A Stella Review: Copper Creek (Sawyer’s Ferry #3) by Cate Ashwood


RATING 5 out of 5 stars

My life sucks.
After spending a year jobless and on the edge of becoming homeless, I’d officially reached a level of desperation that, even if I wasn’t completely broke, retail therapy couldn’t fix.
While Sawyer’s Ferry, Alaska, is the last place on earth I’d ever want to visit, when my best friend, Holden, begs me to fly out and plan his wedding, I can’t say no. What I didn’t expect was to stumble into the administrative chaos at Copper Creek Brewing—or its too-hot-to-be-legal owner.
Clearly the man needs my help, and I’m willing to go above and beyond.
Way beyond.

I am screwed.
Six months after my assistant up and quit, I’m not any closer to finding a replacement, and things at the brewery are starting to fall apart.
And then in walks Frankie. He’s not the typical guy you’d find in these parts, and he brings with him a world of confusion. Because as much as I need his help, I can’t seem to keep my eyes—or hands—off him.
He’s supposed to be getting my life in order, but instead there’s a chance he could turn everything upside down.

Cate Ashwood delivered another great book, I have to say I couldn’t wait for Frankie story, I knew it would have been awesome as he is. I was a big fan of him, he is a fabolous friend, a character always positive, open and ready to help, even when he is deep in problems and he can’t see some light shining in his future. Sometimes we really just need to wait and be brave and all the good can happen, in love and work, as it happens to Frankie.

I fell so easily into Barrett and Frankie lives. It was so clear from the beginning how much they were into each other. Although Barrett has never been attracted to a man in the past, although Frankie is in Sawyer’s Ferry only for planning his best friend’s wedding, still something important is beginning and it will change them. One thing I appreciate a lot about Barrett was how easily he accepted his love with another man, sure there were some initial doubts, but at end he easily saw how deep were this feeling for Frankie and tried to fix their relationship.

As everything Cate writes, Copper Creek was a lovely story, I liked everything about it, I was able to meet Holden and Gage again and see how happy they were, still the ending was the better part, so sweet and romantic, it was simple to fall in love with these men all over again.

I feel to recommend the whole Sawyer’s Ferry series, it’s very well done and you won’t be disappointed.

The cover art by Cate Ashwood is clean and simple, it follows the style of the other covers in the series, I like it.

Sales Link:  Amazon


Kindle Edition, 213 pages

Published March 25th 2019


Edition Language English

Sawyer’s Ferry Series



Bishop Ridge

Whisky Christmas 2.5

Copper Creek

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