An Alisa Review: Revived (Foreverers #1) by Nina del Arce


Rating:  4 stars out of 5


Murder at the family mansion—and Dirk Crewe is the obvious suspect.


For as long as he can remember, Dirk Crewe’s family have made all his major decisions for him—including who he’ll marry. Born a Crewe, Dirk knows he has to give up everything for the sake of his family’s rise within society. About to marry a woman he does not love, Dirk has resigned any hope for his heart’s truest desires. But when he finds his fiancée Corelia in the arms of another man, Dirk sees the chance to walk away from a loveless marriage and find love on his own terms. However, Dirk does not venture far once he learns Corelia has been murdered. Unless Dirk can prove he had nothing to do with Corelia’s death, his last chance at agency might as well be ruined.


A mysterious stranger, and the deadly secret that could save—or destroy—them both.


Becoming a vampire was never Rhys’s first choice. However, no matter how he tries to be better than the man who turned him, he still faces life in self-loathing isolation. But when Rhys meets Dirk, something about the mortal resonates with him—and age-old defences begin to fall apart. Though something about the death of Dirk’s fiancée isn’t right—and Rhys knows it better than anyone. Together, they set to discover the truth behind Corelia’s death in hopes to settle the past and determine the future.


I really enjoyed this story.  Dirk has been living under his sister’s thumb for years doing everything she wanted to maintain their family’s status.  Rhys can’t help but feel connected to Dirk and want to keep him safe.


Dirk is pretty much depressed about what his life will be like when he marries Corelia when he first meet him.  I hated seeing his confusion and how he seems to be easily manipulated by his sister but Rhys seems to finally give him a reason to stand up to her.  Rhys has to go up against his past to find the way to protect Dirk.  I connected a bit more with Dirk in this story as we saw more of his emotions and his history.  I look forward to reading more in this series.


The cover art is very nice and eye-catching.


Sales Link: Amazon


Book Details:

ebook, 183 pages

Published: September 4, 2017

Edition Language: English

Series: Foreverers #1

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