A Stella Recent Release Review:Of Gods and Monsters: Komainu (Of Gods and Monsters #3) by Wulf Francú Godgluck

Rating:  4 stars out of 5


His innocence was the fire that blighted the deepest dark, but even he can’t save the King from a past stained so black, the devil won’t even touch it.

Years creep up on you, like a rotting hand: cold and wet, it will drag you down into your grave.

Life will hand you eternity only to rip it away from you.

Love will slaughter you in the most beautiful way and still manage to nail you in the ass, bareback, when you see him choose the heart of another man.

But Death… He is a patient soul. He waits, and he waits, and he waits.

‘Cause the bastard knows he will always have the last laugh when he knocks at the door.


Memories were all I had, all I had clung to as my heart turned to stone and finally to dust.

Now he is mine and I will hold him, and I will kiss him. We will dance and we will laugh, and we will cry… We will be human together…

I did not know heaven until I knew him.

There is no greater power that can tear and rip your world apart as when their lips finally kiss yours again.

But being human comes at a fatal price.

Sometimes you have to let go of the hand you hold onto so tightly that it brought pain, because that is the only way you can save them from Death.


Why did she take them away, hand them back, then force me to choose?

Is love really that cruel, that she would enjoy tormenting you as you watch the two men you love with your whole heart, kill each other…?

And then, my worst fear, my deepest darkest nightmare became a living breathing thing.

Death had come to take from us what we could never replace.

I’m not sure what to write in this review and the reason is pretty simple: I loved the story even if I should not have. I was desperately waiting for this new release to come out. I begged for it. And I was satisfied, well until a point, because the author went where he shouldn’t have and he knows it. And I can’t talk about it so I have no clue how to well explain why I have mixed feelings about the story.
Let’s start saying I spent a lot of days on this book, it took me a while to finish it and of course I savoured every single word but I struggled with them too. It wasn’t simple to read, maybe because I felt it more violent, maybe because I’m too used to other themes in my “usual” books, I don’t know. Yes the story is dark but if you already are familiar with the series you know what to expect. Although in this new installment things went ballistic and more than once they were uncomfortable to me.
I loved the structure of the narration,, how the author decided to tell me what was going to happen, I adored how I had time to know the characters better, especially to see Rex alone by himself and then Hades and Kimono together. They were nutcases but they were so deeply connected I couldn’t wait for Rex to be with them and get their HEA.
I can’t say more but if you are reading the series you need KOMAINU now. I’m waiting for more to come and truly hope the author will give me and the characters some deserved peace.
Cover art is dark and menacing.  Exactly what I’ve come to expect.
Sales Links:  Amazon
Book Details:
Published 2016 by Self
Edition LanguageEnglish
SeriesOf Gods and Monsters #3

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