived from earth.

This is a warm holiday story that provides a glimpse into life several years after the ending of The Harvest set of books.  The twins along with their friend Takeo play the role of energy filled six year olds well.  It is almost like having a set of triplets when the three of them are together.  You can tell that Keyno and Dale are still very much in love and will do anything to make each other happy.  This is a perfect side story to the series.

The cover art by Alicia Nordwell is spot on.  It shows the pink Christmas tree with presents underneath sitting next to a window in Dale and Keyno’s tree house.  It is the perfect cover for the holiday story.

Sales Links:  All Romance (ARe) | Amazon | Buy It Here

Book Details

Kindle Edition, 70 pages
Published November 30th 2015
Edition LanguageEnglish
SeriesThe Harvest #3h

Series:  The Harvest

  • Taken (The Harvest #1)
  • Journey’s End (The Harvest #2)
  • A Tah’Narian Christmas (The Harvest #3)

A Paul B Review: Condor and the Shifting Sands (Condor One #7) by John Simpson


Book Rating: 3.75 out of 5 stars
Series Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Condor and the Shifting Sands cover

The first eBook that I ever read was John Simpson’s Condor One. This would hook me into the mm romance genre. I have followed the series over the last several years and have enjoyed it very much. Now, the series comes to an end as Mr. Simpson has published Condor and the Shifting Sands.

David Windsor, the former President of the United States and current US Ambassador to the Court of St. James (in other words, US Ambassador to the United Kingdom), where his cousin King William sits on the throne. He receives a call from the Duke of Somerset, also know as Darren Wilson the son of the current US President. He tells his David that his mother would like him to call him as soon as possible. Knowing something must be wrong if the President was not using official channels to contact him, David places the call.

President Victoria Wilson asks David and his husband Shane Thompson-Windsor to stop by Washington on the pretense of visiting Shane’s ailing father. However, she has other plans for the men. There are two world problems that are growing quickly and there are no other options than to send David and Shane to try to diffuse the situations. It appears that ISIS is about to take over and destroy a key dam in Iraq that if destroyed will flood a lot of the country. Also, Vladimir Putin is doing some sabre rattling around the border of Ukraine. She would like the pair to fly over there to find solutions to both problems without starting World War III. It is up to David to find diplomatic solutions while Shane once again protects his backside and gives his own unique opinion of the situation.

Shifting Sands is a good send off for the series but there was something missing from it to make it an excellent one. First, readers are used to books in the series being about twice as long as this one and the story felt a bit rushed. While most of the supporting characters make an appearance in the book, I felt that they should have been featured more during this book, especially their son Jack. But Sands does give you the romance and action from David and Shane that you have come to expect from this series.

The cover art by Maria Fanning has been consistent throughout the series. The same models for David and Shane have been featured on most of the covers. This cover has the pair standing in front of a window presumably at Winfield House. Above this, a picture of a swirling sand dune take the to third of the cover. It is a solid cover for the book.

The Condor One series started with David Windsor running for election for President while being guarded by Secret Service Agent Shane Thompson and their budding romance. The first three books deal with the election and David’s term as president and being the first openly gay president. Then next four books deal with the time immediately after David’s presidency and building a family with Shane and their adopted son Jack.

In the series, Mr. Simpson tackled marriage equality, the war in Iraq, the military industrial complex, don’t ask-don’t tell, energy policy, radical Islam, sleeper cells, Al Qaeda, ISIS, Ukraine, homelessness, gay teens and more. Mr. Simpson has tried to keep the series relevant but real life current events can sometimes get in the way of that. (Osama bin Laden and Muammar Gaddafi were still alive in his books after both were killed due to the lag in publication.) The only small quibble I had with the series is some continuity issues through the books. It seemed that the ages of Brandon Wilson and Jack Thompson-Windsor seem to bounce around. Also, David and Shane were first going to retire to Palm Springs but wound up in New Jersey. But these do not take away in the enjoyment of the series. Here is hoping that David and Shane have a fulfilling retirement away from their political stage.

Sales Links:   Amazon | Buy It Here

Book Details:

EBook, 82 pages
Edition: English
Published: August 16, 2015 by John Simpson
ISBN: 978-1-1516905089

Series: Condor One
Condor One (Condor One #1)
Talons of the Condor (Condor One #2)
Condor and Falcon (Condor One #3)
Out of the Gilded Cage (Condor One #4)
Condor and the Crown (Condor One #5)
Royal Love (Condor One #6)
Condor and the Shifting Sands (Condor One #7 FINALE)