An Ali Review: Loose Lips & Relationships (Flaming, MO #1) by AJ Rose and Kate Aaron

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Flaming, Missouri is the perfect place for police officer Marc Warren to heal his battered heart after a broken marriage. The tourist town is an easy beat and he finds sanctuary in his beautiful cabin on the Lake of the Ozarks. So when Grant “Good Time” Taylor shows interest, Marc is in no hurry to let Flaming’s resident bad boy rock his boat.

Grant has no interest in dating locals. Tourists are plentiful and don’t want more than he’s willing to give. But a bar bet turns personal when Marc hands him a humiliating public rejection. If Grant wants to get under the mysterious officer’s skin, he’ll have to offer more than a temporary port.

The small town rumor mill gets a jumpstart as Marc and Grant realize what they’ve been missing all along—each other. But not everyone is happy for them. Someone will stop at nothing to sink the budding relationship. Can Marc and Grant overcome their fears to fight for each other, or is their happiness destined to drown?

I had read one of the authors before but not the other so I was not sure what I was getting into with this book.  It was well written and entertaining in many ways.  It also included a very sweet romance.
The biggest issue I had with the story was the use of lack of communication as the core relationship issue.  It’s a personal pet peeve of mine and I always struggle with books that include this plot device.  These two were ridiculous in their lack of discussing things.  I was also hoping for more mystery.  There was a small one here but it wasn’t detailed or well developed.  The story was way more romance than mystery which is fine, just not what I was expecting.
Overall I enjoyed this and I think my qualms with it were personal and not stuff that would bother everyone.  If you’re looking for a sweet story this may be a good series for you to check out.
Cover:  I think the cover is fine but it does not really stand out from other books.
Sales Links:  Amazon
Book Details:
Kindle Edition, 298 pages
Published February 25th 2019
Edition LanguageEnglish
SeriesFlaming, MO #1

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