A Stella Review : The Fall Guy by Chris Quinton


RATING 4 out of 5 stars


In 1920s New York, Pinkerton Agent John Brady is assigned to a brutal robbery/kidnapping, an open and shut case with an obvious culprit – but nothing and no one are what they seem. Small-time crook Cesare Donati has the perfect getaway: a transatlantic cruise ship. When Brady turns up at his cabin door, Cesare knows he is out of options until they reach England. Will London be a safe haven or a place of reckoning?


The Fall Guy is the first story I read by Chris Quinton and although very short, I found it quite well done. I have to say I have never been a huge fan of historical titles set in the first half of the twentieth century, don’t ask me why, I don’t have an answer. Still The Fall Guy worked pretty fine.

I liked the writing style, it was easy to read. The plot was well done and delivered; sure, being so short, the plot was fast paced, but not too much. Perfectly balanced for some actions that took place in few days. Usually shorts like this one leave me unsatisfied cause I always think it missed something. Not with this story, I was so happy to see John and Cesare be aware of the attraction and so much more that had started to born between them. I loved both of them from the beginning, I felt how good persons both of them were, in different ways but with the same purpose.

I feel to recommend The Fall Guy, it was a truly joy to read it.

The cover art by Vgorbash Dreamstime.com is simple and clean, it caught my attention, I liked it.

Sales Link:  Amazon


Kindle Edition, 46 pages

Published January 22nd 2019 by Kouros Books


Edition Language English


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