An Alisa Release Day Review: Heart Unbroken (Hearts Entwined #4) by Andrew Grey


Rating:  4 stars out of 5

Car restorer Dean Milford knows how to make damaged things beautiful again. Only, after a bad breakup, he loses sight of who he is, playing the field and distracting himself with any man he comes across. But now there’s only one guy who really matters to him. And maybe with his latest restoration job—a vintage Cobra—he’ll get the chance to let him know.

Losing his sight wasn’t the worst thing to happen to Lee Studer—losing his independence was. It’s taken a while, but he’s finally found his place in the world—in a garage. Funny enough, his acute hearing allows him to pinpoint engine problems just by listening. And even better, he’s going to have a chance to help his long-time crush, Dean, rebuild his fantasy car.

As the restoration comes together, so do Lee and Dean, building a friendship that quickly turns into so much more. But before they can think about a future together, they have to deal with the past. Only that turns out to be more dangerous than either one ever dreamed….

This is such a sweet series and I have continued to enjoy it.  Dean has kept his heart closed off since his ex betrayed him.  Lee has been through so much with losing his sight and having to re-learn how to navigate the world.

Dean has been feeling left out since his friends have found love and always feels like the 5th wheel or forgotten.  Lee wants to live as normal of a life as possible but longs for the connection that he can tell his best friend has.  These two have been hovering around each other for years but are finally getting the push to do something about it.

I liked these guys a lot and it was even better to see all the guys from the shop again too.  Dean just didn’t want to feel like he needed help and I was glad that Trevor was able to present everything to him that helped him overcome that hurdle and it took a big weight off of his shoulders.  Lee is such a sweetheart and I could feel his frustration when he didn’t know how to handle what was happening to him.  I loved that Dean quickly adapted to Lee’s and didn’t try to overstep as Lee’s mom was prone to do, deep down Dean is a great guy but it just took the right person to break him out of his problems.

I love the cover art style that is used for this series and LC Chase does a great job of bring out the MCs.

Sales Links: Dreamspinner Press | Amazon | B&N

Book Details:

ebook, 200 pages

Published: August 6, 2019 by Dreamspinner Press

ISBN-13: 978-1-64080-927-7

Edition Language: English

Series: Hearts Entwined #4

Hearts Entwined Series

Heart Unseen

Heart Unheard

Heart Untouched

Heart Unbroken

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