An Alisa Review: Elemental Magick (The Donovan Coven #1) by Jacki James


Rating:  4 stars out of 5

For most of Aaron’s life, things have been uninteresting, boring, safe–just the way he likes them. He makes his decisions based on logic and reason and he doesn’t believe in paranormal mumbo jumbo like crystals and tarot cards and witches.

When he sees an ad for an estate sale at the old house on the edge of town, he doesn’t see any harm in going and buying some things like an old book with odd symbols on the front for his antique shop. Who cares if the old woman who owned the house was rumored to be a witch; everyone knows witches aren’t real.

After accidentally raising a demon by goofing around with a spell from the book, Aaron realizes that there are things in this world that logic and reason can’t explain. That witches are indeed real, and that he just might be one too.

Malakai has been searching for the Coughlan Grimoire for years, knowing there are spells in the book that can be dangerous if they fall into the wrong hands. Securing the book so his coven can protect it is of the utmost importance.

He isn’t prepared for the adorable rookie witch with the curly red hair and incredible latent power. But to his surprise, keeping Aaron safe and close by his side quickly becomes more important than the Grimoire. More important than anything.

Before Malakai and Aaron can be together they will have to battle vampires, wolf shifters, and one very powerful warlock. Malakai can’t do it alone; it will take, friends, family, and for Aaron to figure out just how powerful he is if the two of them are going to protect the book and make their new found bond last forever.

Oh, what a great start to a new series.  Aaron is confused by the sudden commotion a simple book has brought to his life but Kai is definitely the best part of it.  Malakai wants to love and protect Aaron from all the dangers they will face but still allows him to learn and fight beside him.

I loved how Aaron was able to accept and adjust his life to the new reality in which he lives.  Seeing Kai and Aaron work well together and only grow their bond was wonderful.  I loved all of the side characters in this book and look forward to more in the series to hopefully feature some of them.

We see both of their points of view and learn more about these characters’ backgrounds.  I loved how well they complemented each other.  Aaron comes to magick so naturally it will be great to see how he grows in the future.

The cover art by Vicki Brostenianc is great and I love the visual of Kai.

Sales Link: Amazon

Book Details:

ebook, 153 pages

Publication: October 9, 2018

Edition Language: English

Series: The Donovan Coven #1

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