A Lila Review: The Curse (Witches of Salem #1) by T.S. McKinney

Rating: 4 stars out of 5


Witches. Warlocks. Hocus Pocus.


I didn’t believe in any of those things. To be honest, the only thing I really believed in….really had faith in its existence, was bad luck. There was too much proof of it in my life to deny it.


As it turns out, the bad luck that accompanies me wherever I go escalated to a heightened level following a visit form a long-lost relative I didn’t even know existed. She starts spouting nonsense about my parents really loving me (even though they committed suicide a few days after my birth), how my mother tried using witchcraft to save their lives…and how there is a curse hanging over my head that requires my death on my twenty-fifth birthday. Supposedly all the Bailey men commit suicide on their twenty-fifth birthdays due to this curse.


Total craziness, right?




A small dash of intrigue and a heaping-helping of fear cause me to pack up and head to Salem, Massachusetts – where it all started. Here’s my biggest problem: my twenty-fifth birthday is only a couple of weeks away and I’m having these very sensual dreams about a man I don’t know.


I might not know him, but I sure want him.


The Curse is a fun take on the history of the Salem Witch Trials. The idea of a family curse and its consequences is an interesting way to bring a commonly known event into a contemporary setting. There’s magic, power, and some paranormal aspects, but together, the story brings a sense of magic realism to everyday events.


As a narrator, Nico is all over the place, but his thoughts and attitude go well with his life as a student and his age.  His need to learn more about his past, the curse, and Salem brings him to discovered a completed new world in which he plays an important part.


The plot unravels slowly and through many twists.  We get a bit of history mix with the action and some open threads for the next installment. I don’t want to get into the MCs relationship to avoid spoilers, but they worked well together. Their story is lovely and some insta-love is present but it’s to be expected.


The rest of the cast added to the overall story and everyone had a particular quirk that made them special. I’m looking forward to the next one.


The cover by E. Keith is pretty and goes with the story. The colors and the vanishing areas create a magical air.


Sale Links: Painted Hearts | Amazon | Smashwords


Book Details:


ebook, 166 pages
Published: August 3, 2017, by Painted Hearts Publishing
ISBN: 9781946379856
Edition Language: English


Series: The Witches of Salem
Book #1: The Curse

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