A Lila Audio Review: Their Bounty (Four Mercenaries #1) by K.A. Merikan and Wyatt Baker (Narrator)

Rating: 3.75 stars out of 5

— Taken. Prized. Possessed. Loved. —Clover is an orphan and has led a tough and chaotic life. No stability. No money. No friends. He trusts no one.

His already miserable life takes a nosedive when he ends up in the hands of a human trafficking gang. Someone has placed a request for a young albino man, and Clover is to become the property of a mysterious buyer who will stop at nothing to satisfy their depraved desire. Clover’s fate seems sealed until four bounty hunters appear to take out his captors and accidentally save him.

The four mercenaries want to move on, but when Clover pleads for protection, they offer it to him at a price. In the beginning, the arrangement is all kinds of shady, but as he gets to know the four men who’ve taken him on a wild ride, his developing feelings might become as dangerous as the elusive buyer.

But can a relationship with four such different men even work? Men who kill for a living? Men so full of contradictions?

Tank. The massive ex-soldier eager to be Clover’s Daddy.
Pyro. Wild, tattooed, with a filthy mouth and an itch for violence.
Boar. Ginger, bearded, a big teddy bear who can turn into a grizzly.
Drake. Dark and dangerous, with a tongue as sharp as his knives.

Can these men provide him with the love and security he craves? Or has Clover made the worst mistake of his life?

Their Bounty is an interesting take on reversed harem. Yes, it’s dark but you couldn’t expect anything less from these authors. Although, it’s not as uncomfortable as some of their other books.

The plot to the story is simple but allows the reader to learn more about all the characters, how they do their work, and how they react to trouble. Some things were too much of a stretch but worked as a whole.

The resolution was part of those fanciful events but I didn’t see the villain coming. I was pleasantly surprised with how the person was and how everything went down.

The main reason I didn’t rate this book higher has to do with the authors’ talent to get the reader to love or hate their characters. I could see all the layers wrapped around Clover but by the time everything was revealed I did trust him.

I know the mercenaries weren’t saints but at least they were honest. And they are the reason I’m looking forward to the next books in the series. To see where their journey brings for them as a foursome + clover.

The narration by Wyatt Baker is pretty monotone in parts but he compensates with the unique intonations for each of the protagonists.

The cover by Natasha Snow goes well with the story even when Clover seems older than in the book. I’m sure there’s not that many models fitting his description.

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Audiobook Details:

Narrator: Wyatt Baker
Length: 9 hours and 53 minutes
Published: September 7, 2019, by Acerbi & Villani Ltd.
ASIN: B07X934VQ4
Edition Language: English

Series: Four Mercenaries
Book #1: Their Bounty

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