An Alisa Review : Nightside: An Erie Vampire Tale by V.L. Locey

Rating:  3 stars out of 5

Being a new member of the undead sect has its ups and downs, something that newly embraced Akio Lee is finding out first hand. Being able to spend eternity with his beloved Vincente, the man who introduced him to life in the nightside, is a definite up. Having to feed on strangers? That’s one of the downsides, and something that Akio is finding difficult to swallow. But what other option is there for a recently wed vampire couple who need blood to survive?

Finding a new donor perhaps? One who comes into the lifestyle willingly, as Akio had done, and is open to the unique and sensual relationship that develops when three men have a blood bond. A man who can exist in both the nightside and the dayside worlds. A man like Ian O’Keeffe, the handsome caretaker of the manse Akio and Vincente now call home? Ian seems to tick every box Akio and Vincente have—he’s comfortable around vampires, he’s obviously into men, he’s drop-dead gorgeous, he’s more than a little mischievous, and he’s human. Mostly.

But will the outgoing handyman be willing to offer two vampires his vein, his body, and his heart?

I felt like I was jumping into an existing story and I guess I kinda was but didn’t realize it.  I don’t know if much of Vincente and Akio’s relationship was in the Erie collection or not.  We jump right into Vincente and Akio’s marriage and Akio still working on embracing his life as a vampire and when they meet Ian he is quite intriguing.

I don’t know I felt like there were so many unknowns and A LOT of secrets.  It doesn’t make for a solid relationship when it seems that all Akio is doing is learning things about Vincente that he was never told.  Ian does seem like the perfect complement to both of them and makes their relationship hotter and a bit more solid.

Now, my biggest pet peeve was the whole feeding thing and how Vincente would go do that by himself and there was always the perfume and lipstick on his collar; I guess if it was talked about and agreed upon that would be different but Akio was just of the thought that it wasn’t something you mention or talk about and I think that really hurt him.  I also didn’t like how they made it sound that a bisexual lifestyle meant that you could still have sex with someone else, I’m not sure if that was what it meant to be but it sounded like it to me.

The cover art by Meredith Russell is nice and a basic picture of three men together in bed, my only issue (and I guess it’s a pet peeve of mine) is none of them have even shoulder length hair as Vincente is described as having.

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Book Details:

ebook, 128 pages

Published: October 23, 2019

Edition Language: English

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