A VVivacious Review: Hijacked Love by Ethan Stone

Rating: 4.5 Stars out of 5
Special Agent Zachary Pomeroy starts his first day at the Portland FBI Office with a bang. It’s the day of the plane hijacking by a man nicknamed by the media as D. B. Cooper. As Cooper pulls off the perfect crime, Zachary can’t help but pick up clues that might look like nothing to an uninclined eye. But as evidence starts pointing in a new direction, Zachary finds himself exposed in a whole new way. Will Zachary ever be able to answer the question of the century or will the answer continue to elude him?
This was a fantastic read. I have never heard about the plane hijacking by Dan aka D. B. Cooper but after reading the story I read up on the legend and I have got to say this story is interesting both ways, but I loved how the author come up with a possible solution for the problem. It was really amazing. This book makes for a very enjoyable read.
I loved how the story is written, the author manages to merge a lot different strands of content into this story and the story was richer for it. The author manages to work in the prejudice against gays, a love story, the D. B. Cooper case as well as a perfectly plausible explanation for how it went down (though it might not be consistent with the facts of the case). I loved how the author spun out the story, how there were little details incorporated all over the story making it work and making it such an interesting read.
I really liked Zachary and his story, especially how he solves the case. I was a little disappointed by the love story, it felt a little contrived like how Zachary comes off as especially happy about being in an open relationship and then the next second he turns to Phillip, his lover and confesses his wish to be exclusive. The sentiment didn’t ring true especially if you take the former statement to be sacrosanct. That was a bit of a glitch.
Otherwise I loved the story. It makes for an excellent read. It is a very good mystery and the story is very well told.
I also liked how the author was able to merge the prejudice homosexuals faced at that time into the story line in such an effortless manner. I loved how her explanation seemed so in sync with the attitudes of that time but more than anything the clues leading up to the big reveal were amazing.
This book is was so worth my time. I really want to check out more books by this author given how much I loved this one.
Cover Art:. The cover seems perfect for the storyline.
Sales Links:  GoodReads ~ Amazon
Book Details:
ebook, 54 pages
Published April 15th 2017 by Stone Publishing
Original TitleHijacked Love
Edition Language English

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