An Alisa Review : Meik & Sebastian (Obsessed #1) by Quin Perin


Rating:  3 stars out of 5

Obsessed – to preoccupy or fill the mind of (someone) continually, intrusively, and to a troubling extent.

Meik Lennen has everything a man could want. A successful company. More money than he knows what to do with. Men and women falling to their knees in front of him, practically begging him to dominate them. Everything a man could want with only one problem: he’s bored of it all. Bored of the same old things and the greyness of his life, until…

…he catches sight of Sebastian, an enigmatic twenty-year-old street musician, who rips him out of his dull daze. Obsessed with the young man, Meik lures him in and offers him a peek into a world of sins and desire. But soon Sebastian begins to twist his way into his consciousness, threatening to reveal dark memories Meik had locked away tightly.

The beginning of a brand new MM Explicit Gay Sex Series (no romance)

The author promised no romance and there definitely is none in this story, it is all about the sex which is what I expected.  This is well written and doesn’t go to deep into the characters, it looks like it may in the next book of this series though.  And though I kind of liked the story I will read the next in the series to see where the author’s take this.

For want of a better word, Meik is an ass.  He is arrogant and doesn’t care about others feelings.  I don’t mind smut, probably read it much more than I should, but I prefer to like my characters and at this point it isn’t possible with Meik.  Sebastian was actually in the story all that much, just their two encounters so other than knowing he is an innocent young man that apparently wants Meik there isn’t much else.

The cover art by Garrett Leigh is nice and draws your attention.

Sales Link: Amazon

Book Details:

ebook, 75 pages

Published: June 18, 2018

Edition Language: English

Series: Obsessed #1

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