A MelanieM Review: Omega from the Ocean (Heron Manor Book 1) by Amy Bellows

Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

An MM Retelling of The Little Mermaid. With dragons.

Merman Jack is a terrible virgin sacrifice. Mostly because he isn’t virginal. At all.

Hopefully the Sea King won’t notice.

For Jack, the human world has too many wonderful temptations, and too many alphas to resist. He only has two months left before he has to give himself to the Sea King, and he doesn’t want to spend them in the cold, dark catacombs where the Mermen of Rixton live. It may be forbidden for Jack to go to shore, but when did that ever stop him?

Peter is a terrible dragon shifter. He can’t figure out what he’s supposed to collect for his hoard. Without his hoard, he can’t do any of the important dragon-shifter things, like take his dragon form or find his fated mate. After years of losing his lovers to their fated mates, Peter’s feeling his age, and he’s tired of being alone.

When Peter sees a beautiful merman on the beach, he thinks he’s finally found his fated mate. Jack falls hard for Peter too, but he knows they can’t be together forever. If Jack doesn’t show up on the day of his sacrifice, the Sea King will kill his father and take his brother instead.

Will the love between a terrible virgin sacrifice and a terrible dragon shifter be enough to change their fate?

I came to this book and author through a roundabout way.  A FB group I subscribe to was asking what everyone was reading at the moment and for one person the excited answer was Omega from the Ocean (Heron Manor Book 1) by Amy Bellows.  A few others chimed in about how they all loved her writing and a couple had read and adored this story as well.  

I was already making a note on my phone because I had never heard of the book or author.  A few questions later and it sounded like it was on my list of novels to read this month.  That tag line especially had me hooked.  A twist on the Little Mermaid?  In my head I knew that could go from the traditional dark Grimm original to the Disney happi[y HEA to anything M/M sexy and well mermany. Yes, I know, not a word. Sue me.

Amy Bellows gives us a story that ecompasses a bit of all three in Omega from the Ocean (Heron Manor Book 1).  It starts off with a overlay of lighthearted  sexy fun as Jack aka Seafoam the merman can’t stay away from the human world, specifically the horney frat houses full of willing bodies and a nearby house where he can catch a glimpse of the Prince of his dreams.  Jack comes off initially as gorgeous, adorable, sexy…..and as far from virginal as can be. 

The Prince?  That would be a Dragon shifter who can’t shift because he can’t figure out what he is supposed to be hoarding.  Cute right? He has two moms, one of whom hoards herons, that’s where the name of the series comes in.  So far so light.

Then we get more information about Jack, his plight as a sacrifice, the state of the mer people, and the whole tale takes a turn towards the Grimm while bringing in the LGBT romance, both MM and FF for the Prince’s moms.

Bellows does a great job of laying down a universe that the author will continue to build onto in future stories as the newly revealed history and mer culture is expanded at the end.  This extends to both the dragons and the mer, land and sea, which makes the world building quite extensive as well as the mythology. I am so enthusiastic about both.

After starting with the foundation, Bellows sets forth her characters, again establishing each in their natural setting.  Jack/Seafoam emerging from the watery mer environs which is feeling cagelike to Peter, in his house on land, wistfully wanting to find that elusive “thing” he is meant to hoard.  Each main character’s personality is defined early.  The main basics there, loyaolty, generosity, ability to love, intelligence, laid out…while the layers and history will be revealed later as the story continues.

The chemistry and sheer sexiness between the two is marked by sadness and an overlay of foreknowledge that they clicked together immediately but now was all they had. I loved the relationship between them, sparkling, innocent in so many ways for them both.  Joyful in Jack’s exploration of the human   world, especially food.

But the author balances the light with the dark, at least for most of the story.  The ending?  Amazing, full of questions for some, happy endings for others, and the groundwork set for the next installment.  Was some of it dark?  Yes, given the nature of part of this story.  But it all flows so beautifully and it leaves you wanting more.

Elements I would love more knowledge of?  Those dragon eggs and dragon rearing.  Hopefully that will be included.  That is the mpreg here.  Eggs not babies perse. Considering the path the author took here with both species…. dragons and seahorses as species models, it makes perfect sense.  I will be seeking out more by this author and not just this series.

So, if you were like me, and unfamiliar with both this story and author, I absolutely recommend both.  Pick up Omega from the Ocean (Heron Manor Book 1) by Amy Bellows and be preapred for a fantasy story that will give you laughs, sniffles, a few white knuckle moments and the pleasure of knowing there  is more to come.

Cover art is lovely.  So attractive and yes, I can see Jack in that model.

Sales Link:  Amazon

Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 247 pages
Published July 4th 2019

Omega from the Ocean is a 77,000-word gritty, age-gap romance with knotting, light D/s, and Mpreg of the dragon-egg variety. While the ending may be an HEA for Jack and Peter, it’s an HFN for the rest of the Mermen of Rixton. Omega from the Ocean is intended for an 18+ audience.


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