A MelanieM Review: Back Door Into Purgatory (Soul Shares # 9) by Rory Ni Coileain


Rating:  5 stars out of 5

In the final installment in the M/M Celtic SoulShares series, author Rory NiCoileain weaves together the myriad threads of this compelling paranormal romance in a climax that crosses time and space.

Sometimes Fae love stories aren’t what you expect.

The Marfach—devourer of magick, long-imprisoned mortal enemy of the Fae race—is free of its Antarctic prison.

The Demesne of Purgatory—Fae, humans, a Fade-hound puppy, a Gille Dubh, and a darag—is all that stands between the monster and the power it needs to destroy both the Fae Realm and the human world.

The only clue they have as to how to kill the unkillable is a cryptic note from the Loremasters:

“Osclór, Nartú; Tobar, Soladán; Nidantór, Breathea; Glanadorh, Coromór, Farthor; Scian-omprór, Nachangalte; Crangaol, Síofra; Gastiór, Laoc, Caomhnór; Fánadh, Ngarradh.”

Opener, Strength; Wellspring, Channel; Unmaker, Judge; Cleanser, Equalizer, Sentry; Blade-bearer, Unbound; Tree-kin, Changeling; Binder, Warrior, Guardian; Wanderer, Sundered.

As they rebuild Purgatory from the rubble the Marfach left behind, they have to stand together, using everything they know—everything they are to their partners, lovers, husbands. Everything SoulSharing has made them.

And not everyone who enters the final battle will leave it.

I have been reading and addicted to this series for eight, no, now nine books, and this, Back Door Into Purgatory (Soul Shares # 9) by Rory Ni Coileain,,  presumably last novel, is the masterstroke, the showcase as to why I have become such a devoted fan of this author and series.

I was absolutely bawling my eyes out halfway through this story. Heartbroken.

And I was prepared I thought for the worst because this has been a grand saga!  Of souls reunited over immense odds, of a undying monster so vile that its acts actually had me shuddering on numerous occasions throughout this series, of terrifying journeys to find and keep one’s soul share, and even stories of self revelation intertwined with deep impactful love.  Plus the saving of two worlds and magic.  Tons of magic and sex.

All done through some of the most memorable and fantastical of characters, and a place called Purgatory that goes through several transitions but always acts as a focus for all our characters and the drama needed to see the story move forward.

There is little I can say here about the arc because of its complexity and the author’s amazing ability to bring the Fae and Gaelic language fully to life.  There is a dictionary at the end thats lovely to refer to but fans of this series have grown use to many of the terms used within the series here.    The language has been a vital part of the characters and a necessary element to the world building.  I can’t imagine Soul Shares without it.

All the books should be read in the order they were written to understand the universe, the timeline, and the couples and characters part in the flow of the series and story overall.  This is an outstanding series, not to be missed.  The worldbuilding is complex and so imaginative, the characters beautifully written and flawlessly constructed, and oh, that ending.  Yes, I was sobbing again.

It’s made me start to go back to the beginning to read it from the top and flow through it now to what I imagine is the finish.  Those new to the series are now lucky enough they can do the same.  I highly recommend you read them all in order…now.  Make it a holiday gift to yourself.

Cover Art really works for the story and character.  Great job and very dramatic!

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Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 221 pages
Published October 1st 2019 by Riverdale Avenue Books

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