An Alisa Review: Broken Pieces by Ruby MacIntyre


Rating:  3 stars out of 5


Clint is a young but respected alpha of the Tillamook Pack, and he’s content with the life he’s built for himself after his tragic past. But after his son tells him of an omega being chased into their territory, Clint jumps into action, unaware of how his life is about to change.


Julian finally escaped from his abusive alpha, but the betas are hot on his tail. He has little hope of escaping, until a huge, black alpha wolf charges to his rescue. But there’s one problem–Julian doesn’t trust any alpha, no matter how kind or different Clint seems.


Julian hates alphas after what was done to him. Clint knows and understands Julian’s feelings, so why can’t he seem to stay away from the fiery omega? Julian doesn’t get why his wolf wants to submit to Clint, or why he’s so angry when Clint seeks affection elsewhere. Surely he doesn’t want the alpha’s attention…right?


This was an interesting story and I’m definitely interested to see if more books in this work come out.  Clint has worked hard to be a respectable alpha and raise his son right.  His son, Jacob quickly makes himself Julian’s champion after his rescue.  Julian doesn’t know what to do about how Jacob and Clint treat him, he has always been taught that all that ever mattered was the will of an alpha.


Clint and Julian’s biggest downfall was that they never just sat down and talked, they reacted quickly and then made assumptions based on the other’s behavior.  Clint is still dealing with his youth and PTSD but hasn’t really found the best way to do that and in the process ends up causing more pain for himself and Julian.  I felt for Julian in his confusion, his wolf was saying one thing while his brain was saying another and with his past experiences he had trouble getting them to work together.  For all that Clint was understanding and gentle he was also a jerk when something didn’t go his way, I was definitely not his biggest fan.  The missing omegas in the end gave the opportunity for this to continue into a series and I am definitely interested to read more and see if these two really grow together.


Cover art by Valerie Tibbs is nice and works well for the story.


Sales Links: Loose Id | Amazon | B&N


Book Details:

ebook, 175 pages

Published: July 24, 2017 by Loose Id

ISBN: 978-1-68252-382-7

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