An Alisa Review: Promises: The Next Generation (Bounty Hunters #5) by A.E. Via


Rating:  5 stars out of 5


Duke Webb has run the most successful bail recovery agency in Atlanta for over twenty years. That’s because he has a team of trained, competent hunters backing him up to keep his name feared on the streets. But Duke knows that nothing can go on forever. His hunters are in committed relationships and ready to settle down, and so is he. That’s what leads him to start his new training program.


“That’s the new vision for Dukes. Veterans operating and tracking behind the scenes with a new powerhouse apprehension team on the streets.”


Brian and Quick are the first to offer up two new recruits.


Kellam Knight has studied martial arts under his sensei, Quick, since he was eight years old. A tossed-out reject from high-society, Kell has a problem fighting on the right side of the law. If he sees an injustice, he has to correct it. He doesn’t have to run and cower from his enemies anymore, he’s a fighter who can protect himself and others. When Quick offers Kell the opportunity to join Duke’s training program, he’s all in. Except he’s not prepared for the straight, over-confident, extremely disciplined, sexy man Brian has recruited to be his partner.


Tyrell Jenkins’ world was flipped upside down when his father never returned home from his last deployment. He’d been Ty’s teacher, mentor, his guide to living a righteous life as a good man. His father didn’t raise him to be like every other young, stereotypical male in Atlanta. Instead, he’s been taught to be respectful, to speak the language of real men. When Brian King – his father’s most trusted comrade – finally comes to him with the truth, he doesn’t come alone. He comes with trained men hidden in the shadows… and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join a brotherhood unlike any other.


I love this series so much.  So the guys are ready to not take such an active role in retrieving their bounties and they are looking to bring in some they think they can trust.  Kell has a problem with acting before he thinks but Quick gives him the opportunity to do something else with himself, he’ll just need to show the other guys he is worthy.  Ty has pretty much been on his own since his father’s deployment, working to support his mother’s care while trying to find his soul mate.


Ty’s father taught him such a different way to see the world and others and I just loved it and how much he respected others and how he treated everyone.  Kell has trouble believing anyone would really want him after all that had happened with his father and how stand-offish he is to many but the right man can get past his defenses.


I loved how Ty didn’t let the fact the Kell is male keep him from exploring a relationship with him, even if he wasn’t quite ready to admit it.  Kell deserved to be cherished and Ty wasn’t scared to do that or stand up to his stubbornness.  I loved seeing their thoughts and feelings throughout the story and it made it even easier to understand and connect with them.  They worked well together as partners at work and in their personal life and will get so much more time as they live their life together.  I hope Ty’s dedication to Kell and their marriage will put a bug in the other guys’ ears possibly for the future.  I look forward to meeting Dana’s and Ford’s recruits next time.


The cover art by Jay Aheer is great and I love how they all are similar in style but still different.


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Book Details:

ebook, 315 pages

Published: August 31, 2018 by Via Star Wings Books
Edition Language: English

Series: Bounty Hunters #5

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