A MelanieM Review : A Thousand Lifetimes by Kate Hawthorne

Rating: 3.25 stars out of 6

My name is Ezra Clarke, and I’m twenty-three.


If you’re counting in vampire years, I’m actually two-hundred and eight, and if living that long has taught me anything, it’s that nothing lasts forever. And that’s been fine. It’s… whatever. I’ve never wanted anything that long, anyway, which is why I’ve never taken a mate, but that all changed when I met Declan Byrne.

He’s young, handsome, and he doesn’t do what I tell him to. He smells like cinnamon and has eyes that remind me of the daytime sky. Every kiss we share feels like home, and no touch lasts long enough.

I need him to be mine.

And for the briefest moment he is, and life is perfect… and then it isn’t. Rogue vampires threaten to pull us apart, and complicated politics are painful reminders that a world exists beyond our privacy of our bedroom.

But if anyone thinks they can keep me away from Declan, they have another thing coming. My mate and I have a thousand lifetimes to live, and we’re just getting started

A Thousand Lifetimes by Kate Hawthorne is a story that has me waffling on the rating.  I go up on certain elements and down on others, falling smack dab in the middle where I”m still not sure it belongs.   It is the first novel by this author I have read.  The reader sort of falls into the story where Ezra has already turned Declan into a vampire, so there is a somewhat established relationship.  It’s a bit confusing because what the reader is missing is any sort of universe building.

Vampire family structure, politics, how they and the humans interact, if at all in this world.  All that comes into play and any information is gleaned is in bits and pieces as the story builds.  To say, that leaves the reader floundering a bit would be correct.  When the huge fights and story resolution comes, you finally get some of the structure you should have had all along.  But a foundation? No, I can’t say I ever felt I got any.  It’s all rather vague.  Which is alarming because so much of the heavy narrative lifting depends of the impact of the political activity here.  To not understand it, takes away the value of the actions.

My other concern?  The main character of Ezra.  Hawthorne has built some intriguing characters here, ones I did or do believe in.  I especially wanted to know more about Ezra’s vampire family  (mother and father) and brother.  That relationship needing further exploration and held my interests more than Ezra and Declan.  And with far less page time.  For me (and this is absolutely a subjective view), I never liked Ezra.  As the narrator of the story, he was just plain unappealing.  His actions felt selfish and self involved to the point of endangering the family.  And at one point he commits an act that for me is one he never recovers from, a shocking case of cowardice and betrayal.  Believable? Yes.  But it made me dislike him all the more and care less about the couple.

So.  Well done characters, interesting story that certainly needed more foundation.  I’m intrigued enough to hope that another story with the family trio comes along.  As I said you might feel differently about Ezra.  If you love vampire stories, check it out and see for yourself.

Cover art is certainly dramatic but he looks more like a mentalist than a vampire.  At least to me.

Sales Link: Amazon

Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 192 pages
Published October 3rd 2019 by Amazon Digital Services
Edition Language English

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