An Ashlez Review: The Academy by Quinn Anderson

Rating – 2.5 stars out of 5
True love stabs you in the front.

Nick Steele just wants a normal life, cliché or not. He had one once, back in Chicago. Before his father died and he took a year off from college to grieve. Now, he’s starting fresh at a prestigious—but tiny—Catholic university. Adjusting to small-town life will be a challenge, along with making friends and keeping his scholarship. All he wants to do is blend in, get his diploma, and go back home.

But Sebastian Prinsen—campus heartthrob and a notorious player—has other plans. He notices Nick right away and makes a bet with his two best friends: Who can kiss the new kid first? Nick seems immune to Sebastian’s charms, and yet genuine chemistry sparks between them. Even worse, real feelings do too. Sebastian falls more and more every time Nick blows him off, but if he comes clean about the bet, Nick will hate him forever.


The last thing Nick wants is to fall in love while he’s still grieving, but Sebastian feels like home to him. Nick wants that so badly he may ignore the warning signs and risk his fragile heart once more.
This book reads like a movie – you have the few main characters who the story is about and then you have side groups – posse as it work – and those characters interactions with the mains, and sometimes their own parts of chapters.  This made for a  very long read – it’s only a 300 page book but it felt much much longer.  Not to say that’s a bad thing but I like stories more cut and dry and to the point – I felt a lot of this book was “filler” as it were.
I think Theo is my favourite character – which is strange given Nick/Seb are the mains you’re supposed to have a connection to/feel for.
The school atmosphere was fun to read – it was written like I figure a dorm, etc. experience would be like and since I never had that experience it was cool to read it through anothers eyes.
Nick – tragic past, not used to $ in a world where the people have a ton in this book – feels like a big fish and hates he’s the subject of gossip
Seb – rich of course – struggling family dynamic – arrogant.
I think the fact that the book is only 300 pages made me feel a little bad – it took me WEEKS to finish because it felt so long and overfull of information – some chapters/parts would be awesome and others would just be like, why do you have this in here it does nothing for/against the book it’s just there for the sake of it.
Overall the book fell flat for me – but I think others might really like it – if you like the school atmosphere, and a cute if not strange romantic relationship this book is good.
Cover Art by Garrett Leigh:  just generic art  (2 men on cover) – I think maybe a school background would have been cool you don’t, at all, realize it’s a book about school until you start into it – although the photo itself is adorable.
Sales Links:  Riptide Publishing | Amazon
Book Details:
ebook, 366 pages
Published September 17th 2018 by Riptide Publishing (first published September 15th 2018)
Edition Language English

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