A Lucy Review: The Best Worst Honeymoon Ever by Andrew Grey

Rating: 3 stars out of 5

Tommy is a wealthy game designer who is so happy to be getting married to the man of his dreams, Xavier.  All the plans are made, the expensive honeymoon is booked and he’s anxiously awaiting his groom.  Except when said groom shows up, he has the hangover from hell and some incredibly upsetting news.  “I can’t do this.  The wedding and everything you’ve got planned.  It’s too much.”  And so Tommy is left at the altar to explain to guests why there will be no wedding.  The only saving grace is Tommy has his best friend, Grayson, and Grayson’s son, Petey there for moral support. 

When Tommy decides to take Grayson and Petey on that expensive honeymoon he blocks Xavier’s number and tries to concentrate on healing, at least a little.  They are at a luxury resort on an island, a trip that Xavier wanted, not the water-hating Tommy.  It seems Tommy had done so much trying to make Xavier happy, it was heartbreaking.  “Because I wanted him to love me.  Because I was so desperate to be loved by someone, and not be alone, that I didn’t see that Xavier didn’t really care and was only interested in me for …what I had.”

For his part, Grayson has had feelings for Tommy for a while but he’s never let Tommy know.  At one point he was going to let Tommy know but that was when Tommy met Xavier, so Grayson let it drop, living with being in the friend zone.  He also has to worry about Petey.  His last boyfriend, Jeffrey, was first a friend who was close to both he and Petey, but after they broke up he deserted both of them and it was hard on Petey.  He doesn’t want that to happen again.

I liked that they took Tommy out of his comfort zone in the water and got him out doing things.  There is a twist with Xavier that shows Grayson’s protective side.  A sting from paradise happens and I like the fact that their feelings and relationship were not based on that.  It didn’t take a near miss for them to know they cared.

I had questions about some of this book, however.  Xavier claims at one point he has nothing but his job and his car, yet he was able to take an expensive flight to Bonaire.  Where did that money come from?   He says that he realized that he wouldn’t have a good marriage because Tommy was always working and so got cold feet but he charged upwards of three thousand dollars on Tommy’s credit card.  The biggest issue for me, though, was that even though Xavier didn’t love him, Tommy had clearly loved him, so the moving on to Grayson after just days seemed too quick.  He says at one point, “It feels like Xavier left me yesterday, and it hurts, Grayson.  It really hurts.”  That was just a week after the wedding-that-wasn’t, so of course it hurts.  I know that Xavier being a douche helped things along but it did seem too fast.

Supporting characters such as Petey and Aunt Gin, were awesome.  Aunt Gin, that’s the woman I want to be and if I can’t, I want her in my corner.  She made me so happy.   “Just like that she had switched from aunt to family lawyer and all-around advice giver.”   She is the reason Tommy wasn’t more financially hurt by Xavier. 

Cover Art by Bree Archer is a little nondescript.  A blond smiling man with the ocean in the background.  I’m not sure if he is supposed to be Tommy or Grayson.  It’s a pretty cover, just not really definitive as to the story.

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